Maria & Marcus (Second Story Ever. Maybe to c

It was one of those early storming days out in the wide open country where Maria and Marcus stayed together frequently, their love situation was different, both with different people and both wanted to be with each other. Marcus was greatly into domination and Maria willingly and happily gave into his wants and needs. All they want to do is help each other explore the unknowns of sex for them both..

Maria looks up from the bed seeing Marcus damp in his jogging outfit hearing the thunder roar outside as she smiles thinking to herself,

"I love seeing Marcus this way. Especially knowing he is going to strip right in front of me and not even bother to turn away." and suddenly a dampness pools between her legs inside of her thin silky white nightgown. Then he slowly pulls off his light grey jacket revealing his smooth tan chest stripping his sweatpants then boxers off revealing his tan tall and lean body. Maria wasn't much different she was tall slim tan and had decent sized breasts, well enough to occupy Marcus's hands when needed. Slowly crawling onto the bed his hand runs up her soft nightgown feeling every inch through the thin fabric as he smiles and says to her,

"Why do you still have this on my sexy girl? You know I don't enjoy this beautiful body being covered by such things." then he reaches down and yanks it off of her then pins Maria to the bed cuffing her hands together smiling down at her.

"I'm sorry baby. I just needed you. All I could think about on my run was you and you know that since you can feel my long hard cock pressed against your wet panties." then he reaches down tearing her panties off exposing her soft clean pussy before pushing her panties into her mouth smiling.

"You going to be a good girl for me aren't you?" all she can do is nod in agreement completely helpless as she feels his cock growing harder by the minute and suddenly he enters her and stretches her out grabbing her hips as he smiles hearing her moan against her panties that are in her mouth her body arching and shivering in delight. Then it begins, Marcus holds onto her hands as he pushes deeper and deeper into her moving his hands down once in a while to play with her bright pink bra. Her body moves with his in perfect sync wanting more from his cock as she cums, and can't stop for a few moments as he pulls out to watch the white milky cum run all over her tone thighs.

"I want you to suck me now Maria. I know how wonderful you are at that and you love to please me." she nods as he pulls her up on her knees cuffing her hands behind her back as he moves his hand down between her legs pushing two fingers inside of her slick warm dripping pussy. Maria spasms into another orgasm falling against Marcus amazed that her body wants even more as it begins to move against his hand pushing his fingers up deeper as he wiggles them inside of her touching her sweet sensitive spot more than once. Finally after a half hour of intense fingering he pulls the panties from her mouth and guides her mouth down to his cock. Maria stares for a moment a little dazed before she goes forward pushing his cock all the way into her mouth, touching the back of her throat, her nose pressed against his waist line roughly as she begins to suck eagerly knowing what was ahead. Moving her head back and forth making sure it reaches deep into her throat each time some of her spit running down her mouth and chin as she moans softly knowing how much that intensifies things for Marcus, vibrating his cock lightly while down in her throat before he laces his fingers into her hair and pulls her back while she licks the tip looking up at him.

"You're such a good girl Maria. I don't understand how your husband wouldn't let you do this to him. Everything you touch with that sexy little mouth of yours is happy." he then pulls her face down lower as she begins to suck each of his balls into her mouth moaning to vibrate them suddenly he shoves her mouth back onto his cock moving her head back and forth eagerly,

"Oh god Maria! I'm about to cum!" he throws her back onto the bed and strokes his cock in front of her face as he groans loudly cumming all over her face, chest, and stomach moaning as it pumps from him until it finally stops then he looks down at her and uncuffs her. Maria wraps herself around Marcus as they lay there completely worn out listening to the rain.

Finally the last day of their vacation with each other comes. Its time for them to go back to their normal lives until two months from then so they spend the whole day having sex all throughout the cabin and even out in the woods, out there they find a giant tree fallen onto the ground perfect to set Maria on and fuck her there letting all of the a****ls hear them. Slowly grabbing their bags they kiss and walk into separate cabs, waiting for the next two months to fly by to do this again. Hopefully with Maria a bit more in control with the new ideas she has figured out while with her husband.
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