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I'm:Jake, 21
From:Cambridge, United Kingdom
Languages:English, Spanish, French
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Kids:No, but want some
Education:Current college student
Star sign:Taurus
Drugs:Recreational drugs regularly
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Body type:Average
Height:5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Green
About Me
Looking to chat to some lovely people, mostly women however, but anyone who shares the same interests in porn as me!
I am 100% straight, but do not mind talking to men or women and I love tattoos and tattooed women.
Currently living it up at university, booze, weed and women! The ultimate combination.
Feel free to leave me a message or a comment, I will reply to them all! Thank you!
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2 months ago
Thank you for the add.. : )
2 months ago
Thanks for your lovely comment and invite honey x.
3 months ago
Thanks for invite!
Hope you enjoy my galleries. I have over 450 galleries and 23000 amateur pics, is one your ex, wife, girlfriend, or even your mum or sister? Have a look and see if you can recognise anyone!
3 months ago
At the moment? Dude....you may as well just submit to the black girls, cause you'll get addicted soon enough
3 months ago
Glad to read
4 months ago
Thank you for all the pic love. xoxo
4 months ago
Thank you ;)
4 months ago
nice cock. thanks for invite
4 months ago
Thanks for the invite.(^^)
4 months ago
Looking forward to videos too :-)
4 months ago
4 months ago
I want to wake up from passing out drunk to realize my arms are killing me because they are tied behind my back and I can't see anything because I'm blindfolded . But my tits feel warm, because someone is tweaking my nipples sending shoots of pleasure down into my pussy. One of the hands assaulting me is traveling down to my moistening cunt, I have to spread my legs because I can't roll on my back or the pain in my shoulders would be too much.

I hear a voice, "what a little slut" but it's not coming from you, rhythmically pumping my pussy with two fingers.

"Yeah, she is pretty much wet and willing all the time, the little whore." I hear you say as you increase your speed and start rubbing my clit with your thumb.

"Here, feel how sopping this cunt is already. You say pushing me over on my other side as two hands grab under my knees and pull my ass towards the edge of the bed. Lightning bolts of pain strike my shoulders and I start screaming in agony as the hands spread my legs wide and hold them open by the insides of my thighs.

"Shut that bitch up!" I not only hear it, but feel the hot air from his words on my hot, wet, pussy lips.

"Here, take this dick!" You say as you stuff your cock into my screaming mouth. You feel my cries turn to moans around your hard dick as my pussy is getting fingerfucked and my clit licked. You grab a fistful of my hair and force me down on your dick and tell me to lick your balls. I do the best I can but you're huge and I just end up with spit sliding across my cheek as you roughly start fucking my face and grabbing a tight handful of tit.

"Is a she a good little cocksucker?"

"Here, see for yourself" you say pulling out of my mouth, "I need to fuck that tight cunt anyway" you leave me gasping for air and take his place. You pull me closer to the edge of the bed and push my spread legs up to my chest, rubbing your cock on my lubed up cunt lips before plunging it into me hard.

I groan "Thank you! Ugh, fuck me!"

"No one asked you slut! Shut the fuck up! I'm going to fuck your pretty whore face" he says before he stuffs his cock into my mouth. It's not as long as yours but it's still pretty thick. Your big hard dick is filling me up. I can feel it bottom out inside me and it awakens something primal within me and I can't control how loud I'm moaning.

"The little cunt is moaning on my dick! Fuck! That feels awesome. Lick my balls you fuck slut." He pulls his dick from my mouth and replaces them with his heavy testicles which I Lick all over then duck gently into my mouth. "Oh fuck yeah, you little cunt. How's that pussy?" He asks you.

"She's so fucking wet my balls are dripping. I think my cock is lubed enough to take her hot little ass now."

"We can flip her over and untie her," he says repositioning on the bed.

"Why bother" you say as you twist my legs, effectively flipping me on my stomach. With my hands behind my back I can't hold myself up and my face gets shoved into the bed, pulling my blindfold off. You reach under my hips and pull me onto my knees before dragging three fingers up my wet pussy and then rubbing your wet fingers on my ass. You hear me moan, I hear you under your breathe, "God, you're such a fucking slut." Before you slowly sink your dick into my tight asshole.

Your friend pulls me up by my shoulders, then holds me with one hand around my ponytail and the other around my throat as he replaces his hard dick back in my mouth and starts really fucking my face.

You are deep in my ass and reach around to rub my clit so you can feel my asshole tighten around your shaft as you fuck me. I'm moaning and tears are streaming down my face, but you both know I love it.

"Yeah take it, bitch! Fuck me back, cunt! You like my dick in your fucking ass? Fuck yourself on my hard dick, slut!" I can't take it anymore I'm screaming as your friend skull fucks me. He pulls out and pulls my face to look at him, "are you gonna cum, whore?"

"Yes! Please don't stop! Fuck!" I scream before he shoves his cock back in with more vigor. You can feel me start to cum as my asshole tightens around your dick. My tied hands flex and grab for anything and reach nothing. I think my screaming was too much for him as his dick was in my vibrating throat.

"I'm gonna fucking nut," he says as he pulls out. You pull out, too and sit me up on my knees as you both stand on the bed and rub your dicks in my face. "You want our fucking cum, slut? You gotta ask us."

"Please give it to me. Cum on my tits please! Give me your cum! I want it in my mouth!" I say as you both hold my hair and rub your dicks on my face.

"I'm fucking cumming, you cunt. You better swallow every drop!" You say as you both cum furiously over me, showering me in your sperm
4 months ago
What's with the tongue pics... crack me up, youngun.
5 months ago
Thank you for your interest in me. (◦'⌣'◦)
5 months ago
Thanks for the invite
5 months ago
I just want to thank you while you're on the hunt
For getting your cock hard by using my cunt
My cunt is a meat eater so it's carnivore
That's why you cum to this insatiable whore
5 months ago
Hey you, how have you been?
5 months ago
Hi♪ I'm MAMI♪ Let's enjoy HAM (^_^)
マミで~す♪ ハムを楽しみましょうwww (^o^)fufu
5 months ago
Thanks for the invite hon!
5 months ago
hi wellcome sweet kisses thanks for ADD i love profile nice pics and videos baby :)ummm :D
5 months ago
Very Hot Videos!
Thanks for the invite xoxo
6 months ago
Brilliant collection of videos.
6 months ago
thank you for invite :)))
6 months ago
Hi Young Gun,
It's lovely to meet you here!
6 months ago
Cheers mate
6 months ago
Thanks for the add pet.
7 months ago
Read my profile
7 months ago
Thanks glad you enjoyed it
7 months ago
like you said, "booze, weed & women, the ultimate combination." throw music in there & it's heaven. thanks for the invite
7 months ago
Thanks for the Invite...Terrific Collection!

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