Back Stage Cum Slut

Loren paced around the room. She checked her phone but there were no texts. Where is she? What's taking so long?

A few days ago her roommate Angela had scored two back stage tickets to the Paramore concert for tonight. Loren almost died hearing the news. She'd had a major crush on lead singer Hayley Williams ever since she saw the tiny little thing dancing on stage with Taylor Swift. To make matters worse though her roommate was going to take her boring boyfriend instead of Loren.

Solved that little problem though, didn't I? Loren smiled, remembering the way Angela's boyfriend moaned as she sucked his cock dry. All of the sudden he 'had to work and couldn't go'. Enter Loren.

Her phone buzzed, drawing her attention. A text from Angela. She was out front.

Hours later Loren and Angela were swarmed in a pile of bodies. They were near the front row but it was still hard to move without someone bumping or grinding against you. Loren didn't mind though. Not when Hayley Williams came strutting across the stage. The singer was wearing a short, black little skirt that showed off her legs. She gave a shout out to the crowd then began to bounce on the heels of her feet as the music began.

For two hours the feisty red head bounced around, shaking her hips and tossing her hair. The only time she stopped was when she sat on the edge of a black trunk near the front of the stage while staring into the crowd. The singer crossed her legs, giving Loren and those in the front row a perfect view of her thighs. Loren wanted to jump on the stage and devour the tease. If the show didn't kill her the face to face with the singer surely would.

By the time the final song was over Loren could hardly stand her knees were so weak. She leaned on her roommate as the song ended, watching Hayley bow and blow kisses to the crowd. A few minutes later Loren and her roommate were e****ted back stage for the meet and greet. Ten minutes passed. Then fifteen. Almost half an hour later Loren's roommate grew impatient and wanted to leave but Loren wouldn't have it. Finally, a guy approached and e****ted them to a private room. The room looked like an old dressing room that had been converted into a break room. Two mini fridges sat in the corner, a couch next to it. The man asked them to sit and then the apologies came. 'Hayley was feeling ill after the show.' 'She had a sore throat and with them traveling tomorrow for another show she needed her rest.' Loren was devastated and a little angry. What pissed her off even more though was her roommate rejecting the free tickets to the next show. The man was even offering to pay their travel expenses. Angela asked to use the restroom so the man e****ted her, leaving Loren alone.

Thirsty, Loren walked over and opened one of the mini fridges but it was empty. She wanted to scream. Frustrated, she left the room in search of a vending machine. She passed a couple of people while roaming the halls but no one stopped her. After a few minutes she gave up and decided to just find her roommate so they could leave.

At least you got to see Hayley live, she thought. The image of Hayley dancing on stage, shaking her cute little ass replayed in Loren's mind. The girl had so much energy. Loren sighed. No doubt the singer left thousands of fans dreaming about her tonight.

Loren continued down the hallway when she heard a muffled noise. She stopped and peered around but didn't see anyone. Then she heard it again, this time louder. It was coming from the door to her left. She inched closer and saw that the door was cracked open just a little. Inside, a girl was lying on her back on top of a table, her face turned away from the door. The girl's top was halfway down to her waist, exposing her chest. She was breathing heavily, a soft moan escaping her every few moments. Loren felt her own breath catch at the sight. She reached out quietly with a hand to balance herself against the wall.

The girl shuddered again, eliciting a cry that carried. Loren suddenly felt very exposed standing in the hallway. Anyone walking by would not only hear the noise but would see her standing there like a peeping tom.

Loren started to ease away from the door when the girl's head rolled over. Loren froze. The girl's eyes were closed but the face was undeniable proof. Hayley Williams let out a sigh, and mumbled something. A voice replied with something but Loren couldn't hear it. Another noise followed, a soft click like a door being shut, but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered at that moment except the knowledge that she had just seen Hayley Williams, lead singer for Paramore, have an orgasm not ten feet from her.

The image of Hayley on stage showing off her legs intermingled with the image of Hayley withering on the table flashed through Loren's head. She closed her eyes, her hand sliding between her legs as a moan escaped her. The sound of her own voice shocked Loren but not as much as opening her eyes to see Hayley staring back at her from the table.

They stared at each other for only a couple of seconds. Then it was over. Loren straightened at the same time Hayley shot off the table and out of her view. Every instinct screamed at Loren to flee but her legs wouldn't move. A few seconds later the door shot open. Hayley was pushing her top back up but not before giving Loren one last peek, "Who are you?" the singer gasped.

When Loren didn't give an immediate response Hayley reached out and pulled her into the room. Loren stumbled but regained her balance. Hayley peered down the hallway outside before shutting the door. When the singer turned around Loren noticed for the first time just how short the girl was. Loren had at least a good six or seven inches on the red headed singer.

"How long were you standing there?" Hayley asked. There was a little fire behind the singer's tone.

"I-I was just walking down the hall and heard..." Loren trailed off, her face burning in embarrassment. The only consolation was the singer seemed just as embarrassed, arms crossed while shuffling her feet.

After a few moments Hayley buried her face in her hands and let out a groan of frustration. Then stared up at the ceiling, her head resting against the door behind her. Of all the things Loren expected to come out of the singer's mouth next laughter wasn't one of them. Loren didn't know how to react at first but found herself letting out a nervous laugh as well.

Once the laughter stopped Hayley pushed herself away from the door, "You want something to drink?" she asked.

Loren hesitated, seeing the open path to the doorway now. Part of her wanted to run but she ignored it. The mention of something to drink reignited her thirst, "Please," she replied.

Hayley passed her a bottle of water that Loren took and greedily sucked down. It was some sort of vitamin water but Loren was so thirsty she didn't care. When she came up for air Loren noticed that Hayley was staring at her. Not just staring. Is she checking me out?

Hayley brought her own bottle to her lips and took a long sip, keeping eye contact with Loren the entire time. It reminded Loren of the moment Hayley saw her through the door. Something inside of Loren fluttered and she shivered.

Hayley took another sip, the corner of her lips turning into a smirk. It made Loren both nervous and excited at the same time. "So, what's your name?" Hayley asked.

"Loren," she replied. Her throat felt suddenly dry again. She took another gulp of water.

"Came for the show?"

Loren chocked, almost coughing up the water. Hayley smiled at the reaction. Loren caught her breath just as Hayley walked up to her, "You enjoy it?" the singer asked, her voice low.

Loren nodded, too afraid to say anything and break the moment. Hayley took the water bottle from Loren, sat it down and then took hold of Loren's hand, leading her across the room. There was a couch against the far wall. Hayley guided her towards it and sat her down. Then, without warning, straddled Loren's lap, putting them face to face. The singer was so small that she fit perfectly. Hayley leaned forward, her face inches away from Loren's, and whispered, "Would you like an encore performance?"

Before Loren could respond Hayley's lips met hers. Loren had a moment of hesitant surprise but fell into it quickly. Gentle at first, the kiss deepened as she tasted the singer for the first time. Loren tried to lean forward but Hayley wouldn't have it, forcing her back down without breaking the kiss. Instead, Loren slid her hands down, needling Hayley's nipples through the fabric of her shirt. Hayley broke the kiss, leaned back and slid the top down to expose her chest. Then she leaned up in Loren's lap, reached out and took hold of the back of Loren's head. She stayed like that, breathing hard while staring at the blond beneath her. Loren took the hint, leaning forward and taking one of Hayley's nipples into her mouth, eliciting a moan from the singer.

The red head sighed above her, closing her eyes and roaming her fingers through Loren's hair. It gave Loren the confidence to slide her hands down and do what she could only dream about before. Those legs. Just as soft as she had imagined when she saw Hayley come out on stage. Loren ran her hands up them, feeling every inch until she reached the singer's skirt. The same skirt she had worn on stage. Feeling daring, Loren slid her hands underneath the skirt and was rewarded with a hitch in Hayley's breathing followed by a low moan. The victory was momentary though as Hayley slid off her lap and stood.

The singer took hold of Loren's legs, removing her boots. The pants came next. Loren slid her shirt over her head and removed her bra. She looked up to see Hayley topless as well. She barely had time to take in the sight before being shoved onto the couch, this time on her back. Hayley slid on top of her and devoured her mouth with another kiss. Loren gasped when she felt the singer's hands playing with her nipples. Hayley kissed her way down Loren's neck, still teasing the blond's nipples. Not only was Hayley hitting all her spots but she could feel the singer's legs sliding up and down her own.

"Please," Loren breathed.

Hayley leaned up, gently kissing her lips, "Please what?"

"Fuck me."

"Close your eyes," Hayley said.

Loren obliged, shivering when she felt the singer's momentum slide down towards her stomach. She wanted to peek so bad just to see the little red head between her legs. It was the exact moment that Hayley tongued her wet panties making Loren gasp.

"Oh fuck, get them off," Loren all but screamed.

Hayley ran her tongue over them again just to show her who was in charge. Loren arched forward, moaning at the singer's teasing. Then reached back, grabbing hold of the arm of the couch to steady herself as she lifted her ass up. Hayley took advantage, cupping Loren's ass while giving her another tonguing that made the blonde almost explode. Loren was moaning and begging the singer now. Hayley finally took pity on her, sliding the panties off. Loren felt the cool air between her legs and then came when the singer's tongue ran all the way up her clit before engulfing it in a kiss.

Loren had just enough time to come down from her release when she felt something slide inside her. Moaning, Loren looked down to see Hayley's hand wrapped around a large pink dildo. It was at least nine inches long and a thicker than the one she had at home. Hayley gazed up at Loren and slid the entire length of it inside her causing Loren to gasp. Then Hayley leaned down and licked her clit. Loren came hard, her nails digging into the arm of the couch behind her. After a few moments she fell back, breathing hard after her release.

Loren would've done anything for the singer at that moment. Which is apparently what the singer knew, seeing the mischievous glint in her eye. Hayley got up from the couch and pulled Loren with her, still holding the pink toy in her other hand. Loren's knees were like mush but she managed to stand and be led to the table a few feet away. The same table she had watched the singer climax from while peeking through the door. Hayley let go of Loren's hand, slowly backed up and climbed onto the table with an invitation in her eyes. Hayley lifted her bare legs up and spread them just enough to give Loren a peek underneath her skirt. As Loren suspected the singer was bare underneath. Hayley raised an eyebrow at Loren as if to say come and get it.

Loren had been with a few girls in her time and enjoyed it but she'd never felt the intense need like she was feeling now. She wanted fuck the little red headed singer into the ground and make her scream for more. Determined, Loren stepped up to the table, took hold of the singer's legs and pulled her forward. Hayley let out surprised yelp but kept eye contact with her. Loren slid one hand down the length of the singer's leg all the way underneath her skirt. Hayley's breathing was heavy, making her breasts look delicious in dim light above them. Then she gasped, letting out a moan as Loren slid a finger inside her. Then two.

Hayley's head fell back on the table. She was biting her lip, on the edge ready to explode. Loren surprised her, sliding the toy between the singer's legs and over her clit. Hayley came hard, legs tensing as she rode out the release. Loren watched, knowing the image would be forever burned into her mind.

Hayley let out a sigh that turned into a gasp when Loren slid the toy inside her. Hayley's eyes were so big, her mouth open in a silent O that made Loren just want to fuck her that much harder. Hayley came again, crying out Loren's name this time, making the blonde want her even more. She crawled up onto the table and engulfed one of the singer's breasts in her mouth. Hayley grabbed her head and brought it up to her face, giving her a hungry kiss. When they broke apart both girls layed there for a few moments, catching their breath. Hayley was the first one to speak.

"Well, what do you think?"

Loren looked up and started to respond when she noticed that Hayley was looking behind them. Loren turned to see a man standing in the middle of the room. That was surprising enough by itself but the fact he was naked and stroking his cock was even more so. Loren tried to get off the table but Hayley held her tight, "Don't worry, that's Ian," she whispered, "He's one of my body guards." She said it with a lick of her lips, still staring at the man.

Loren turned her head to see that there was a door behind the guy. It was open, showing what appeared to be a bathroom. Loren looked the man up and down. He was well built, not big but definitely big enough to handle most threats. Her eyes lingered watching him stroke his cock.

"I think he wants to play," Hayley said.

The singer slid down letting Loren get off the table. She watched Hayley walk over to Ian and take hold of his cock. Kneel down, and engulf it into her mouth. He let out a groan as Hayley worked him over. Loren leaned back against the table for support, her hand sliding between her legs as she watched Hayley take him all the way down her throat. Hayley stayed there for a few seconds before pulling back, his cock popping out of her mouth. Loren rubbed herself harder. The guy groaned, his head falling back at the same moment Loren came.

Hayley moaned around the cock, before releasing it and staring up at the guy, "I think our girl feels left out."

Ian looked up at Loren. He stared at her like she was his. Hayley stood up, walked over to Loren and guided her onto the table. Then she crawled up Loren until she was laying on top of her. She kissed the blonde gently on the side of her mouth, "Would you like Ian to fuck you Loren?" she asked. She leaned over, planting kisses down the blond's neck, "You want his cock inside you?"

"Yes," Loren breathed.

Ian was closer than she thought because the moment she said it Loren felt him take hold of her legs, pull her down and slide his cock inside her. She let out a gasp of surprise that was silenced by Hayley's lips on hers. Loren moaned through the kiss as her pussy was taken by Ian.

Hayley broke the kiss and looked over her shoulder at the man behind them, "You like fucking Loren don't you Ian? That tight little pussy just begging for it isn't it?"

Loren moaned like a slut in heat. The combination of hearing Hayley talk dirty along with Ian pounding her pussy made her come hard. She rode out the release with a sigh. Ian slid his cock out of her and then Hayley gasped above her. Loren looked up to see Hayley staring back at Ian, "You gonna fuck us both huh? Mmm... we're going to milk that cock of yours dry. Oh fuck!" Hayley screamed, burying her head into Loren's chest. Ian was pounding Hayley so hard they were both pushed forward with almost every thrust. Loren felt the singer shudder as she rode out another wave but Ian just kept pounding away.

"I'm gonna cum," Ian said.

Hayley panted, "Give it to us. Give us your cum."

Ian slid out of Hayley and walked over to the other side of the table. He stood over Loren stroking his cock in front of both their faces. Loren reached up, took hold of his cock in her hand and stroked him. A few moments later he grunted, his first shot of cum hitting Hayley directly on the cheek. His next shot hit her between the eyes and dripped down onto Loren's face. Hayley opened her mouth for the next shot. Ian released three more thick, creamy shots. Two into the singer's mouth, the last right on Loren's chest. Loren pulled his cock down and into her mouth. Ian jerked, giving
her the last few drops he had before she let him go.

"Mmm..." Hayley moaned, swallowing Ian's cum. She scooped up the cum that had hit Loren's chest and brought it up to the blonde's mouth. Loren took the red head's finger into her mouth and sucked it dry.

"Thanks Ian," Hayley said with a smile, still staring at Loren, "You're the best."

Thirty minutes later Loren finally managed to get dress. Ian had left earlier but every time Loren tried to get dressed Hayley would start something again.

"I'm always so horny after a show," the singer explained. But Paramore had another show tomorrow. Plus, Loren knew she had to find her roommate.

How long have I been gone anyway? she thought.

At the door, Hayley gave Loren her personal number and a long kiss goodbye. A few minutes later Loren found Angela coming out of a door down the hallway. She looked a little flush and her hair was messed, "There you are," Angela said, patting her hair.

The door Angela had came from opened a moment later. A guy peeked out and was about to say something when he saw Loren. It was the same guy who had apologized to them, the guy who had led Angela to the restroom. He was shirtless. Loren smiled seeing her roommate's embarrassment.

"Uh, you forgot these," he said, handing her a white envelope. It was the envelope with the free tickets he had offered them earlier.

Angela took it, then grabbed hold of Loren's arm, "Let's go!"

Loren laughed all the way to the car.
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1 month ago
Sound good, really looking forward to it!
1 month ago
I have an idea or two for one yes. Working on a Molly Quinn story or two first though
1 month ago
is there a new Hayley story in the works?
5 months ago
This is still my favorite story
8 months ago
thanks! I'm going to write more. Have a Molly Quinn one I'm working on and already have another Hayley one in mind
8 months ago
Great story
11 months ago
Excellent story, sir. Fun read!
11 months ago
I probably will at some point. I have many ideas on how to use ms Hayley Williams many times over ;)
11 months ago why aren't you writing more stories? :)
really liked this one
1 year ago
I don't think the band would mind me 'opening' for them.
1 year ago
I know at least one member of the band that would welcome the company ;)
1 year ago
Maybe it's time to follow Paramore across country