Mistress Demi Part 4


I woke from a dreamless sl**p and I turned my head and looked at the clock. It read 7:48. Mistress was still fast asl**p and for a moment I thought about waking her up, it was past 7:30 after all. But then I thought about how many years I had until I collect Social Security and I decided discretion was the better part of valor and let her sl**p. I looked down at Demi and she was looking up at me smiling sl**pily.“Good decision, I could see those wheels spinning.”She motioned to the clock with her chin.“A technicality wouldn't have saved you. Don't test your mistress. Now go back to sl**p.”Mistress kissed my neck and then snuggled in closer and drifted off to sl**p as I lay next to her waiting for my heart to stop pounding in my chest. I managed to doze for a while but sl**p eluded me. I considered trying to slip out of bed but I couldn't take the chance of waking Mistress up.
Eventually Demi woke up, yawned and smiled at me and I can't help but smile back.“Good morning Mike, sl**p well?”
“Very well Mistress, it was a hell of a day yesterday.”
“Did you enjoy being my 'ass man'?”
“I think Mistress knows that I did, I thought having an orgasm in that manner was just the kind of things that you only read about. You know, it never happens to anyone you know. It is always a friend of a friend. That kind of thing. Would you like something to eat Mistress?”
“Sounds good, Do we have what we need for French Toast?”
“French toast it is Mistress. Just let me go to the little boys room and wash up and I will get right on it” She kissed me and I slid out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. Once in there I checked my wrists and they were bruised and sore but they looked better than they did last night. I found the Advil and took a couple. Mistress hobbled in as I lifted the seat so I could relieve myself. I stopped and started to put the seat down.”I am sorry Mistress, I can use my bathroom.”
“Go ahead, don't let me stop you. Actually let me give you a hand. I always wanted to pee standing up.” I don't know why but I started to turn red and I got shy as Mistress slid next to me. I put my arm around her and she grabbed hold of my cock firmly. She saw me blushing and laughed.”You are so cute when you blush. It just wants me want to corrupt you more.” Which of course made me turn even redder.
“Can you loosen your grip a little Mistress?” I am trying to not look at her or think about her pressed against me. She loosened her grip and after a false start I was able to go, much to her fascination and delight.
When I am finished she asked,”I need to give it a shake right?”
“Yes Mistress, but the rule is more than a couple shakes and it is masturbation.”Mercifully she only gave it a couple of shakes and then let me wash up and make breakfast.
After breakfast she she let me massage and pamper her feet and paint her toenails as she talked on the phone to her friends and team.“In your role as my sober companion do you accompany everywhere? I want to have a girl's night with my friends. Do you go with me or do you stay in the car?”
“I go everywhere you go. I don't want to intrude on your fun but I would have to go with you and go inside with you. We are still to early on for anything else.”
It makes sense. If I have them here can you stay in the bedroom?”
“As long as they don't bring any liquor or d**gs into your house I think that can work.” I blew on her toes softly to help them dry as she and her friends texted back and forth and set a date and what they were going to do.
She put down her phone and she watched me for a bit. “Come up here and let me see your wrists.”I let go of her feet and sat next to her on the couch. She took care as she inspected them.”How do they feel today?”
“A little sore but other than that they are fine Mistress.” She gave them each a kiss to help make them better then wrapped them back up for me.
Still holding my hands she asked “Do you think we need a safe word?”
“No Mistress.” I said without hesitation.
“Why don't you think we should have a safe word”
“To me it is very simple Mistress. I trust you. When I told you I felt a little out of control, you told me that I gave up that control to you and if you give me a safe word you are giving me back control of any situation.” I kissed her wrists lightly.”I am yours. No exceptions”
Demi climbed on my lap and kissed me long and hard holding my face in her hand.”You are such a good boy, It turns me on so much hearing you talk like that. I hope you are ready for more training.”
“Always Mistress. Just please tell me we are not still at a two.”She laughed as I stood up. Wrapping her legs around my waist and I grabbed her ass as I carried her back to her bedroom.
She nibbled and whispered in my ear.”Maybe two and a half, but don't worry in a little while we will be at a three.” We made our way to the bedroom, I set her on the edge of the bed as I knelt between her legs and she kissed me deep and long. I was breathless as she broke the kiss. Mistress was my Sun and stars. I undressed her, smiling as I thought about how many times I had dressed and undressed Mistress in the last few days. I started to undress but she stopped me with a word. “Not yet. Go into my closet and bring the shoe box with a red 'X' on it.” I found the box on the top shelf and I was surprised by the weight of it. No normal shoes in here. I brought it to her and she put it on her lap and told me to kneel.“Are you curious what is in the box and what it has to do with your training?”
“Yes Mistress, very much so.”
She placed her hands on the top of the box and I could see she was watching me as she slowly slid the top off the box.”Tell me what you see.”
My heart was racing and I was having trouble speaking as I looked at what was in the box. I know what it is and I know how Mistress was going to train me.”It's...it's a.... a strap on Mistress”
Mistress laughs throatily.”Is my dirty boy blushing again?!? You are precious. I could eat you up!” She caressed my cheek to take the sting out of her words.“Now help me put it on so the fun can begin.”I helped her put it on. My fingers trembled as I tightened the straps.“Now you can strip for me.” I took off my clothes slowly as Mistress sat back and with some lube she had in the box she stroked her cock. It was blue and to me it looked about the same size as a fire hydrant. Although in reality it was not much more than six inches. Still stroking.”Have you ever done this before?”
”No Mistress.”
“Tell me what you are feeling.”
“I hardly know where to start Mistress. I am nervous, scared, a little excited and determined.”
“Explain to me why you are feeling each of these things.”
“I am nervous Mistress because I have never done anything like this before. Like almost everything else recently” I smiled ruefully.”I know I shouldn't be and that makes me more nervous that I will disappoint you. I am scared of what it will feel like and being 100% honest I am a little scared I might like it. I see you smiling and I get excited seeing you happy and making you happy. I am determined to go through with this to prove myself worthy of having a Mistress like you.”
Mistress looked at me thoughtfully.”You keep trying to compare what we are doing to 'normal' events and traditions and this is why you are feeling so conflicted. If you just think of me and making me happy this would all be so easy.”She poked me lightly in my forehead.”Your big brain is getting in the way. I know you are eager to please me and from the last couple of days you have shown me you trust me. Once you let all the other bullshit go, you will look forward to finding out what is in box and get to a 10. And if I know my dirty boy, you will be coming up with things to go to 11 and beyond to make me happy”
I thought about what Mistress was saying and as always, she was right. I kept comparing all of this to my former experiences, or lack of there of. I looked up at my Mistress and I thought about what was my greatest desire. Mistress. Mistress was my greatest desire. Making her laugh, making her smile, making her proud of me and most of all making her happy. So if Mistress wants to strap one on and fuck me, I will be an eager dirty boy. The dirtiest boy she ever had. I Looked up at my Mistress, I got on all fours and I licked her 'cock' from the base to the tip. Kissing the tip and smiling at her.
“There is my dirty boy.” and she leaned back on her elbows and watched as I pleased her cock. I was not skilled but I was eager. Swirling my tongue around the tip, working my hungry mouth down her cock more and more getting it nice and slick for my Mistress. In my eagerness I gagged on it a few times and my struggles pleased my Mistress because it didn't deter me for a moment.“That is enough, Mistress wants you to take a ride on it now”
“Yes Mistress!” I leaped to obey. I awkwardly straddled her and guided her cock to my virgin hole. I tried to impale myself on it like I had seen done in pornos. I winced my breath caught as the pain exploded in me and I didn't even manage to get it in.
“Slow down dirty boy, you are going to hurt yourself again. Take a breath. Relax and let it in slowly. Feel your ass surrender to my cock as you surrendered to me.” I did as I was told and after a few moments of pressure I felt myself opening up and Mistress slid inside me. She put her hands on my hips and had me hold her inside me, grabbing me by the back of the head she pulled me down into a long aggressive kiss. Her eyes are alive and she was proud and happy.“Who took your virginity?”
“Mistress took my virginity.”At her urging I began to ride her, slowly at first, getting used to having her inside me so intimately.
She was grinning as she saw my cock had become stiff. She encouraged me to go faster and I obeyed. She stroked my cock roughly. “Your Mistress wants more. I am going to fuck you. Now get on all fours. Your knees just on the edge of the bed.”
I scrambled off of her cock and assumed the position. I had to hunker down a bit so Mistress could take me easier. I felt her hand on my hip as she used the other to guide her cock into my ass. After a few slow strokes Mistress put both hands on my hips and did exactly what she said she was going to do. She fucked me. I am covered in sweat as Mistress practically launched herself forward again and again. My sex was engorged and painful in its hardness. She reached around and slapped it hard a few times.“My dirty boy is a natural, What do you love more? Your mistress or her cock.”
I was gasping for breath as she was relentlessly pegging me.”My Mistress!”
She slowed.”Let's find out.” She stroked me a few times and I almost shot my load.“I know my dirty boy can cum with something inside him. And judging by your moans and grunts of pleasure I would say you are close again. But I don't want you to cum. You must prove to me you love me more than you love my cock.”To emphasize her point she thrust hard a few times making me groan. I tried to control my surging hormones and not cum. Mistress was not going to make it easy on me and she put it to me hard and deep. I tried to take myself out of the situation and only think about making Mistress happy. I vowed to not disappoint her. My cock was still painfully hard and leaking a copious amount of precum as she drilled me deep with her cock. I could feel her fingers digging into my hips as she tried to damage my calm. After an eternity Mistress stopped her assault. Out of breath and dripping sweat I felt her hands caressing me tenderly.”Mistress is very proud of you. I didn't think you stood a chance.”
“Mistress gave me an order, and I obeyed”
“And for that you will be rewarded. You may cum now if you can, but you will not touch your cock to do so.” Mistress started to fuck me again and almost immediately I was pushing back against her as she thrust forward, eager to cum. My cock was so hard I could hammer nails through a board with it. Sensing I was close Mistress pulled all the way out and laughed happily as I whimpered in frustration. My cock was throbbing and bobbing untouched and oh so close to sweet release. She waited until my cock had calmed and then she slid her cock back in and brought me to the brink again and again her pauses getting closer and closer together because it took less and less to bring me to the edge. Finally Mistress took mercy on me and she fucked my load our of me.
“Mistressssss” I managed to croak as I came. I may or may not have passed out. One thing is for sure I definitely lost some time. When I finally became aware of my surroundings again I was laying face down on the bed panting as Mistress caressed me. Very satisfied with herself and her power. “Lay on your back and thank your Mistress for taking your virginity.” Still breathless I obeyed. She practically jumped onto my face, her passion was upon her. She was not moist or glistening or even a little wet. Mistress was soaking wet. I ran my tongue up her nether lips and found her fleshy nodule. I licked and massaged it with my tongue, her cock laying on my face, and she orgasmed in mere moments. Gripping my hair and trying to pull me even tighter against her as she exploded. Mistress came with an intensity I could feel to my core. Eventually her passions subsided and she lay on the bed. She pulled me up to lay next to her. She wrapped her arm around me again and we lay there in a state of bliss.
“Help Mistress take this off.” I took her cock off and she instructed me on how to clean it. When I was done she had me put it back in the box and return it to its place in her closet. “What is for dinner? Training my dirty boy has made me very hungry.”
Walking gingerly I helped her into her robe and I carried her to the living room and her piano. I got her a water and I made us dinner. While it was cooking I changed the sheets and put the stained ones in the laundry. I set the table and finished dinner. “Dinner is ready when you are Mistress.”
“I am ready.”I set her down at the table and I served dinner. My first attempt at sitting did not go well and mistress laughed.”Do you need one of those inflatable donuts? Was I too hard on you today? You just got me so worked up and you were so eager, I fear I lost control for a while there”
I sat down slower and by keeping my weight to one side and I was able to sit gingerly.”I will be fine Mistress. You could never be too hard on me.”
“My dirty boy is such a sweet talker.”We finished dinner and then we watched some TV. My head in her lap. I was sore but happy Mistress was pleased with my training.“What number do you think we are at now?
“It doesn't matter to me anymore if we are at a 1 or a 10. If you are happy then I am happy.”
She stroked my hair affectionately.”Mine.”She turned off the TV, we showered and I got her ready for bed. I set the alarm and got into bed with Mistress and she assumed her usual position of wrapping her self around me possessively and I fell asl**p almost immediately safe and happy under her protection.

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10 months ago
Perfect! Such a great strapon scene!