Mistress Demi Part 2

3. “Mine”

After situating Mistress on the couch I started to get up to prepare dinner when Mistress stopped me. “Not so fast there Mister Anything. I have other things in mind that will keep us both busy. Let's start with something basic. You are going to give me a foot massage.”
“Yes Mistress Demi.” I take off her shoe, her brace and her socks. And I run my hands up and down her calves taking extra care with her bad ankle. Then I move to her feet, they are dainty and small in my hands. I start by massaging the soles working my thumbs in small circles from the heel to the toes. I am rewarded for my efforts by a happy sigh from my mistress. She takes the foot I am not massaging and she starts rubbing it in crotch and now I am the one that is sighing happily. Taking my cue from Mistress I start to pamper her pretty toes with my mouth. Softly kissing each toe and then sucking on them one at a time, making sure I kiss and suck each one. Twice. Her feet are also working their magic on me and I am f***ed to shift a few times try to ease the pressure of my jeans on my raging hard on. I expand my pampering to the rest of her pretty feet.
“Can you suck on all of them at once, my dirty boy?” Instead of replying I open wide and take them in my mouth and suck on them and humming a happy tune. Mistress Demi gives me a throaty laugh and wiggles her toes. “Do you like making me feel good?
I reluctantly take her toes out of my mouth,“Yes Mistress, I want to pamper you from your toes to your nose and every inch in between.” To emphasize my point I give her toes another loving kiss.
“When my ankle is healed we will have to explore this further but for now I think it is time to retire to my bedroom.” Grinning from ear to ear I resist the urge to scoop her up and run to her bedroom. Instead I take care not to bang her ankle and I gently deposit her on her bed. “Now my dirty boy, YOU are going to strip for ME.” and she reaches over to her iPod dock and hits play. I take a deep breath and I proceed to strip down until I am naked. Mistress is kind and does her best not to laugh. Whooping it up and giving me advice. When the song ends she tells motions me over and she murmurs “Good boy” and rewards me with a long kiss. When we finish she whispers in my ear. “You may resume your pampering.”
I smile, give her a kiss on her cute little nose and I undress her taking my time and kissing each area of tantalizing skin I reveal until she is as naked as me. I guide her onto her stomach and then make a quick dash to bathroom to get the bottle of baby oil I saw earlier this morning. I straddle Demi's thighs, pour a little lotion on my hands and then proceed to massage her, starting with the small of her back I slide my thumbs up the line of her spine until I reach the base of her neck then I use my palms to go across her shoulders then every so lightly I trail my fingers down her sides. My hard cock rubbing up the crack of her beautiful ass when I reach to get to her shoulders. Demi sighs happily and I feel the tension drain out of her. I gently spread her legs so I am now kneeling between them down by her feet and with some more baby oil I proceed to work on her hamstrings, inner thighs and her hypnotic ass. I am breathing heavily as I stare down at her tight hole and her glistening pussy. When I look up I see my Mistress looking back at me over her shoulder.
“Are you an ass man Mike?”
“I am Mistress Demi's man.”
“My dirty boy learns quick. Proceed.” I smile, then I lick and kiss my way up the back of her thighs, one cheek then the other. Then back down the other side. Moaning as I smell her musk, my cock throbbing and leaking precum as the touch and taste of my Mistress is driving me wild. Mistress is looking at me again and she has that mischievous smile I enjoy seeing.”You missed a spot.”
I smile. “My apologies Mistress, I will remedy that immediately,” sliding my thumb between her cheeks I spread them and I kiss her pucker. Licking, kissing, and probing it with my eager tongue. Demi pushes back against my mouth and groans in pleasure. I pamper her bottom with even more fervor. I raise her hips just enough to slide my hand under her pussy palm up and using my thumb I work her clit. Her toes curl and she bites the pillow as she grinds against me.
“Don't you fucking stop.” she manages to get out between gasps and moans of pleasure. I pull her up on to all fours and I rub her more intensely. I push my tongue in deeper and I wriggle it around I succeed in pushing her over the edge. Her legs shake, her arms give out and her juices run down her inner thighs and soak my hand as I keep it up through it all. She bites her lower lip as she orgasms and I fight to keep my tongue inside her as it quivers and contracts. Mistress slowly lays back on her belly, her dark hair plastered to her face and I kiss my way up her back and I nuzzle her neck and kiss it softly. “Seems like you have earned another reward my very very good boy. You may use my ass for your pleasure”
My eyes light up and I kiss her again, deeper this time. I get behind her and I take her hips in my hand and I start to pull her back up onto all fours.”No no no dirty boy. I said my ass, not my hole” and reluctantly I let her go and I am stymied for a moment before the light bulb goes on and I straddle her thighs again. I am so hard it hurts after a night of tending to her needs. I am desperate for release so I slide my cock between her oiled and warm cheeks. It feels sensational as I press them tighter around my cock and I hump them like an oversexed teenager. In no time I am panting. I am getting closer and closer to cumming when I hear my Mistress say. “If you make a mess, you will have to clean it up.”
“Yes Mistresssss!” I grunt and with a last few thrusts I cum for her. Spilling my hot seed between her cheeks and on her lower back. I lay down next to her as I catch my breath and she watches me smiling. I smile back “Thank you, thank you, thank you”
She ruffled my hair and with a glance toward her back she tells me,”you better clean it up before it dries.” I nod and I get up to get a towel. “Silly boy, that is not how you are going to clean it up.” I must of looked confused be she laughs and spells it out for me.”You are going to use that talented tongue of yours to clean me up.” I can only guess what my expression was but she sure found it enjoyable for a moment, then she raised an eyebrow. “Don't make me tell you twice.”
This was it. This was the first test of my vow. Up to now it had been fun and games. Was I hers or was I just playing. I was hers. “Yes Mistress” and I cleaned up my cum with an eagerness that surprised both me and my Mistress. When I finished I laid down next to her on my back staring at the ceiling.
Demi propped herself up on an elbow and she turns my face to hers and she kissed me long and tenderly. She slid her thumb across my chin wiping off a little I missed and she utters one word that means the world to me.”Mine.” Possessively she d****d herself on top of me and we fell asl**p with her head on my chest.
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10 months ago
This story is incredible. So many fetishes of mine are here. Feet and cum eating most importantly. The massage was so well described i could almost feel my hands on Mistress Demi's juicy backside. It's especially hot to keep some pics of Miss Demi up as i read along.
1 year ago
just superb, i like the way he is being drawn in and doesn't really know into what :)