The First Experience

There had been a couple of days since our chat with the parents about having sex with one another and none of us had done anything yet, too nervous to approach anyone. I think we were all still trying to process it all and get used to the idea of having sex with a f****y member. We all got called for another f****y meeting and we all knew deep down what it was going to be about so we braced ourselves for the news. We all sat in the living room and my father asked if any of us had tried it out. We all said no and my s****r said its not the sort of thing we are used to bringing up in a conversation. My parents both laughed and said they could see our point. So my Father came up with the idea of doing something right now if we wanted. We all agreed one by one and my Father came up with the idea to be polite it would be ladies choice first, something that we all agreed on.

My mother was first to pick and she chose my b*****r Andrew. Andrew agreed to it and my Mother looked really happy that he accepted. Rachel, my s****r then thought about it for a second before asking me to be the first one. I accepted and My dad joked that he was left out however My mother said he could watch her and perhaps join in. My Father, mother and b*****r left the room and headed up the stairs leaving my s****r and I alone in the living room. There was an awkward silence as we both sat in our underwear not knowing how to start. As always with these silences we spoke at hte same time so I let her continue. She suggested we go to her room and we can see what we end up doing. I agreed and she led the way up to her room. I was really nervous about having sex with her seen as she is older, has had more sex than me and probably knows alot more.

Once we got into her room we sat on the bed and she asked me what I wanted to do or what I would be comfortable with. I decided if we were going to do it we may aswell do it right. I could tell by the smile on her face thats what she wanted aswell and she shuffled along the bed closer to me. I couldnt take my eyes off her tits, almost spilling out of her bra as she leaned over to me. I closed my eyes as our lips touched each others for the first time. At the back of my mind I was thinking “what am i doing” but she was a really good kisser. Before I knew it we were lying back on her bed, kissing really passionately. She sat up and unclipped her bra and it fell away showing me her tits. It wasnt the first time I had seen them but they somehow looked different now we were having fun. Rachel then took down her thong and threw it away and I quickly pulled my boxers off so that we were both now lying on the bed totally naked and ready for anything.

We began to kiss once again however her hands wandered down my body so that she was lightly stroking my cock, feeling it get harder in her own hand. My hands ran down her back getting a short feel of her breasts as we moved about. Rachel then began to work down my body and didnt waste a moment, licking the head of my cock. She looked up and giggled a bit and said “I cant believe im doing this”. She gently sucked the head of my cock before running further down the shaft and back up. Before long she was really working my cock and it was amazing. She stopped and sat stroking my cock as she asked me if that was okay. I sat up and said it was amazing and we shared another kiss before I got her on her back. I kissed my way down her body, working from her neck, to her breasts, nipples, down the centre of her stomach past her belly button before I arrived at the trimmed hair of her pussy. Her legs were open and I had a good view of her pussy, the first time I had seen it in this detail and this close.

I licked gently at her pussy to test the taste of her pussy. I loved the feel of her wet pussy lips against my lips and tongue as I pressed harder and pushed deeper with my tongue while licking her. I could gauge by the moans she was making that I must have been doing a good job as I kept licking. Eventually I switched to using my finger and began to finger her pretty vigourously. She began making alot more moans and getting louder and I knew I must have been doing it right and the way she liked it. She got me to stop at this stage and she leaned over into her bedside drawer and took out a condom nad threw it over to me. She reminded me that we had been told to be safe. I took it out of the wrapper and quickly put it on my cock as Rachel lay back and opened her legs, inviting me over to her so that we could really get started.

I moved up her body so that we were once again face to face and I could feel the tip of my cock rub up against the wet lips of her pussy. I pushed against it until i felt my cock slide into her. She went “Oh yeah” as I pushed into her. I still had in the back of my mind that it was my s****r but I figured its just sex. I slowly began thrusting in and out of her, kissing her as we went. Rachel however had other ideas and took control, rolling me onto my back with some f***e, still with my cock inside her. I let her do what she wanted as she really began to ride me hard. She really began to bounce on my cock making the slapping sound every time her ass and pussy hit my skin. I could feel myself nearing to cum however I just let her continue as she got louder and louder, even screaming at times. She slowly started to slow herself down and she asked me if i was close. When I said yeah she began rocking back and forth harder until eventually I came. She smiled and joked that she just made her baby b*****r cum which made us both laugh. She dismounted me and she took the condom off and we just lay there side by side afterwards listening to our mother in the other room.

We began talking about the whole idea of sex with f****y members and we both agreed that now we have started it should be easier asking each other if they fancied some fun. Plus Rachel brought up she knows what I like now and I now knew she liked it pretty rough. It was around about this time the door went and our Father walked into the room and asked us how it was. We both said it was great and he smiled before asking if we had been safe. Rachel showed him the condom and he looked pleased before reminding us not to spread it about. He left the room and Rachel said she wanted to go clean up a bit and left. With my first experience of it now out of away I couldnt wait for next time.
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3 months ago
really? some people will read any old shite
3 years ago
Awesome more please!!
3 years ago
this going to be fantastic i jacked off already thanks
4 years ago
Great story!!
4 years ago
very good & please more
4 years ago
nice TY
4 years ago
I believe I can see a great series of stories on the way. Excellent post. Thanks.
4 years ago
I think that this is going to be a fun relationship!
4 years ago
hope there is more
4 years ago
Hot first with the tasty sister Rachel! ;-)P - *****