First Time With Friends Mom

Please note: All of my stories will be written from my own perspective. Some of them will be true stories based on my own experiences with names changed, while others will be pure fiction, I'll leave it up to the reader to decide which are fantasy, and which are fiction.

It's been a while since I've written a story so I've decided that my next one will be about my first sexual experience with my friends hot mother. I was 18 at the time, and horny as hell and always on the look out for someone new and exciting to stick my dick into, well I found a new someone in a pretty unexpected place...

My friends Mom, we'll call her Sasha, has always been a huge flirt for as long as I've known her, even at 48 years old she still had a decent body on her, shoulder length somewhat curly blonde hair, good size tits that didn't sag too much, and a surprisingly rockin ass, I consider her attractive, not in a drop dead gorgeous kind of way, more of a sexy slutty whore kind of way. It wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary to hang out with us guys while she was wearing short jeans shorts and a tank top, it all just seemed normal. From time to time she'd flirt with all of us, harmless stuff, and then one day I noticed it seemed like she'd started to take quite an interest in me. She walked by me and as she did she reached down and grabbed my cock, looked at me and gave me a sly wink, and just kept on walking to her truck. I couldn't believe what just happened, my cock immediately sprung to attention so I made up an excuse to go sit in my car so no one else around would notice. A few minutes later I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, I pulled it out and saw I had a new text message from Sasha, I opened it up and it read "Hey sexy, hope you liked my little tease ;)". I couldn't believe what was going on right now, I mean yes she was always a flirt around us, but NEVER anything like this, my cock was rock hard by now and I had to get myself home and jerk off, I think it's pretty obvious who/what I was thinking about.

I'll skip all of the same 'ol boring talking and jerking off alone sessions and get straight to the good stuff, the main point of this story. It was about 3 weeks after the cock grabbing incident, things had been pretty normal since then and nothing worth mentioning happened. Then one night at around 11pm I headed out into town to see if anyone was out to hang out with, I headed over to our usual hang out spot and saw none of my close friends, however I did see Sasha's truck parked there sitting in the dark all by itself. My better judgement was telling me to stay away, but my hormones stepped in, kicked my better judgement in the teeth and then lead my way to her truck. I pulled in next to her and saw she was sitting in her truck by herself, we each rolled down our windows and started talking about the same old usual stuff.

"It's fucking freezing outside, having our windows down isn't helping, you wanna come and sit in the truck with me so we don't freeze to death?" she asked.

I agreed that it sounded like a decent idea so I hopped out of my car and got into the passenger side of her truck, immediately I saw she was wearing a short black skirt, and a white zip up hoodie, I couldn't be 100% positive but it looked like she didn't have anything on underneath the hoodie, thoughts started racing in my head and my cock sprang to life and got rock hard, I knew right then where I wanted, where I NEEDED this situation to end up.

I looked at her and said "So, you gonna tell me what was up with the whole grabbing my cock thing you did a few weeks ago?"

"What's there to tell? You're young, hot, and I wanted to feel your cock. But if you didn't like it, just let me know and I'll be sure to not do it again." She replied.

"No no, I never said I didn't like" I said with a smirk on my face. " I definitely liked it, a lot actually".

She looked at me with a devilish look in her face and said "Oh yeah? You liked when I grabbed your cock? Like this?" She reached over and started rubbing my cock which by now was about to rip through my jeans I was so hard. "Oh fuck baby, you're cock is huge. You know what I'm going to have to do now don't you?"

"Whats that?" I replied.

She started undoing my pants, and slowly moving closer to me. "I'm going to have to pull that big cock out..." she kept getting closer until she was directly beside me, pulled my cock all the way out of my pants "...and put my mouth around it". And with that she went straight to work, wasting no time sucking my cock. It's worth mentioning that this was my first time being with an older woman and god damnit, I'd never had a blowjob that felt like this. She started moaning and working her lips up and down my shaft, she pulled it out of her mouth and started jacking it hard and fast, she looked up at me, smiled and said "If you tell my son about this, I'll kill you", we both chuckled and then she put her tongue to work running it up and down my rock hard cock, her free hand was playing with my balls. I reached behind her while she was sucking me and pulled up her skirt and holy shit! She wasn't even wearing any panties, I started feeling her up, grabbing her ass roughly, digging my nails up her ass cheeks, I started running my fingers down her crack and once the tip of my finger reached her asshole she looked up at me and said "Oh fuck yeah shove your finger in there, finger my ass!", well she didn't have to tell me twice, I took two fingers and shoved them rough and hard deep into her ass, she squealed and moaned and jerked her body forward making her go even deeper on my cock.

She finally sat up and unzipped her hoodie, I realized now I was right before, she wasn't wearing a single piece of clothing underneath, damnit for an older woman her tits were fantastic, my a****l instinct took over and I lunged at her pushing her down across the bench seat and started licking her tits and sucking and nibbling on her nipples. "Oh fuck yeah, I want your hard cock in my pussy right fucking now!" she said to me, "I don't have a condom" was my first reply, she looked at me and said "Why in the fuck do you want to wear a condom?", well that was a good enough response for me lol. I reached down a grabbed ahold of my cock and started rubbing it up and down her slit, jesus she was dripping wet, I slid the head of my cock in her hole, I couldn't believe how tight she was, I thought for that an older woman like herself would be fairly loose but it felt like I was ramming my dick into an 18 year old pussy. As soon as the head of my dick was inside of her she wasn't waiting any longer for me to go further, she thrust herself down hard on my cock shoving my dick deep inside of her, she let out a load long moan and threw her head back. I started working my hips in and out of her pussy, going as fast and as hard as I could, she was digging her nails down my back, grabbing my ass and pulling me into her deeper and harder, I could feel the head of my cock bottoming out inside of her pussy, this woman was going absolutely crazy for my cock and it was only making me lust after her even more. "Fuck me!! Oh yes come on harder, faster!! Yeah fuck your friends Mom, you like fucking your friends mom don't you? I love having that young hard cock in my pussy!" She was yelling almost at the top of her lungs. After a few more minutes she tensed up and moaned loudly and said "Ohhhhh fuck!! I'm cumming, I'm shooting my juices all over your big cock!!", well that was it for me, I felt myself abotu to cum so I fucked even harder and faster then I was before and I shot my hot cum deep into her pussy.

I collapsed on top of her, we were both out of breath, we must have laid there for 10 minutes without saying a word. Eventually I sat up and pulled out of her, she reached down and rubbing her fingers on her pussy, getting them all wet with both of our cum and she put them to her mouth and sucked them dry. She looked at me, winked and said "Well sweet thing, that was fucking amazing, but I gotta get home before my son wonders where the hell I am. But you and me, we're not done yet, this pussy is yours whenever you want it, whenever you need a pussy to unload that hot cum of yours, I'm here baby." And with that, I got back in my car and we parted ways. To this day I've never told any of my buddies what happened that night, and I can tell you right now, this was only the beginning of a VERY intense sexual relationship between me and my friends Mom.
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5 months ago
I love it!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Nice! Lucky guy.
3 years ago
very hot. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
i need better and hotter friends lol awesome dude
3 years ago
Has there been a repeat?? Do tell
3 years ago
terrific story
3 years ago
So.....what happened next?