Neighbours Little Girl Gets It From Her Grandad

It was about four days after seeing my new neighbour have his little daughter that I was treated again to a show of f****y "love" although this time with a bit of a twist! I was standing in my usual place on the landing (it had become a bit of a habit to stand by the window in the hope of seeing some more action) It was around 4pm when I noticed movement in my neighbours living room, the younger of the two daughters had clearly just got home from school as she was in her school uniform. Just the site of her in her little lilac and white school dress, white socks and little shiny black shoes was enough to get me reaching for my cock, but wait, another little girl came in the room! dressed in the same uniform "mmm her little school friend" I thought, as I whipped my cock out. They both sat on the floor watching telly and mummy came in and gave them a drink and a bowel of sweets or something. They both sat crossed legged as little girls do and I kept being treated to a quick flash of little white knickers, I was wanking like mad, just longing to go over there and fuck both of them in thier cute uniforms. Mummy sat on the chair, on the phone, looking rather sexy herself in a quite short summer dress, she kept playfully annoying the girls, by flicking the hem of thier dresses with her toes "she wants them, the horny bitch" I was thinking to myself. After some time of this, mummy suddenly got up and left the room, upon her return, she had an old bloke of about 60 or so with her! When the daughter got up and gave him a hug, I figured it was her grandad. He sat in the chair previously occupied by mummy, who then left the room. After a few minutes mummy appeared at the door and said something to the girls, at which the friend then left the room with her. The old bloke was saying something to the daughter and she kept shaking her head, he then got up and took the little girl by the arm and took her back to the chair and sat her on his lap "surely not" I thought! but surely yes, as he almost immediately slipped his hand up her school dress, he f***ed her legs apart and sat there playing with her cunt inside her little white cotton knickers, after about five minutes he stopped and proceeded to get his cock out and put the girls hand on it, she started wanking it, as he resumed playing in her knickers, she seemed to continue watching the telly as she wanked, but turned to him now and then with a little smile. He then stood up and actually took all his clothes off and stood in the middle of the room, not a brilliant site, as he was pretty old and somewhat overweight! He was wanking off as he said something to the little girl and she slowly got up and kneeled in front of him "oh god no, surley not" I thought, although somewhat turned on by the thought. She took hold of his cock and started wanking him off again as he stood there. It didn't take long before he was about to cum and grabbed the girls head and pushed it towards his cock, she took it in her mouth, putting her hands on his flabby thighs, he played with her hair as her cute little head bopped back and forth as she sucked, it was a disturbing site, this old fat bloke being sucked by his very sweet looking young grandaughter, but I was actually so turned on by it, saying to myself "yea suck his dirty old cock you sweet little slut" when suddenly he grabbed her hair tight and started forcing his cock deeper into her sweet little mouth, he was clearly cumming, shooting his dirty old sperm down his grandaughters throat. When he had filled her up, he got down to her level, looking into her face, she opened her mouth and he patted her on her head "fuck me he is checking she has swallowed it all" I thought, which clearly she had! He then quickly got dressed and checked the time on his watch, as he sat back in the chair, while the girl finished her drink and resumed watching telly. After around fifteen minutes the mummy returned with her daughters friend "what on earth is going on here" I thought, somewhat puzzled "maybe she took her to the shops, to give grandad time for some fun" was all I could think. As both girls sat on the floor together, mummy and grandad were talking about something, with mummy periodically looking over at the girls and laughing. They then started moving one of the armchairs just to the side of the two girls and both stood behind it, to give you an idea of the view I had, the telly was to the far left, with the girls just in front of it, then the moved chair, roughly in the middle of the floor and mummy and grandad behind it, all clearly in view through the large windows. I was about to get my second shock of the day, as mummy proceeded to get the old blokes cock out and started wanking it, while they looked at the two cute little girls sitting on the floor "fuck this is one dirty f****y I thought" as I wanked my own cock! I came to the conclusion that the old bloke wanted the daughters little friend, but she was out of bounds, so his daughter, or daughter-in-law, whichever she was, decided to bring him off as he secretly watched her, what other conclusion could I come to! Well the shocks just kept coming, because after a few minutes of wanking the old bloke, mummy suddenly got down behind the chair and actually started sucking him off "bl**dy hell" I said out loud as I watched mummy, who certainly looked like a bit of an expert, sucking and licking away at the old blokes cock, even getting right down and sucking on his balls and moving round to lick his arse! She had put her hand up her dress and was obviously frigging herself off, as she very enthusiastically licked all round the old blokes cock, balls and arse. She then concentrated on his cock, taking it right down her throat, as he thrust his hands down the top of her dress, he was quite clearly cumming, learning on the chair for stability, which was rocking about a bit, making the girls look round, but the daughter kept pointing towards the telly and talking to her friend "she knows whats going on" I thought. Once he had shot his load, which mummy had swallowed, even licking her lips and laughing, they adjusted themselves and moved the chair back to where it had been previously. Grandad went out of the room and mummy sat on the chair, which is opposite the window and casually sat there with her hand up her dress, obviously still frigging herself off "oh go on, just fucking have both the horny little bitches and let grandad fuck them both" I was saying, as I wanked my cock hard, desperate to have the sweet, cute, fucking horny little school girls, I wanted to pound thier smooth tiny little pussies, while sticking my tongue in thier beautiful little mouths...... then wham, an enormous stream of cum leapt from my cock and splattered all over the wall, as I literally shouted "I'm going to fuck you two horny little sluts, fucking suck my fat cock, you horny fucking gorgeous beautiful little girls" I had got a little passionate by this time! One thing was for sure though, I was going to have to re-decorate at some point!
8% (8/95)
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9 days ago
3 months ago
I knew a girl that was 8 before she was 5
4 months ago
How old were they?
5 months ago
lucky grandpa fucking that young pussy
2 years ago
Mommy might just be also selling their young pussies! Whatever the situation, it is very lurid considering the evident ages of the females.
2 years ago
It got me horny; I fuck my friend's girls...
3 years ago
I would love to hear the narator's story of how he worms his way into their arangement
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
oh yes one day you will get them horny little girls all to yourself
4 years ago
ditto Brewkakke!!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago
Good story. But, please use paragraphs instead of one block of text. That makes it easier to read and much more pleasant on the eyes, thanks ;)
4 years ago
what a good show you get I"d never leave the peyourch your on and id be watching every thing lucky
4 years ago
Sounds like a lot of good fun...a peeper's paradise!