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I want you. Here. Now. Getting undressed in front of me. My eyes gazing upon your sexy body, the soft curves of your body guiding my eyes. I first see your face, you’re beautiful eyes, with that sinister, sexual look in them, then your luscious lips, being softly bitten by your teeth asif to tease and tempt me in… I cannot control my lust for you any longer, I shuffle my way down to your legs, and I slowly start to kiss my way up your body, kissing every single inch... missing your pussy and tits completely, having a teasey lick as i pass them. up to your neck, i start to bite and kiss your neck softly and passionantly until you start to moan softly under your breath. at this time, i kiss my way back down, over your stomach and down your thighs, i now make my way onto your inner thighs, making little nips and kisses on it. now, i tease your pussy, badly, taking little licks on your clit, til you grab my head and f***e it into your pussy... I stop licking, tease you with my tongue just enough that you groan a little… I come up to your lips, you’re still biting them. I kiss you, so you can chase your own pussy juices, you moan and groan as you taste yourself. You whisper in my ear, how much you want, need and desire my hard cock deep inside of you. I whisper back in your ear, ‘shut the fuck up, I do what I want, you whore’. You get up, kneel on the floor and beg for my cock.
I slowly undress myself, undo my belt to reveal my boxers, you try to take them off, but I do not let you. I take your hands away, get my belt and use it as a rope to tie up your hands behind your back. You tell me I am a cunt, and I just tell you, you are my fucking whore, you do all that I want you to do. I continue taking off my boxers to reveal my cock, already hard for you, begging to be sucked and licked… I pull you closer, demand you to open your mouth and I stick the whole of my cock, deep into your throat. You gag a little while taking it, your eyes start to water as you suck it… Deeper and deeper it goes until you can’t take any more… I do not stop… I continue to face fuck you until you are gagging on my long, hard cock.
I pull out my cock and order you onto the bed… on your hands and knees like the dirty a****l you are…. NOW. You of course, do as I say. Still, with your hands tied up, you feel useless and vulnerable… I hold onto your hands, whilst they are tied and pull you up to me… I whisper in your ear… I’m going to fuck your tight little pussy now, straight away, my cock is going to be deep in your little pussy… and you’re going to take it all…. You reply with a quiet, yes master. I put the whole of my cock into your pussy, no teasing you this time, all of my cock enters you. Every inch is being felt in your tight, pulsating pussy. You shudder and moan as I fuck you softly at first, getting harder and harder. Deeper and deeper… You scream out my name as I pull back your head using your hair… You cum all over my cock, making it soaking wet with your juices… I pull my cock out, and walk over to your mouth. I order you to open it and suck my cock, which is dripping with your juices. You obey, like a good little whore.
I decide to untie you, you have been left to have some freedom at the moment… I pull you to the dresser I have in my room and pick you up onto it,.. one leg on and one leg off, you stand there, awaiting my cock… You know it is coming, yet you do not know when… With one move, I bite your neck. As you enjoy the pain, I slap your arse, real hard. I then stick my cock deep into you, you scream in pain as well as pleasure, and tell me how much you love my hard, long cock inside of you…. I go faster, slapping your arse as I go, faster and faster deeper, harder making you moan, groan, making your eyes tear up as I fuck you, grabbing your arse, slapping it, pulling your hair… and I stop…You slap me, ask me why the fuck I have stopped. I have something in store for you, something you will love…
Get on top of me, now. ride me. ride me hard, let me slap that arse. hard and nice... your tits in my face for the whole begin to regain some control, your sinister smile returns, you now have control over me… Or so you think… harder and harder you ride me, grinding your clit onto my pelvis, making your orgasm 10x stronger and last 10x longer, you moan, scream, dig your nails into my pecks, admiring my tattoos, yet clawing the one on my peck… Harder… I am about to cum… I then have a surprise of my own, I flip you over, onto your back, something which you are not expecting… I pull your legs so that they are on my right shoulder, I rub my cock on your clit softly at first, I come down and whisper to you, you’re going to love this, you fucking little slut…
Without a moments thought, I put the whole of my cock, deep inside your tight little arse hole, making you yelp and scream… You start to tear up, looking into my eyes, calling me a cunt, I take no notice, I laugh and tell you that I know you are loving it… You do not deny it. You start to softly play with your clit as your tight little arse is being fucked, harder and harder I go, everytime, my balls are hitting your arse harder, you play faster and beg me to cum inside of you… I tell you no. I say we must cum together… We go faster… together as one…I then grab you hair... pull your head up and pull it back and i thrust in... as i come closer to cumming, i ask you where you want my hot, sticky cum... Mid-orgasm you can just about mutter one word… ‘everywhere’… i pull out my cock, and cum from your tits, down to your pussy, covering your body in my hot spunk... you scream in pleasure as you reach climax whilst you are stimulating your clit. I pull you closer, you can just about tellme how great it was, as you collapse into my arms…

Posted by TheYoungGun 2 years ago
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12 months ago
little steamy here now
1 year ago
bites lip mmmmmmmmmmmmmm love it
2 years ago
2 years ago
Thank you for the input ladies!
2 years ago
turned me on so much loved it
2 years ago
Made me cum! Yummy!!!