Fatherly Love

A couple weeks had past since my last bit of action. My b*****r and s****r were both away from home for a while and the house was pretty quiet. It was a Sunday afternoon, my mother had gone out for the day and it was only myself and my father left in the house. Eventually after alot of talking we get onto the subject of sex. He didnt ask for details but he wanted to know if I had been busy with anyone and I let him know that I had. My father however said to me that he had not had much action from anyone and that he was waiting for the right moment and to ask the right person at the right time. At first I didnt really understand the comment however as he spoke more, he said that he had somewhat lost intersted in having sex with my mum and that he secretly wanted to try something but would prefer it be with one of us. I asked what it was he wanted and he made me swear I wouldnt let on to anyone and I agreed. He then told me he was interested in having some fun with another man. I was a little shocked but secretly I had been curious about this myself. After a little thinking I admitted that I myself was interested and I could see his eyes light up.

He leaned a little forward towards me and we began to talk a little more about it. He let me know that he didnt want to try anything too kinky to begin with, just sucking, wanking and a bit of anal however he did let me know that he was only interested in being top and slightly dominant when it comes to sex. Being top or bottom wasnt too important to me and I was curious to see how dominant he would be. I let him know all this and I could see by the ever increasing bulge in his boxers that he was getting really turned on by all of this. He suggested we continue this conversation in the bedroom.

Moving up the stairs and into the bedroom we started to talk in a little more detail. He painted a story about how in the bedroom he insists on being serviced and given what he wants without too many questions. He made it clear he would never f***e me to do something but would really hope id let him do what he wanted me to do. I agreed to all this before he dropped another bit of a bombshell that he prefered not using condoms. He said he would understand if this puts me off but privately Id always had a bit of a fantasy of a man unloading his spunk inside me. I said to him it wouldnt be an issue and he looked over teh moon before suggested we maybe get started.

He made the first move, moving his hand over my cock and rubbing it gently. I repayed the favour and ran my hand over his hard cock. It felt a little strange having another cock in my hand. He moved me down onto my knees and asked me to suck him off. I was a little hesitant as I gripped the shaft and stared down at the head. I gave the tip a little lick, followed by another bigger lick before I slowly placed teh head of his hard cock into my mouth. The taste wasnt as bad as I expected and I actually found myself enjoying the taste of his cock. It made me want to suck him and really please him. He made my stop and got me up onto the bed before moving my head back down towards his cock. I didnt waste a second and got it back into my mouth and sucking away on him. I felt my own cock sliding into his mouth as we got into the 69 position so that we were both suckign off each other. After a few minutes of bliss in the position he stopped me and got me onto my back.

On my back with my legs in the air he began to have a look around my asshole. I felt his hand and fingers rub against my tight little hole before he got down onto his knees and began to lick around my asshole, really making it wet. His tongue occasionally probing into my asshole. I loved the sensation it created as his tongue probed and prodded around my little hole. I slowly wanked my cock as he played with my ass before he got back to his feet and I knew what was coming. He asked me if id be okay with him fucking me and I said yeah. I was so in the mood that id have said yes to anyone. He went into a bedside drawer and took out some lube, squirting some into his hand to rub over his cock to really get his shaft nice and ready for me. He then placed more on his hand and this time applied alot to my asshole, pushing his fingers into me until they were really firing into me with not much resistance. He got back to his feet and stroked his cock infront of me, putting a little more lube onto his cock. I knew this was the moment.

He moved me further back onto the bed and he placed a cushion under my ass so that it was raised a ltitle off the bed. With my legs in the air I felt his cock push up against my ass for the first time. He didnt push too hard, I think he was just letting me know he was there and ready to come in. Slowly he pushed his cock into me. There was a little pain to begin with as the head of his cock slowly penetrated my ass. Once the head was inside the rest of his shaft slowly pushed into my alot easier until he let me know that he was now totally inside me. He allowed a few moments for my asshole to adapt to his cock being tere, the pain by this time had pretty much gone and I was comfortable with his cock inside me. He slowly began to pull out and push back in and I was quickly beginning to love it.

Before long he was going alot quicker, much like I had experenced with Rachel in the past after a few moments but it was weird being on teh recieving end, having given anal a few times now. He rolled me up almost into a little ball with my ankles close to my head as he began to pound a little at my ass. Eventually he turned me over into the doggy position and he stuck his cock straight back up me. I got a little shock at the speed he penetrated me but I was able to take it fight, the lube doing its job allowing him to slide easily into me. He held onto my waist as he quickly pounded my ass with his balls slapping up against me . After a while with him pounding, slowing, pounding in quick pulses he let me know he was about to cum. I knew this would be the moment I had been waiting on and he asked quickly.. “inside or out”. I said inside and he kept on going at a quicker pace and he let out a huge groan. I knew he had cum inside. I had a strange warm sensation coming from my ass. He left his cock inside pumping me full of all of his spunk before he slowly pulled out.

With his cock now out and beginning to go a little soft I got up to my feet and like Rachel had done with me, I felt my asshole and felt the cum slowly begin to ooze out from inside me. It was a strange feeling but I loved the sex. My father made me promise that no one would find otu about this as he didnt want anyone knowing. He told me that he would only do this with me and not with my b*****r as we had an “understanding” as he put it. After i had gone to clean up a little my Father came to me and asked how I would feel dressing up for him. I asked what he meant and he painted a picture of me dressing in stockings, panties, suspenders and being a little slut for him. I said I would be open to it and he let me know that he would buy all the clothes he wanted me to wear and if I wanted in a future session I could wear it for him. I agreed and he looked pleased. Another awesome session down and anther door to new future sessions opened.
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29 days ago
start of something good!
3 years ago
mmmm really love the whole series of this family fun and have just shot my load in my pants, is there more of this family fun?
3 years ago
You see you can alkinds of fun with family your dad can fuck my ass anytime and i will even suck his cock until he cums all over my face. thanks
3 years ago
Great story I've got to jerk off now
3 years ago
My cock is hard as a rock from this!
3 years ago
This story got my pantes wet
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
great story, one of my fuck buddies used to like for me to pretend to be his father & fuck him while he faked sleep. we did a lot of kinky stuff.