Unexpected Lovers... [Cont]

It was roughly one week since our first time and since the day we had hardly spoken or seen each other with both of us being simply too busy. It was a Thursday and I was watching television when I got the call from my aunt. She was asking me to come over to help her move some furniture because she couldnt do it for herself. Thrilled that I had been asked back over I jumped at the chance and went straight over to her house. It did actually turn out she was really wanting some furniture moved so I helped and it was literally a five minute job and we were done.

Moving into the living room we got talking and what happend between us a week ago came into the conversation. She commented on it being one of the best sessions she had had in a long time and that she really wanted us to do it again. She then brought up the subject that I could stay over for a weekend or that we could go away for a weekend so that it would just be us with no one to interupt or find out about us. I loved the plan. I had been waiting for our next time ever since i left. She then asked teh question I had been waitin to hear "fancy a quickie before you go?". Of course I agreed and my aunt got up and tilted the blinds in teh living room and locked the doors before returning to me.

She sat next to me and we shared our first kiss since our session last week when it all started. The memories flooded back and it was just as good as the last time. My Aunt didnt waste any time and went straight down my body and removed my jeans and boxers. My cock was already hard and she didnt waste a moment in placing it in her mouth and gently sucking the head before working down the shaft. After an amazing few minutes she stood up and took off her top. I moved in and began kissing her belly while unfastening her jeans and taking them down along with her pants at the same time leaving us both naked and increasinly arroused.

My aunt sat down next to me and spread her legs. I moved down to my knees and moved in to lick her pussy. She hadnt shaved it since last week and she was beginning to be a little more hairy but the taste hadnt changed. After another blissful few minutes she pulled be back up to her lips to share another kiss before she turned me onto the chair and mounted my cock. It slipped in as she slowly brought her body down on top of it. She rode away, griding and riding me. Our breathin got heavier and heavier before I lifted and turned her over so that we were lying on the sofa, never taking my cock completly out. I knew she liked it pretty rough and really began pounding away, harder than I had ever done any of my previous lovers. I could tell she was loving it as she began yellin out in ecstacy. It was at this point she asked me to pull out when i was near cumming so that she could taste it. I loved the idea and as I was feeling close I pulled out and we quickly changed position so she could slip my cock into her mouth, it wasnt long before I unloaded in her mouth as she sucked on my cock.

I began to breathe a little more normally as I watched my aunt mop up any trickle of cum from around her mouth and put it back in her mouth. I didnt even have to question what she would do as straight away she swallowed the load. My aunt lay next to me on the sofa and told me that was great and it was. However we knew we had to get dressed. As we were getting our clothes back on my aunt asked if I had ever given anal before. I had never given it but always wanted to. My Aunt revealed that she had always wanted to give it a try and asked if I would be willing to do that with her. I agreed. I would do anything she wanted and this could be an amazing experience for us both. We shared another kiss before I had to go however before I left she told me that we will work out a weekend so that we can have alot more fun.

To be continued.... :)
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very good
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i hav always wanted to fuck my aunt ,and reading this gives me hope.
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