Sexual Adventures of my own!

So, this is the first time of writing one, and it's gonna be a little short, as the only interesting part is the finish. To me anyway ;)

So a couple of nights ago, my GF and I had taken a night out, went for a few drinks, and some food. After these drinks we were both feeling particularly horny, so we headed back home.

We had got back in to the apartment block and it wasn't long before she had my cock out and was sucking it in the lift on the way up to hers. We had to stop, as the doors opened on her floor and she couldn't contain herself and had to get it out again and suck it some more in the hall way to hers. By this point, I have my hand down her pants and can feel how wet she is as I tease away at her clit.

I was gagging, so I pulled her trousers down and started fucking her in the hallway outside of hers, the thrill of getting caught almost had me cummming right there and then. But we stopped and headed in to hers, and before the door had shut, our clothes were off and we were passionately kissing.

Heading the bedroom, we pulled out her toy box, out came the anal beads and two vibrators. I head down on her, sucking on her clit and fingering her nice wet pussy to my hearts content as she tugs away on my rock hard cock. Moving down, I moisten up her tiny little bum, ready for me to insert the vibrator in.

Vibrator goes in and she is ready to fuck hard, but I won't let her, teasing her for longer. Teasing her pussy with my cock, the vibrator comes out and she wants my dick in her. I clean up the vibrator and insert it in to her pussy, followed by my cock so she is getting two for the price of one in her. She is screaming in ecstasy as I feel her pussy gushing over my cock.

She takes it out and starts sucking, cleaning herself up off of me. We get a little more interesting now. As she grabs the anal beads and starts to lube up my ass with her tongue. I wasn't interested in these just yet, so she took the vibrator and teased me with it, before forcing it in my throat and making me deep throat it. I was turned on now. She takes the vibrator and sticks it in to her ass, before pulling out and making me deep throat it again. I couldn't take it anymore, I was excited beyond belief! She cleans it up again, before making my moist nice and lubed before entering it in to me! She jumps on to my cock and rides away, before she wants me to take her on her back.

She takes the vibrator out of me, cleans up and asks me to put it in her, I duly oblige! Before I climb on top of her, she pushes the beads in to me and demands I fuck her hard.

I pick her legs up and can feel the vibrator pulsing away on my cock through her ass, feeling her pussy pulsing away around my hard cock, she moans all the way, asking me to fuck her harder. Biting my neck, she tells me she is almost there, and demands I lick her to get her through that final barrier. I take the vibrator out, and finger her pussy, almost sucking and licking away upon her throbbing clit.

It's not long before she squirts her lovely nectar down my throat and I am more than willing to suck up every last drop. It's my turn now, so I climb back on and enter her pussy for the last stretch, fucking away hard, feeling the beads move around inside me as I do. The intense sexual feeling from this doesn't last long before I need to cum.

I take my cock out and start wanking away over pussy, smiling at me as I do, she asks me to empty every last drop on her. Naturally, I shoot my load all over her lovely shaven pussy.

Not satisfied with the finish, I decide to go down and eat every last drop of cum from her, and with this she grabs my head, with my tongue lapping up against her pussy lips, she demands I lick up every last drop.

It's my first story, and hopefully not my last, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did retelling this!
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3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks for sharing