My Buddies Girlfriend In The Car

Please noteAll of my stories will be written from my own perspective. Some of them will be true stories based on my own experiences with names changed, while others will be pure fiction, I'll leave it up to the reader to decide which are fantasy, and which are fiction.

It was late one night, about 2:30am, I was bored, and VERY horny, being so late and a Tuesday, it wasn't exactly easy to find someone to hook up with on short notice, then I noticed my buddies girlfriend online so I started chatting her up. Usually he's out of town for work during the week and home on the weekends so I thought there might be a chance of actually getting to relieve myself tonight until she told me he was home. "Damn, guess this just wasn't my night" I thought, that is until what she said next, "Well he's home so you cant come in, but why don't you drive over and park on the road, I'll come out and suck your cock. I know it's not what you expected but hey, at least you get to put your cock in my mouth. I'll swallow every last drop ;)". Now that's all I needed to hear and I was in my car and on my way there.

Now a little background on my buddies girl, she's a heavier set girl but I don't mind, she's got a cute face, short blonde hair, a pair of absolutely huge tits, a nice big round ass, and most importantly, she's a complete freak. Anything you could possible want to do with a woman, she's always more than willing to do, I've been fooling around with her for about a year now and I've never found something she wont try.

I stop the car in front of their house and wait, praying that he doesn't walk out that door, I definitely did NOT have a lie or explanation for something like this. After a couple minutes of anxious waiting, she walked out the side door, she was wearing a red nightie, practically see through, it was pretty short, if I was behind her I know I would've been able to see her ass. She hopped in the car and wasted absolutely no time what so ever, she didn't even say a word to me, she just got in the car, gave me a smile and a wink, and went straight down to my pants and pulled my already hard cock out of my pants, no sooner did she have it out was every inch of it engulfed in her mouth.

I let out a loud moan while grabbing the back of her head and pulling on her hair and pushing her head up and down on my cock, her full wet lips going up and down on my cock, she'd stop at the tip and swirl around my swollen head with her tongue, dragging her lips around it before going back down and sucking a licking again. I leaned over a little bit and pulled up her nightie and started rubbing and slapping her ass, my fingers made their way to her pussy and I was surprised to find her pussy dripping wet already, I started rubbing her clit and shoving my fingers inside her tight pussy as fast and as hard as I could. Her moans were making the blowjob ten times better, anyone who's had a girl moaning on their cock knows exactly what I'm talking about. After a few minutes I knew it wouldn't be long before I blew my load in her mouth, so I moved my hand up a little bit and shoved my middle finger deep and hard into her ass, while using my little finger to play with her clit. This drove her into a cock frenzy, she started sucking and jerking and licking harder than before, she pulled her mouth off my cock, looked up at me and said "Come on baby, give me that hot loud, I want to feel it shooting down the back of my throat ;)". And with that she went straight back to work, every time her mouth went further down her tongue stayed in one place licking all over the head of my cock. That was it for me, I couldn't take anymore, I grabbed onto the back of her head, making sure she didn't try to pull off and I shot my load right into her mouth, "Mmmmmmmmm" she moaned while swallowing every single drop of my hot cum, as she brought her mouth off my cock she stopped at the head and sucked again to make sure she got every drop of my cum. She sat up, looked at me, gave me another wink, and exited the car still without saying a single word. I had only two thoughts, "Oh my fuck that was amazing", and "Thank god he didn't wake up and go looking for her!".

This wasn't the first time with my buddies girlfriend, nor was it the last. I've got plenty of good stories involving me and her that I'll be sharing.
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3 years ago
My buddies girlfriend only cheats on him with his friends, weird, she just sneaks around sucking his friends cock like that chick.
3 years ago
What a good girl
3 years ago
thanks for sharing
3 years ago
i will be reading with great intrest to hear more storys about her 5/10