That particular morning

Everyday I'd wake up around 7 am and take my morning dump, usually I'd read the newspaper sometimes I'd only have time for a quick one so it was a hastily achieved f***ed one, kind of dump that just shoots straight out which isn't fun when it's not solid as it covers the bowl like that time at my mother-in-laws when I forgot to flush after eating some bad fish.

Any who.

After my dump my wife (Gazzel) would have breakfast waiting for me at about 07:45-08:00, she'd always cook me something good like fried food with a side bowl of healthy cereal which I had the choice to eat but never did yet I'd always take a slice of brown bread which would end up in the bin by the front door.

However this particular morning, as I remember it was raining outside bit dismal that milkman with the shorter left leg was hobbling into gardens on the street swearing every-time he nearly fell over/dropped a milk bottle tbh no one knows why he had ever been hired...the milk never arrives in the bottle and if you ever talked to him he would start talking about the time he made tea for the Queen until he fell over with a tray and ruined the Queen's dress.

So yeah, this particular morning as I went to take my dump, I took seat upon the throne, kicked back with my newspaper, during mid-flow I turned to take a hand-full of toilet paper...only then did I discover that there was none.

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3 years ago
This is actually a cute short story.