Mistress in Red & Damion

There he was..Standing there in front of the large set of apartments, his hand shakily reaching up for the buzzer, his ears then filled with the loud noise then the slow unlocking of the door. She was waiting for him and he knew it, and he was waiting for her. This was the first time Damion agreed to doing this, being submissive to some strange woman he had met on a site. Her name was "The Mistress in Red," since she always liked to wear read during any of the sessions she had with her clients. Damion was just what she liked, tall, lean, and muscular even if he was pale and had brown hair with green eyes. After waiting his agonizing three or so minutes in the elevator he was there, in front of her mint green door slowly knocking as Red said,

"You may come in, I've been waiting for you." Slowly opening the gold tarnished handle the door swinging open he sees the house dimmed a dark red as she stands there, her long red wavy hair flowing over her shoulders covering her bright red corset with red laced panties, her long creamy white thighs exposed for the world to see, he knew he was in heaven as he slowly shut the door to the long night ahead of him. Her red leather gloved hand extended towards him as she lead him through into the living room already set up with the leather cuffs and toys, including the gag and blindfold. Inside Damion's pants he began to grew hard just looking at all of the items,

"Strip for me my slave. I want to see all of what I get to play with tonight," she said, and of course he did. Setting his leather jacket down onto the chair then pulling off his black cotton shirt exposing his pale muscular body then undoing his faded jeans pulling them down along with his boxers taking off his boots and socks. Red just sat there on the couch staring at him for a moment looking at the body she gets to please tonight, noticing she was already damp between her thighs.

"Down on the floor, hands and knees, and keep your legs far apart from each other." Damion listened like a good little slave he was and did as she asked, Red went down and cuffed his feet together and put a black leather collar around his neck as she smiled grabbing some rope wrapping around his hands keeping them together then up to the loop hole in his collar then down and around the base of his cock wrapping back around his hips as she then pulled the strap on out and squeezed into it as she poured the strawberry scented lube into her hand and began to rub it over the fake cock slowly then poured some directly onto his puckered hole smiling.

"I know you will enjoy what I plan to give you, and you will be kind to me since I am being so kind enough to please you tonight."

"Yes I know this mistress and I am happy you decided to please only me tonight as your personal slave." She only nodded then it began the tip of the fake cock slowly pressing into his tight hole, never being penetrated before in his life as he moans. Laughing quietly she put the gag into his mouth then the blindfold as she smiles and pushes it in the rest of the way her nails digging into his hips. Damion never felt such pain and pleasure his cock as hard as could be, precum dripping from it onto the floor as she slowly starts to fuck him, careful not to hurt him too bad, hearing him moan in pleasure. Red leans down grabbing the rope around his hips pulling on it tugging his cock up, pressing it tight to his firm belly as she starts to go harder leaning over him, his moans growing even louder, then suddenly she reaches over for her rose printed vibrator about 6 inches long pushing it deep into her soaking love hole. There she was, fucking an amazingly hot man while helping herself cum, yes she had other slaves but none as fun as him.

"I bet you love taking my big cock don't you? Taking my cock in your little virgin ass! You love this cock. Tell Mistress you love her cock and thank you!" Damion says as best as possible with the large ball gag in his mouth that he loves her cock and thank you as she starts to slam it in even deeper, moaning feeling the vibrations deep inside of her pussy feeling it shake and please her better then before tugging harder on the rope to his cock. Suddenly she feels it, out of breath she cums all over the toy hearing and feeling it slide out of her and Damion struggles wanting to cum so badly,

"No no my little pet you cannot cum until mistress wants you too. Understand?" He only nods as she pushes him over onto his back moving underneath his cuffed feet feeling them against her back as she takes the blindfold allowing him to watch her fuck him. She starts to push harder stroking his cock slowly as she feels it throb between her fingers, she knows he is about to cum his ass clenching the toy helplessly,

"Cum for me you little bitch cum all over yourself!" Damion throws his head back feeling the cum gush out in streams all over his chest as she smiles and slowly uncuffs him and unties him letting him lay on the floor covered in his cum.

"Get dressed and leave. We will meet same time next week Damion my pet. Try not to be so tight." Then she walks off to her room Damion slowly getting up managing to get dressed walking a bit awkwardly from the intense fucking he had just received from his new Mistress excited for the times to come after this, looking up at her apartment window before driving away happily knowing what he had done.

After a few more sessions of fun Damion met a girlfriend and he decided to leave Mistress in Red and move on his life, never did he forget the pleasurable times he had with her and always wished he could continue to receive them, sadly his girlfriend was a prude in the bedroom but he managed and went on in life. Red continued her ways and had many pets that came and gone, never could she forget the fun and intense times with her slave Damion and how she was happy to have brought him into a new light.

~Hope you liked this story!~
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1 year ago
Glad you liked it hun! Means a lot!
1 year ago
Oh yes absolutely. My biggest fantasy. To look back and see you in a leather corset...your breasts heaving as you're gripping my hips and pumping my asshole with your thick Strapon....the BIGGEST fucking turn on.
1 year ago
I'm glad :) Thank you for reading!
1 year ago
Really? I've always been wanting to try something like this!
1 year ago
This is amazing. I would LOVE to be your Daimon. Anytime miss.
1 year ago
Wow. I'm not really into this kind of thing and it still made me hard! Thanks!