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you're laying there, in bed, cosy and warm, under the covers, i walk in slowly, get under at the bottom and slowly start to kiss my way up your body, kissing every single inch... missing your pussy and tits completely, having a teasey lick as i pass them. up to your neck, i start to bite and kiss your neck softly and passionantly until you start to moan softly under your breath. at this time, i kiss my way back down, over your stomach and down your thighs, i now make my way onto your inner thighs, making little nips and kisses on it.
now, i tease your pussy, badly, taking little licks on your clit, til you grab my head and f***e it into your pussy... i carry on with my little licks, lapping up all of your sweet pussy juice. faster and faster i go, you moan, groan and squirm. your whole body squirming in pleasure, i carry on going, til the point where youre about to cum... i stop. and you do not cum, you shout, tell me im a tease, i come up and start to kiss you, you can taste your own juices, it makes you more horny.
i come back up, start to kiss you slowly, whilst i play with your nipples. hard, erect nipples... wanting to be played with. i go down and start to suck one... with my right hand, i start to play with the other, hard. pulling and biting at the same time... i then slide my hand down yor body.... slowly... feel every inch of you... i then slide my fingers into you, while i stimulate your clit with my thumb... as quick as possible, you begin to scream. moan. groan. and cum all over my hand... i look up, into your eye, kiss you and laugh softly.
i then take out my cock, and start to rub it, softly onto your wet pussy, i then start to put my tip into your tight, wet, pussy... then take it out, have you begging for me to put my hard, long cock into your pussy... beg for it. beg for my cock.
i put my whole cock in, you take a sharp in breath as i do it, you wrap your legs around me.... and grab my head. bringing it closer to yours, you kiss me passionately, until i pull away. I bite your neck. kiss it, suck it.... while i stuff my cock deep into your pussy. hard, fast deep.... smashing the back of your pussy, making you cum over and over... each time better than the last
i get up.. pick you up and place you onto my cock, slowly lower you onto it... deep and slow this time... hard. i slam you against the wall and start to fuck you harder, faster deeper and better. calling you names like a fucking dirty bitch thats what you are.... my dirty... fucking... bitch i then pick you up, and throw you onto the bed... you put you legs behind your head, and let me fuck you deep, and hard while pushing your legs down, making everything feel so pleasureable...
get on top of me, now. ride me. ride me hard, let me slap that arse. hard and nice... your tits in my face for the whole ride... get on your knees... and bend over, im going to put my hard cock deep into your arsehole... slowly push it in... making you scream in pleasure. deeper and deeper until the whole of my cock is in your arse. start to push you forward and back. hands on your shoulders pulling you back... i grab you hair... pull your head up and pull it back and i thrust in... as i come closer to cuming, i ask you where you want my hot, sticky cum... i pull out my cock, and flip you over... i cum from your tits, down to your pussy, covering your body in my hot spunk... you scream in pleasure... you walk out... go to the shower to clean up... i follow you in, and the story can start again...
Posted by TheYoungGun 2 years ago
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1 year ago
I really liked
1 year ago
wow so sexy mmmmm
2 years ago
love it