Cuckold Husband With Small Dick Watch's Wife

True Story as told by Contractor

You have contracted me to put in a new hardwood floor. I've been working for two days, watching you every minute of every day because I can see that you have tits that I would die for. I think hubby knows I've been watching in fact I know he does. I was talking to him about the flooring when you walked by in nice jeans that really showed your ass off nice and a blouse that was maybe two buttons to far unbuttoned.

As you walked by I just instinctively looked at you and hubby was talking to me. I said to him I'm sorry I won't do it again. I had stared you down, your tits were bouncing a bit and when you were leaving the room your ass looked so fucking hot, I just couldn't help it. Hubby said “it's ok, it happens all the time and she wants the looks." He said "you see, I have a rather small cock and she wants a large one here and there, so I have to deal with it because I love her."

I just stop and tell him that is so fucking hot, to fuck another man’s wife while he's watching. He said, "yeah and she wants me to watch. I almost lost my job last week, I had been late too many times, so the boss called me and said stay home for now, but come in later and bring your wife, I've got to tell you something. When we arrived he said sit and he stood at the desk in front of us. He said I'm sorry I can't deal with the late arrivals to work I have to let you go. That's when my wife just stood up took off her top and bra and said to my boss, if I allow you to play with my tits and I suck your cock whenever you want can he still work. So right there in front of me they made a deal that she would suck him whenever and I had to watch and accept it." So right there I stopped working and told your hubby I just have to sit down for a minute to process this. It's got me so fucking hot I can't even think straight. You had walked into the room at just that moment when I got up and my hard on was clearly visible. I turned around quick to hide it, but you saw it. I had worked my way to the table to sit and hide my hard on, hubby sat next to me and you brought some coffee over. I didn't know what to say, I knew what you did, what you had wanted. My head was down, but I was looking at your tits, cleavage visible, and I could almost see your nipples hardening. Hubby said, “honey I told him about my boss". You looked at me and just got up straddled my lap, sat, and started to unbutton your blouse. You felt my hard on and started to dry hump me. I looked at hubby and he just shrugged. You took your blouse off, and started to unhook your bra while humping me and I was returning it. You got off and started to walk away, I was watching your ass and saw you just drop your bra. I was speechless and hubby said, “come on I think she wants your cock" We walked into your bedroom and there you were lying on the bed in red panties.

Your tits were absolutely fabulous, I just walked over, dropped to the bed and took them in my hands and started to suck on your nipple. You started squirming and your hand was on my pants rubbing my cock, and you moaned and told hubby, “I want this one, go sit over there and jerk off while you watch me fuck Don." And you said to me", just wanted to show you my nice red panties, do you like?", before I could say a word you said " Take off your clothes and stick that cock in my mouth, I want it." I did so and before I could get back to the bed you jumped off the bed walked to me and pushed me down on the bed and just got right to my cock and it was in your mouth in a second. I said “I like your panties but I like them off better" And with that you stood, took them off, threw them aside got over me and squatted on my face and put my cock back in your mouth. I dove into your pussy, my god I can't believe this is happening. My cock was buried in your mouth, you were soaked but I dove in and wanted every bit of your juice. You started to grind on my face, I knew you were ready to cum so I put your clit in my mouth and sucked and my tongue went wild on it. You sat up, pussy on my face, grabbed your tits, pulling your nipples and riding my face hard when you came and flooded me with your juice.
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