The Virgin and the Tramp

My first date with her and what a date it was let me start from well the start.

i could believe she agreed to go out with me but she did when she arrived she looked great. We started with a drink and talked, getting to know each other i didn't do much talking cause i was still in shock of how beautiful she was when told her i was a virgin she didn't believe. After a few drinks we went to get something to eat, thats when things got interesting.

After we ordered she when to freshing up i watched as she walked towards the lady's she turned back at me and with her hand told me to come over i took a look around then walked over she pulled me in to the toilet with her just being in there with her made me hard my heart started to beat faster she gave me her bag while she fixed her make up my heart started to slow down but my cock was still hard. Then she put her make up away and quickly turned to me pushed me against the wall went on her knees undid my jeans pulled my cock out and started to stroke it. I couldn't believe it no girl had ever done this to me. as she was stroking it she was looking up at me her eyes were so beautiful, she began to to put her lips around my cock sliding them up and down my cock the feeling of her tongue on my head was amazing, she stopped and told me to sit on the toilet she started stroking my cock again, then sucking it, i so badly wanted to cum inside her mouth but just be for i could the manager started banging on the door and told us to get out.

After we sat back down she told me she could taste my precum and that it was very nice and that she doesn't normally do that with guys, then she asked would i let her finish i told her of course I would. After the meal we went back to the pub. We sat down and ordered a drink we didn't do much talking she rubbed her hand up my leg then started rubbing my cock over my jeans, she held my hand the started to slide it up her leg and skirt up to her pussy she put her hand down her knickers and fingered herself for a few seconds then put her finger up to my nose the smell was so sexy i had never been with a girl who was like this. Then she told me she wanted to finish me now she kissed me and told me to fallow her down to the bathroom i watched her go down the stairs and then follow her down.

When i got down she pulled me in undid my jeans and pulled them down she didn't even start stroking she just put my cock straight into her mouth and began sucking i just closed my eyes i could feel mer hand beginning to stroke as she sucked she took my cock out for a second to tell me she wanted me to cum inside her mouth i just put it back in grabbed her hair pushing my cock as far in her mouth as it would go i knew i was about to cum so i took my cock out and began stroking it she had her mouth open ready to receive my cum then i began to cum all over her face she put my cock back in her mouth and began to suck slowly it was the best feeling in the world.

She cleaned herself up we finished our drinks and said good night and we both when home. i may still be a virgin but it was a great night
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