Alice and Trevor *First Story ever!*

Wednesday evening Alice is all ready for her boyfriend Trevor to come over and get ready to study since his grades weren't always the best. Trevor had a hard time keeping focused on the work and not playing with her so they never got much accomplished during their tutoring. Finally she thought, four a clock and he should be here any moment. Time for studying was out the window today since it was their four month anniversary since both turning eighteen. Trevor walks in looking the same as he always does after football practice, tired and worn out. Since he made the team they haven’t had much time together so this was their only chance. He guided her carefully up to her room which she had prepared the way he asked her and she could feel it in her bones what would happen. The time was right and they were both ready by the time they finally opened her door to her room. He smiles as he gently pokes her cheek,

“Babe why must you always look so beautiful?”

Her cheeks flush a bright pink as she smiles,

“I’m only wearing a tank top and skirt baby nothing special, you know me”

His arms slowly wrap around her as she kisses him and he runs his hands up and down her sides feeling her soft tanned skin,

“Is it bad that I want you this bad already just seeing you like this? “

Alice feels her face growing brighter as she looks up at him before slipping her hands under his shirt

“No because I want you too just as bad as you want me.”

Trevor leans down kissing her neck as she moans softly tilting her head to let him kiss more as she closes her eyes and he slowly works his kisses down as his soft hands roam her perfect body. He slowly begins to lift on her shirt and her eyes open wide and looks up at him,

“What babygirl..You don’t want me to touch your beautiful body like this?”

Alice smiles wide and shakes her head no and lays back after peeling off her shirt. Trevor could feel his length growing hard against his pants and adjusts slightly seeing her perfect round breasts held by such a thin bra making him only wonder what was down below.

“Alice I want to make you feel incredible tonight. I want to taste your amazing pussy and never stop is that alright?”

Her eyes flutter open at the words and she can feel the wetness growing in her panties,

“Oh Trevor I've always wanted you too!”

Alice then peels off her skirt revealing her black lacy panties as well and smiles laying under him. His eyes grow wide then he stands up and admires her thin beautiful frame before leaning down at the edge of the bed pulling her down by her hips and running his hands up to her breasts caressing them lightly in his hands as he kisses between her thighs. During all of this Alice is squirming like crazy wanting to already feel him inside of her but refuses to let up her dominate side take control, she can feel her smooth pussy soaking against her panties and she desperately wants them off of her as she leans and watches. Trevor notices but refuses to pay attention to her there just yet, he wants to drive her mad in his own little way. First he kisses up her thighs, across her stomach then down her legs to her feet kissing them softly,

“Are you ready now to have the fun you've been waiting for?”

She nods eagerly then he laughs as he ties her hands together then to the headboard and ties each ankle to the posts of the bed and looks at her before pulling out his cock and beginning to rub it slowly in front of her.

“Baby! So incredibly unfair of you to do something like that to me! You know I want you in my mouth but I want to you lick me so bad!”

Trevor then moves down between her legs and rips the thin fabric of her panties away revealing her smooth pussy and he leans down furiously licking gripping her thighs so hard they might bleed. Alice is moaning and pulling on the ties trying to get free to help guide him to the perfect spot and make her cum until she passes out but he simply ignores her. Trevor moves up and pushes the torn fabric into her mouth,

“You like the taste of yourself?”

She nods helplessly as she is close to cumming into his mouth before he goes back down and gently licks her thighs, teasing again like before. Finally his mouth clamps down on her soaking pussy as he nibbles and licks and fucks with his tongue and teeth and feels her cumming against his tongue licking it up slowly before working his way back up her body.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself enough to cum for me. Now it’s my turn to please myself.”

He holds his cock against her then shoves it deep into her already throbbing pussy and begins to fuck her. Alice closes her eyes savoring every thrust she can feel as her pussy grips his cock hard milking it of his cum and she pulls on the ties before looking down and watching, she then feels his hands on her hips holding her tight as he pounds her.

“You like that little naughty girl? You like me fucking you like crazy?”

He grins as she nods and moans, finally after a half hour of this rigorous pumping he feels himself close to cumming and pulls out. He reaches for the panties and pulls them out getting on top of her shoving his cock into her warm and waiting mouth. Alice can’t take his entire cock but he f***es her too, down to her throat, and she moans making his cock vibrate in her mouth driving him wild as he cums down her throat and slowly climbs off of her and then unties her. She blushes noticing the beads of sweat on both of them before closing her eyes and laying back on the bed exhausted. Trevor zips up his pants and pulls on his shirt,

“So same time next week for tutoring right babe?”

She nods falling asl**p already excited for next week as Trevor shuts the door to their little play land…

(I really hope you enjoy my first story. If you like it I'd love to make more. Criticism is wanted! I want to get better in my writing! Thank you for reading!)
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1 year ago
Thank you guys! I hope my next story isn't so bad! :)
1 year ago
good one keep them coming
1 year ago
Definitely well written. The beauty is in the descriptive details. There's nothing exciting about reading, "he throat fucks her", while it is a pretty thought. But, "she moans, making his cock vibrate in her mouth, driving him crazy." I fuckin' love that. Had to stop and actually imagine the unique feeling.
1 year ago
great story!!! I can't wait for your next one
1 year ago
Very good. You are so naughty.
1 year ago
i can see it now lol but its good :)
1 year ago
Thank you!
1 year ago
Nicely written. Too many on here start with an idea but lose it in bad grammar and spelling.