How I Got My Bootycall...-TB-

It was a pretty warm and shiny day. I was pretty glad that my lecture was over to step out of the lecture hall into the open to enjoy the weather. I just wanted to grad a coke and lay down on the lawn and chill out from this hard day of studying.
I went just out of the building when I realized a person walking up to me. The person was a really hot girl: Long, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, fit figure and some rally nice D-cups. "Hey, what's up b*o?" She asked me. "Well, not much. This time the lecture was much more boring than last time." I responded her question. After a few seconds of silent walking in the sunlight I asked her: "And; what are your plans for today." "I'd like to enjoy the nice weather, but i have to rig up my new shelf and drill some holes for that." "That doesn't sound like fun" She nodded "Yeah, especially when you are wimp like me when it gets to drills." I laughed in my very mean style "I will enjoy my time-out in the sun." I closed my eyes and looked up into the sun. "You are so unfair. You could at least offer your help." "Nah...You know I'm no gentleman." Suddenly I felt her hand touching my bum. "Yes. I know that, but I'm pretty sure that we could find an arrangement..." I was surprised, but I got a glimpse in which direction her "arrangement" would go. She told me three months ago that I was the type of guy she likes and tried to get some dates with me, but at that moment I thought that she was joking with me and I didn't took her serious.
I opened my eyes again and looked into her eyes. "You drill the holes for the shelf and I jerk you off." I closed my eyes looked up into the sky again. "Are you k**ding?" "Okay, I will blow you then. But no more bartering!" I realized how I started to get hornier and hornier. I looked into her eyes again. "Deal. Let's go."
We headed to her flat, which wasn't far away from the university. She showed me where she wanted to have the holes drilled and gave me the drill. "But do it good. Your payment is pretty high" She said with laughter. There were four holes to drill. When I reached number three, she started to come closer from behind. She slung her arms around my body and started to play with my nipples. While her right hand twisted and turned my nipples, her left hand moved slowly down and inside my pants. By the moment she touched it, he was rock hard and ready for her. I started to get really distracted and had to focus on drilling the last hole. Finally I finished my duty and lay the drill down. She turned me around towards her and pushed me against the wall and pulled down my pants. My cock literally jumped into her face and she wasted no time and took a long lick from the balls to the top. I moaned and grabbed her head. "That's what I wanted the whole time" she said and engulfed the whole penis. That was something I wasn't expecting and after a few seconds in her throat, I shot my load. She was eager to suck off every drop. She stood up and asked "Your first Deepthroat?" "Yeah. Sorry for the fast cumming, but it was too hot for me" "Thats no problem. I know how you can make it up." She nearly ripped off her top and lifted her skirt. She didn't wear any kind of underwear and my dick got immediately hard again. I made her facing the wall and said her that she should place her hands on it. I got down behind her and started to lick her wet pussy. She moaned loud and pressed her pussy against my face. With my fingers I began to rub her clit and after a short time she came for the first time. Her legs were shaking and a mixture of spit and pussy juice ran down her thighs. She turned around and smiled down on me. She helped me up, but only to push me onto her bed. Only a second after I hit the bed, she had my dick in her mouth again. Her skilled tongue went up and down my shaft and circled around the to of my cock. I grabbed her head again and f***ed her to deepthroat again. She pushed her head up again and grabbed a condom and put it onto my dick. She sad on top of me and rubbed her warm, wet pussy on my cock. While she did that she leaned towards me, so that her amazing breasts dangled right in my face. I wasted no time and sucked her hard nipples. She seemed to like it and slid my dick into her. We both moaned loud and she started to ride me very hard. I loved how she took control and how she used me for her pleasure, but I wanted to take control. I turned her over on her back and pulled her legs near her head. I spit onto her pussy and licked over it a few times. She moaned and screamed "YES, FUCK ME NOW!" So I fulfilled her wish and pushed my cock into her pussy. I fucked her very hard. With every stroke, her bed moved through the room. Her screams got louder and louder and suddenly I felt that my groin got very wet. She squirted on me which I found was totally hot. I looked down at her. Shaking and wet from sweat and her juices. I pulled my cock out of her and got rid of the condom. Immediately she grabbed my dick and stroke it. "Where do you want to cum?" "All over your face!" I moved up a little bit, so that my cock was next to her face. It didn't take long and her hot handjob finished into a nice facial. She gave my cock a last kiss and we started to clean up. I dressed again and looked at her and smiled. "If you got something to build up again: Call me!" "If you want you can help me with the rest of the shelf tomorrow."

This was the first time we met. Many times followed till now. Maybe I will tell you from that adventures in the future ;)
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3 years ago
Hey what an adventure hope the shelvs stayed up i know your cock did thanks