Mistress Demi

Here are the first 2 chapters. I will post more chapters of this fantasy. As of now it is a dozen chapters and close to 40,000 words. I hope people enjoy it.

I pulled up to the address of my new job. I was happy to see it was a nice place in a nice neighborhood. Being a sober companion I have stayed in a lot of sketchy places and a few downright dumps. I grabbed my bags and headed to the front door. I hit the buzzer and after a few moments I hear a young woman's voice. "Who is it?"
"Hi, Ms Lovato? I'm Mike, your new sober companion"
"Come right in, I am in my room, put your bags down and come in and say hi."
I grab the door knob and turn, I walk in and put my drop bags and follow the sounds of a TV to her room. The door is open and I knock on the frame "Ms. Lovato?"
She waves me in and she extends a hand from her bed. Demi is dressed in a long night shirt that comes just past her mid thigh. Her injured leg is propped up on some pillows, giving me a great view of her legs."Excuse me for not getting up." Her smile is dazzling. I shake her hand and take a seat in the chair offered to me by the side of the bed.
"Like I said, I am Mike and I am your new sober companion. They said you had a few challenges and needed some extra help. Not only am I here to help you stay sober but I am also here to take care of you while you are laid up. I am a full service sober companion Ms. Lovato.” I feel a need to try and make her smile again. So I try my hand at some witty banter. “I am a real go getter. You tell what you want, and I go get it." I fail.
"Call me Demi" She smiles and laughs at my clumsy attempt at humor and it puts me at ease. We spend the next ten minutes talking about her care, dietary needs and other odds and ends.
"Demi. I will take care of you and all your needs to the best of my abilities for as long as you need me. I do have one thing that I want to say before I get started. In my experience I have found that this works best if we are completely honest with each other. That means no lying, no truth by omissions, no half truths. 100% truth. Deal?"
She thinks about it for a minute, "100% honesty and you are going to take care of All my needs? Anything?"
"Anything, yes."
She extends her hand once more with a bit of an odd grin on her face and we shake on it."Then we have a deal"
I get up out of the chair and I hand her my card with my cell number. "Since you are laid up, here is my cell number. Just text or call me with anything you need or want. Now if you will just let me know where my room is I can get unpacked and I will make us some lunch"
"Lunch sounds great. You are right next door to me" and she taps the wall behind her. "Can you come get me when lunch is ready? I would like to eat in the dining room. I am getting a little stir crazy in here."
"As you wish." I smile and I put my bags in my new room and prepare us lunch. While it is cooking I have a look around. When the food is ready I come into her room and let her know. "Lunch is ready, you want me to get your crutches?"
Smiling playfully she tells me "I won't be needing them. You can carry me to the table. I recall you saying you are a full service sober companion and that you will do and I quote. Anything.” She grins and laughs at her joke. and then points to where her crutches are.
I find myself grinning back at her. I like that she is playful but I am not going to let her get the best of me so soon."As you wish." Is my only reply, and imagine her surprise when I slid my hands under her, lifted her up in my arms and carried her to the table. She is not tall and she fits nicely in my arms. She blushes at the absurdity of the situation as I set her down carefully at the table in front of her meal.
A little breathless she says"A girl could get used to this." We eat our lunch, making small talk about nothing in particular and getting to know each other when she steers the conversation back to our deal."So I guess you were serious when you said anything. Huh?"
“Of course, a deal is a deal”
I get up, clear the plates and ask her if she wants to go back to her room"It looks like it is a nice day out, and since my crutches are in another room I guess I will have to impose on you to help me out there"
I have only known her a couple of hours and yet I find myself wanting to make her smile as often as I can."My pleasure Demi." I scoop her up again and she wraps her arms around my neck as we go outside. I get her settled her in her lounge chair, I grab her a Diet Coke and a magazine and tell her to text me if she needs anything. I unpack my things and make a list of things we need from the store and clear the dishes. I get a text from her that she wants to come in. I go outside and she smiles and holds out her arms and wraps them around my neck as I we make our way back to her bedroom.
"This girl could definitely get used to this" and she rests her head on my chest as I bring her back to her bedroom. "I am going to take a shower and put on something other than my PJ’s." and she gets her crutches and starts to make her way to her bathroom.
"Just give a holler if you need anything."
I go back to the living room and watch some television and check my messages. About a half an hour later I hear a "Holler" coming from Demi's room and I get up and see what she needs. She is freshly showered, and beautiful. She is in a big white terry robe as I come in. She bats her big brown eyes at me and holds out her hairbrush."Will you brush my hair for me?" I can see she is testing to see where the ANYTHING line actually is. Will I balk at brushing her hair? Will I do it grudgingly? Will I just take it in stride? I do the latter and taking the brush, I sit behind her smiling as I brush her hair. Taking my time, gently working out any tangles. She catches my eye in the mirror and smiles at me. I smile back and she purrs to herself "Definitely going to get use to this"
When her hair shimmers in the light I ask her "good?" She nods and smiles. "I have a question for you Demi, how did you hurt you ankle? I know the media said you slipped on a waxed floor. But I want to hear the whole story. From you."
Her smile falters and she looks at me for a few moments. "The 100% truth? My companion caught me using. She took it from me and I chased her trying to get it back. I slipped on the floor and hurt my ankle trying to get it back from her. I was feeling insecure because the media had been bashing me, saying I did a bad job I did X Factor and I had a moment of weakness. It is not an excuse, only the reason. I haven't used since that night. I had already had a difficult relationship with my last companion and that was the last straw and she left. So now here we are."
I take her hand."Thank you for telling me that. You are a strong and beautiful woman. You are amazing. And by the time I leave you will see that as well." I let her hand go. "Dinner will be ready soon, I will let you know when it's ready."
Smiling, she puts up a finger"You mean you will come and GET me, don't you?"
I smile and nod"As you wish." When I come in to GET her for dinner she is wearing a simple sundress and just a touch of lipstick accentuating her plump and inviting lips and a little blush. "Shall we?" she nods and I pick her up. I can smell her perfume, flowery but not overpowering in the least bit. I am acutely aware of her body pressed into mine. I tell her a little hoarsely"You look great" and we squeeze through the door and carry her to the table.
"Thanks" and when I look down at her she has that mischievous smile on her face again."What's that smile for?"
She shrugs and grins"Nothing"
I stop and look down at her with a smile of my own "Remember the deal Demi, 100% honesty" I set her gently into the chair and I prop her leg up for her, feeling how smooth it is to my touch.
"I was just thinking about the ANYTHING we talked about earlier and what that might entail. If you talk to my last sober companion she will probably tell you I was very demanding of her. If she used the words when she quit she would have told you I am a controlling bitch. So you might want to reconsider our deal. And I am afraid with my injury I am going to be even more of a handful than I was with her."
I get down on one knee so I am at eye level with her and I look at her"Anything as laid out in the dictionary means: any thing whatever; something, no matter what. That is how I mean it. I am not your last companion." and I run a hand tenderly down her cheek and stand up "Now let's eat." I serve our dinner. We eat in relative silence making more small talk. When we finish I carry her into the living room and hand her the remote. I finish cleaning up the dishes I join her and we watch a couple of movies on cable. My eyes keep drifting back to Demi and her body. I think she might have caught me
staring a few times but she doesn't say anything. after she stifles her third yawn I ask her"You ready to go back to bed?
Demi smiles and when I pick her up again she nuzzles in close and whispers "You may come to regret your pledge Mike"
I whisper back "Not today, Demi"
When we get to her room she asks"Grab me a nightshirt and a fresh pair of panties and help me get ready for bed" I get a nightshirt and a soft pair of cotton panties out of her dresser and place them on the bed for her and I turn to go."Ahem. I said HELP me get ready"
"Of course Demi." I turn and I undo a few of the buttons on her dress my fingers suddenly clumsy so close to her. With shaking hands I lift it up and over her head and I audibly groan when I look down at her. She is naked, her nipples hardening in the cooler night air. She is completely shaved and her hips flare enticingly as my cock gets rock hard in my jeans. I take her dress and hang it up in the closet hoping it will give me time to compose myself but her naked body and knowing smile are etched into my brain. I try to be as businesslike as I can as I help her into her panties, the touch of her fingers sends shivers down my spine as she uses my shoulders to steady herself. She slowly steps into them and my cock gets even harder as my hands slide across her thick and perfect ass. I am practically panting as I help her finish getting ready for bed. Somehow I manage to finish dressing her without making a mess in my all too tight jeans. I pick her up one final time and her smile gets even bigger when she feels my hard on pressing into her.
"You better get some rest Mike, tomorrow is going to be a busy day"
I think I told her to sl**p well but I am not sure, all the bl**d has rushed to my cock and I keep seeing her naked body as I shut her door behind me. I am so flustered that I take a few steps away from my bedroom before I realize it. I close my door and I undress and slide into bed, relieved my hard on is free and I start to stroke it furiously to the images of Demi naked, the feel of her smooth skin, the whiff I caught of her shaved kitty but most of all the feel of her glorious and juicy ass. I would like to tell you I stroked for hours and that I have the staying power of a porn star but that would be a lie. In a few minutes I was stifling my moans and shooting my load onto my chest. After catching my breath I cleaned myself up and just as was about to drift off to sl**p my phone rings. It's Demi. I pick up and
before I can say hello she says "I know what you are doing." and she hangs up. My heart is in my throat and all thoughts of a good nights rest are gone with 6 little words.

2. Paying the Piper

I tossed and turned most of the night thinking about the call but eventually I drifted off to a fitful sl**p. The sun was barely up when my phone buzzed again. Demi. "Come and see me. Now." I rubbed the sl**p from my eyes, tossed on a pair of shorts and a t shirt and went to see her like man heading to the gallows
I knocked on Demi's door once before I enter and find her propped up in bed waiting for me."I see you got my call. Did you get the one last night as well?"
I blush scarlet "Yes."
"I guess I should have warned you these walls are very thin. So tell me what were you thinking about when you were jerking off in the next room?"
I take a deep breath and I tell her"I was thinking about you"
Demi smirks and pats the bed next to her"I didn't ask who, I was able to crack that riddle last night when you were helping me get ready for bed and you poked me with your hard on when you picked me up. What I asked you was WHAT you were thinking about when you were making a mess in your bed"
I sit next to her as directed and still blushing I told her the truth"I was jerking off to thoughts of your naked body and your glorious ass. Like I told you yesterday I think you a Beautiful woman and seeing you naked and being so close to you and helping you dress was too much for me. It was very unprofessional of me and I will call my boss and make sure he gets someone over here immediately to take my place" I get up to leave but she takes my hand says
“Sit. I am flattered you felt the uncontrollable need to do that, but this is my house and You aren't going to waste your cum like that without my permission. Are we clear? Chances are the agency is not going to send me anyone else that is going to do ANYTHING like someone in this room has pledged. So no more jerking off in my house unless I tell you it is okay. Agreed?"
I am still a little confused and surprised I am not fired but I manage to to answer her"agreed"
"No Mike, that is not good enough. I need you to say it. tell me what we just agreed on."
I turn a shade of red that I didn't think was possible but I am able to find my words "I will not jerk off in your house unless you tell me it is okay."
"Good boy, now I am going to get ready, I have an NA meeting this morning and then some meetings with my agent and a physical therapy session. Now go get ready and then pull the car up front and come and get me. I hurry out of there and I shower, shave, get dressed and get the car. All the while wondering what I have gotten myself into. I come back and Demi is waiting for me with her crutches next to the bed. she holds out her arms and smiles"I told you I could get use to this" I smile, relaxing for the first time since the call last night. I lift her up and carry her out to the car and then return to get her crutches and we go on about the day. Nothing out of the ordinary happens and I am treated as part of the furniture. There, but not really.
We get back to her house in the late afternoon I carry her into her room and as I get ready to depart she says"Not so fast, I want to take a shower. Be a dear and turn the shower on and then help me get undressed." I nod and go turn on the shower, vowing to be more professional than yesterday. I carry her into the bathroom and I undress Demi and just as quickly as yesterday my body betrays me and I am rock hard by the time she is undressed and standing proudly naked in front of me. I offer her my
hand so she can get into the shower and sit on the bench under the hot water. I am trying hard not to look at her nude body and failing miserably. I see Demi is smiling ear to ear when she catches me staring, enjoying my discomfort immensely.
I close the shower door and just as I get to the door"Mike, that physical therapy really wiped me out, I need you to wash me" I was about to protest when she uttered the one word that will stop any argument. "Anything." I gather all of my willpower and I open the door. She looks stunning as the hot water cascades off of her body. Making her skin sparkle as the afternoon sun hits it. I swallow hard and start to get in fully clothed"No no. Strip" I try to take deep calming breaths but the sight of her naked and smiling makes the exercise futile and I undress and step into the shower rock hard. She hands me the soap and she has a calculating look in her eyes. I am about to ask her what she is thinking but I decide I am a little afraid of what her answer might be. She stands, putting most of her weight on her good leg and turns away from me and tells me to start with her back. Careful not to rub up against her with my hard on I wash her back, wishing the circumstances were different. Biting my lip to stifle a groan when she says"Lower." She is very short and I have to get on my knees to wash her ass. My cock is throbbing and I am getting lightheaded from the effort it takes not to bury my face in her ass. When I look up I see she is looking over her shoulder at me and smiling.
"Enjoying the view?" and she bounces a little that makes her bottom jiggle. I am dizzy and disoriented as she teases me relentlessly. She makes me wash every inch of her nubile body. sitting on her bench as I wash her perfectly manicured feet and a few times her foot “accidentally” brushes against my tortured and rigid cock. The last time it makes me drop the soap I am so flustered. All of this much to her delight. Mercifully she decides she is sufficiently clean and I help her out of the shower and she has me towel her off and help her on with her robe. She watches as I dry myself off and as I bend to grab my clothes, she stops me."Not yet. Bring me to my bed." I lift her up gingerly. Desperately trying to keep her from bumping into my hard on. But she has other ideas and wriggles against my erection, making me groan and my legs get weak and I almost drop her.
"Everything OK? she asks me looking up at me with her big brown eyes and batting them innocently. I manage to get her to her bed without dropping her and as I lay her down she takes me by the back of my head and kisses me long and deep. She finally releases me and I am breathless as she pulls me into her bed and we make out passionately, my hands sliding inside her robe and roaming her body. Caressing her small but firm breasts and sliding down her tummy until I am sliding a finger
up and down her slit. Thinking it is finally my turn to tease her. Her body responds and she moans into my mouth as she gets wet. Her delicate hands finding my painfully hard cock that she has teased so cruelly and she starts to stroke me. In no time I am panting and thrusting into her hand as she has me on the verge of exploding already. Sensing I am close she lets go and whispers in my ear"Not yet."
I smile sheepishly and I kiss her neck then slowly work my way down until my mouth has latched onto her stiff nipple. I tease it with my tongue and I suck on one hard nipple then the other. Alternating between teasing them and pleasing them as I slide two fingers into her slick pussy and I am rewarded for my efforts with a gasp of pleasure. Her fingers grabbing my hair she starts to push me not too gently to her glistening kitty. I lap and lick her pussy eagerly. Pulling out every trick I know and have ever heard of to get Demi off. I feel her body tense and with a final moan her thighs clamp around my head, her back arches and she rides the wave of her passions. I do my best to lap up all of her juices as she writhes and moans, my head still trapped between her thighs. Her orgasm finally subsides and she relaxes her thighs. She lays spent breathing heavily and staring unseeing at the ceiling lost in her own world.
She pulls herself together and smiles at me."Very good boy, someone has earned a reward" and she ruffles my hair as I smile up at her."Now tell me again what you were jerking off to last night?"
With much less embarrassment I tell her. "I jerked off to thoughts of your naked body and glorious ass. and may I say the reality has far exceeded my fevered imagination." I give her pussy a long kiss and with a last happy sigh she maneuvers me onto my back and she proceeds to plop her thick bottom right on to my face reverse cowgirl and smothers me with it in the best possible way.
"Take care of it like you did my pussy Mike." I oblige her happily and I run my tongue around the edge and push it in and out. devouring her starfish. She moans and grinds harder as she grabs my cock and pumps it vigorously making me groan and grunt like an a****l as her talented fingers and musky hole drive me crazy. My balls tighten and she really puts all her weight on my face, effectively muffling my grunts."Cum for me dirty boy!" I am powerless to do anything but obey and I grab her delicious thighs and pull her onto my face even further as I buck my hips and empty my balls for Demi. after my breathing returns to normal she gives me a final bounce with her ass and slides off and then lays next to me, her head on my chest and an arm thrown over me. Looking up at me sl**pily she smiles and murmurs"You are mine now dirty boy, aren't you?"
"Yes Demi" and she pinches my nipple and gives it a little twist, not too hard, just enough to show me she means business. She asks me again. As I feel her fingers start to tighten I amend my answer"Yes Mistress Demi" She smiles and kisses me lightly.
"Regretting your pledge yet dirty boy?"
"Not for a second" and when I see the steel in her eyes I hastily add "Mistress Demi." She puts her injured ankle across me gingerly and with a possessive hug she tells me to go to sl**p."I have more dirty plans for you tomorrow.
I kiss the top of her head"Yes Mistress Demi" and she rewards me with a sl**py smile as she drifts off to sl**p. I wake up hours later, the sun still an hour or so from rising. Demi is still d****d over me and I watch her sl**p, captivated by her beauty. As carefully as I can I slide out from under her and I tip toe to the bathroom to clean up, Demi's juices and my own load dried on my face and chest. As I am washing up I start to think about what happened over the last couple of days. What had I gotten myself into? On the one hand I had had steamy sex with an intoxicating and beautiful woman. On the other, this same woman had me calling her mistress and seemed to revel in her control. Was she just role playing with me and when she woke up she would be Demi again? Was she just trying to exert control over something. I was familiar with her issues and eating disorders and the lack of control that haunted her. I picked my clothes up off the bathroom floor and get dressed and decide it was all just foreplay and all in good fun. Naive, maybe but when I went back into the bedroom I and saw her sl**ping so peacefully I felt my decision was right.
I left her sl**ping and I went back to my room and got dressed for the day. Remembering she had more physical therapy first thing before her NA meeting I decided to make her breakfast in bed. Knowing it was important for her recovery to eat three meals a day. I bring her breakfast in on a tray and set it on a chair as I gently wake Demi up. “Time to get up sl**pyhead, people to see, things to do” she opens her eyes and rolls onto her back, stretching and giving me a lopsided smile. I help prop her up and I place her breakfast tray on her lap. “I have to clean up and put in a grocery order so we have enough to eat this weekend. Is there anything you want in particular, Demi?” She stops chewing and just looks at me and raises her eyebrows. Waiting. I am flustered and I look at her trying to determine if she is serious. I feel a knot in my stomach when I realize she is completely serious. “Is there anything you want from the store, Mistress Demi?”
She holds up a finger for me to wait as she finishes what she was chewing,”I trust your judgment. Now kneel down so I don't have to look up at you while we have a serious discussion.” I kneel down still unsure of what is going on. “I can see you are still unsure of what has happened. You. Are. Mine. From this moment on, you belong to me. Out in public we will be completely professional. A charade for the 'real world'. But in here, when we are alone, I own you. Now since I want to be sure there are no misunderstandings, I want you to tell me exactly what our situation is.” and she sits on the edge of the bed putting me between her legs and she lifts my chin and waits for me to reply.
My head was spinning. All of this is moving too fast for me. Yet here I am, on my knees in front of a beautiful woman and she was telling me that she owns me. She is intoxicating and I wanted her on a primal level. I jumped at the chance to carry her and make her smile. Would this really be that different? Demi waited patiently as I thought about this and a million other things at once. We had promised each other that we would be 100% honest with each other. Looking up her it all became clear to me. In my profession, addicts often speak of a moment of clarity, an epiphany if you will, and kneeling there in front of Demi I had mine. I smiled to myself and I suddenly felt like I was free of a burden I had never known I was carrying. “I am yours Mistress Demi. You own me. I. Am. Yours.”
My Mistress smiles down at me and I beam back up at her. She kisses me deeply “Good boy. Now go clean the dishes then come back and help me dress.”
“Yes Mistress Demi” I take her tray as she gets herself to the bathroom and I hurry to do the dishes so I can get back by her side. When I get back she is back on the bed with her clothes picked out and I dress her without prompting and she smiles at me and nods. I am rock hard the entire time but now that I am hers it doesn't matter.
“Good news Mike, it's Friday and I don't have any commitments until Monday afternoon. That gives me all weekend to train my dirty boy and put your anything vow to the test.” We go on about her day. Physical therapy, NA meeting, press and then to the recording studio. The day could not go by fast enough. Constantly checking my watch and every clock I pass. Counting the minutes until we got home. On they way home we made small talk and I found myself driving faster than normal. Mistress notices that I am speeding and she smiles.”Looks like someone is eager to begin their training.”
“Yes Mistress” and I drove even faster.
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10 months ago
This is an amazingly written story with a lot of great ideas! I really love it since it pretty much brings together what i like the most: Celebs and Female Domination. Thanks for sharing it!
1 year ago
Glad you like it so far. If you want the rest of it send me a message and we can figure out a way to get it to you
1 year ago
a great story so far, especially as my name is mike :) all i need now is a Mistress Demi
1 year ago
interesting. id like to see where it goes