Anal Fantasy

I stood outside the restaurant waiting for her to arrive. We were supposed to meet at 1:00 and it was pushing 1:30. It was one of those times that really made me miss having a cell phone. To make it worse, I didn't exactly know what she looked like. I'd seen a few pics, but none of her face. All I knew for sure was that she was driving a white truck and would be wearing a denim mini-skirt, cowboy boots and black tank-top. Not a lot to go on.
Where is she I thought to myself. Did she blow me off? Did she pull up, get a good look at me then take off? I have some self-esteem issues and moments like this didn't help. Maybe traffic was bad and she's just running late...
That's when I saw her pull in. The truck was just like she described. As she parked I knew for sure it was her. She got out wearing the exact outfit she had described. Time to man up. I slowly walked over building up the nerve to actually say hello.
“Hi, Sara, right?,” I said a little unsure.
“Yep, that's me,” she replied, a smile on her lovely face. I'm not going to bother to describe her, it's all relative anyway. Let's just say that to me at that moment she was perfect.
“So, uh, I wanted to meet you here because it's a public place, but I had somewhere else in mind for lunch.”
“Cool,” she said. “You wanna drive since you know where this place is?”
“Uh, yeah, if you don't mind.”
We got in her truck and I drove to this great little pub and grill that I love. The food is great, the prices aren't bad and it's get a friendly relaxed atmosphere perfect for two people trying to get to know each other better. The only downside was that I know half the staff and they know me... and my fiance. The fact that I was there with another woman was not going to be lost on any of them.
“If anyone asks who you are, you're a girl I went to college with and you just happened to be in town and wanted to get together for lunch, okay?”
“Sure, fine. That works for me.”

Lunch was great. We had a nice conversation and both enjoyed it. Now was the time of uncertainty. She had mentioned wanting to 'go out' a few times before we did anything else. I didn't like that idea. No matter what my fiance said, she really wouldn't want me dating another girl, no matter what kind of arrangement we had in our relationship... a little fun on the side was one thing...
“So, uh... what's the plan from here,” I asked nervously as I pulled into traffic.
She seemed to think about it for a bit, which just made me more nervous. I was just about to say something else when she finally spoke up.
“I don't usually do this after just one date, but I'm giving you a break because of how much we've chatted over the last few weeks... Can we go back to your place?”
“Uh, yeah, no problem...”
So I drove to my apartment. The only thing that worried me was the neighbors. If anyone noticed, what will they think? I can't say shes f****y... What if they hear us up there... Hmm... Fuck 'em. Let em talk, let 'em think what they want...
“Nice place,” she said as we pulled up in front of my building.
“It's okay.”
We got out and started walking toward the stairs. Lucky for me no one was outside. We climbed the stairs and made inside without anyone seeing us. Which is probably good because with how nervous I was acting I know I looked guilty. She stopped inside and looked around. The place was clean, but cluttered.
“So, what do you thing we should do now,” she asked.
“That depends on you. Still wanting me to take some new pictures for you?”
“Yeah, that sounds like a good way to get all warmed up for what comes later...”
I led the way to the bedroom. Everything was neatly put away for once and the sheets and everything were freshly washed. My camera was on my dresser, just waiting for us. She walked back out into the living room.
“There's more room out here for these first pictures,” she said. She walked over to me and pulled my head down for a kiss. “Let's get started and then we can really get started.”
I turned on my camera and made sure I had erased everything else on there first. She started posing and I began to snap pictures. First a few fully dressed. Then her top came off. She bent over showing her ass and a white thong to the camera. She stood up again and started sliding the thong down as she bent back over, her ass and pussy on clear display. She stood up and looked at me and smile.
“I see my photographer is getting a nice hard on from all this, the pics must be good.”
“Great,” I replied.
She took off her bra and I continued to snap away. Her mini-skirt was the next thing to go, leaving only her boots. She smiled and started heading for the bedroom. I was right behind her. Still snapping pictures. She climbed up on the bed and got on her knees, her left hand caressing her breasts and her right slowly moving down to her clean shaved pussy.
“You want some close ups, right?”
“Yes, please.”
“Okay. I might have to ask you to hold for a second, we don’t want them to be blurry.”
I started getting in close, snapping pictures, asking her to hold for a second here and there. I dot a great one of her spreading her pussy lips wide, her clit showing. The smell of warm, wet pussy was driving me crazy. I reached hand down to my bulge so I could shit it around a bit.
“Okay, have to stop for a minute here. I can't take it anymore, these pants have to go.”
“Oh, let me help.”
She got down off the bed and came over, reaching first for my belt. I took off my shirt while she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I stepped back long enough to kick off my shoes. She pulled me back close and pulled my pants and underwear down at the same time, my rigid hard cock flipping back up with a wet smack.
“Mmm, look at all that precum,” she said as she dropped to her knees and started vigorously sucking my rock hard cock. My knees almost went weak.
“Mmm, keep that up and it wont just be precum...”
She pulled back and smiled up at me before deepthroating my cock. I seriously almost lost it at that point. I'm still not sure how I didn't cum right then. She bobbed her head a few times and then pulled back, still smiling.
“Had to make sure I got all of it,” she said.
She climbed back on the bed, this time laying on her back. I continued to take pictures and she slowly started rubbing her pussy. I could hear how wet it was, and the sound was just making me even harder. For a minute I almost thought I was going to cum from just watching her. She motioned me closer and spread her pussy. There was thick white girl cream all over her pussy lips.
“Damn. That's creamy as hell,” I said. “Would love to get a taste of that.”
“After we get done with my photo shoot you will,” she said as she started sliding a finger inside her pussy. I watched as first one, then two disappeared all the way to the last knuckle. I continued to snap pictures as she built up a nice rhythm fingering her pussy. She pulled out long enough for me to get a great shot of her fingers coated in cream and her pussy dripping wet and creamy.
She stuck her fingers back in and swirled them around a bit, they came back out thickly coated with creamy goodness. She rolled on her side and reached back, sliding a finger along her crack until it reached her tight anus. She started rubbing the pussy cream around and slowly slide her middle finger in to the first knuckle. She kept working the cream in, using it to lube her tight, tender anus.
“I'm not sure that's going to be enough lube,” she said. “Got anything else?”
“Yeah, take you pick,” I said as I opened the top drawer on my nightstand revealing a lube collection. “We've got all kinds of slippery stuff to choose from.”
She grabbed a bottle and started lubing up. She slowly slide her middle finger back in as deep as it would go. I watched and snapped pics and she started slowly working her finger in and out. After couple of minutes she added another finger. By this point I could feel precum soaking my leg I was so horny.
“Enough pics for now?”
“Yeah, I guess I’m ready to move on to other things. Do you mind if I borrow your shower? Don’t; want you to have to eat lube to eat my ass.”
I grabbed her a towel and she hopped in the shower. I thought about rubbing one out first, but decided against it. Instead I decided to lay out our toy collection, make sure they were all clean, let Sarah pick the ones she wanted to try. I heard the shower cut off. Sarah appeared in the doorway, hair damp, towel wrapped around her body.
“Nice selection,” She said, eyeing all out toys.
“So, which one's you want to try?”
“Um, you decide. Then the fun is trying to get em in,” she said with a laugh. I picked out the ones I'd thought about trying; a medium sized set of anal beads, a larger butt plug and the monster. The monster was a giant jelly dildo. It was thirteen inches long and about three or three and a half thick. The rest went back into the drawer they were kept in.
“Nice choices,” Sarah said.
I walked over to where she was standing as she dropped the towel. Sarah pulled my head down and we started kissing, little pecks at first that quickly became long, deep kisses as our passion caught us up.
She pulled us over to the bed and pulled away, jumping onto the bed. She rolled over and motioned for me to join her. I started crawling towards her, kissing her body as I made my way. Feet, legs, thighs, tummy, both breasts, neck... As I went to kiss her on the lips she shoved her tongue in my mouth and pulled my head down, holding my tight as our tongues entwined in her mouth. After a minute I pulled away.
I started moving back down, kissing her neck as I went. She shuddered as I started licking her nipples, starting around the outside of the areolas, working to the middle. I kissed my way down her tummy to her pussy. I started teasing it with my tongue. Spread her pussy to show it was still creamy and wet. She started moaning with pleasure the moment I slid my tongue deep into her pussy. I kept thrusting my tongue in and out, faster and faster, fucking her now dripping wet pussy with my tongue. I stopped and started licking her clit, she reached down to spread her pussy lips.
She almost came off the bed as I sucked her clit into my mouth, clamping down with my lips as I did. She was shuddering with waves of ecstasy as I began to lick her clit while sucking on it, my lips grinding back in forth at the same time. I sucked harder and licked faster as she bucked against my mouth. I could feel her orgasms building and multiplying. As they did I slid two fingers into her pussy, my pinkie finger caressing her anus. She squirted, ejaculating girls juice all in my face and all over the bed.
“Holy fucking shit! I've never cum like that,” she admitted. I smiled and gave her clit a quick lick, sending waves of pleasure through her entire body.
“Never squirted before or...”
“Once, but not like that... Where'd you learn to eat pussy like that?”
“Practice. Roll over please.”
She rolled onto her belly and helpfully reached back, spreading her ass cheeks. I started to gently lick her ass crack and anus. I swirled my tongue around her anus, flicking it all over as quickly as I could. She wiggled and writhed with pleasure.
“Mmm, that's nice....”
I slowly started pressing my tongue into her tight anus, pushing a little harder and then pulling back to lick it some more. After a few times I knew I could go deeper so I really started making and effort to get my tongue as deep in her ass as possible. She moaned loudly as I started to fuck her ass with my tongue.
“Fuck I'm glad I decided to let you fuck me on the first date,” she said as she continued to moan.
Now things were getting serious. I continued to plunge my tongue deep into her ass as she began thrusting back towards me. I reached up and started playing with her pussy a bit and I tongue fucked her ass.
“Ready for more,” I asked.
“Please, yes,” she begged.
I grabbed the lube and lubes up my whole hand, just as a precaution. I slid my middle finger deep into her as, eliciting a moan of pleasure. As I worked it in and out I could feel her ass tightening and relaxing around my finger. I pulled out just enough to slid my index finger in as well.
“Mmm, yeah... Finger fuck my ass.”
I continued to work my two fingers in and out faster, pushing deeper until my knuckles were digging into her ass cheeks. I decided to try a third,\. I pulled completely out and started sliding my index, middle and ring finger in.
“Yes..,” she moaned. “Oh, god yes...”
I continued to slide all three in. She pushed back, sending all three fingers knuckles deep. I started to pump my fingers in and out. She continued to buck up against my hand. She was moaned as she bucked up against my hand harder and faster. She started squirting again, almost screaming as she did. She fell limp and lay there motionless for a moment.
“You okay,” I asked,
“Mmm hmm. Just need a minute. That was great, cant wait to keep going.”
I decided it was time to switch things up, so I grabbed the beads and lubed them up. After I was done I wiped my hands off with the towel. She looked back and smiled, lifting her ass in the air, one hand reaching back to spread her cheeks for the beads. I was up on my knees and used my free hand to spread the other cheek.
I slowly pushed the first bead in. The second went smoothly as well. The third bead went in with just a little extra push required. The fourth was rather large and took a bit more time to work in. Number five and six were even large and I wasn't sure about them.
“Go for it,” she said. “If it hurts, I'll let you know. Just go slow if you need to.”
I slowly started working number five in, her anus stretching quite a bit to let it finally slide through. I slowly worked the beads I already had in around inside her ass. She was wriggling with pleasure from every movement. Number six was going to be a challenge it was fairly large for an anal bead.
I pushed number six tight against her anus and started wiggling it around, pushing firmly against it. She pushed back and it popped in. My dick was aching hard and I needed to cum badly. I pushed her flat and rolled her over on her back, grabbed her legs and pulled her towards me. She was smiling as I pushed her legs back and slowly slid my cock into her soaking wet, creamy pussy.
I almost came as I did. I could feel the anal beads through the bottom wall of her vagina. When the head bumped into her cervix I almost lost it. I began to rock back and forth, barely moving my cock, trying to work up to a rhythm. She started moaning even louder. I was almost worried about someone calling the police. I was just about to really start moving when she pulled me in close with her legs, jamming my cock deep into her pussy.
“Grind it,” she moaned.
I started to grind as she pulled me in tighter. I knew I was going to cum at any time. I tried to pull out but she held me tight. I started grinding harder against her pussy.
“I'm going to cum,” I told her.
She smiled and started wiggling her has harder, grinding her pussy against me. I could feel it coming, that tightening of my balls before I cum. I pushed as deep into her pussy as I could, unleashing a massive cum shot that I could feel squirt out around my cock. With out thinking I was down between her legs, eating my cum out of her pussy. I slurped up a mouthful and leaned over the her, she reached up and pulled me head down, shoving her tongue inside and slurping the cum out of my mouth.
“Mmm hmm,” I said. She reached down and wiped up a decent amount of cum and started licking it off. She rolled over and started moving the anal beads, working them out, one at a time. I watched for a second then grabbed the lube and the butt plus\g. She turned her head to look back and me and smiled.
Three fingers in, a bit looser now. I worked them in and out stretching her ass more and more. The butt plug was a fairly large one and I new it was barely going to fit. As I inserted it she started pushing back, talking it in deeper and deeper. As it came close to being all in she suddenly pushed back hard and it popped right in.
“I'm impressed,” I said.
“Fuck that feels good,” said Sarah. “You have no idea.”
“Really? I do, trust me. She smiled and started to work the plug in and out a bit.
“Lay down on your back,” she commanded. I did as I was told. She got between my legs and started sucking my cock. I was mostly limp after cumming but the next thing I know she had me hard as steel again. She fondled my balls and she deepthroated my cock. Next she started tracing a finger from my balls down to my anus. My cock was pulsing in her mouth.
As she slid a finger in my ass I almost came. She began to work her finger in deeper as she continued to throat my cock. I was beginning to buck my cock deeper into her mouth. She pulled her finger out and stopped sucking for a second. She got up and straddled my chest, laying down on top of me. As she started to suck again I reached up and started licking her pussy.
“See if you can get a finger in my ass,” she said.
I reached up with one hand and started trying to slide a finger in. I was amazed when it did. She sucked even harder. I could also feel her finger making its way back to my ass as she continued to deepthroat my cock. After a few minutes she stopped and pulled away, turning around to face me.
She stood up on the bed and grabbed my cock. Right at first I thought she was going to slid it back into her pussy. Instead she started pressing it against her already full anus.
“I'm not sure that’s going to work with the plug in,” I said, concerned.
“You might be right,” Sarah replied before pulling to butt plug out and sitting down on my cock. It reminded me of the night I lost my virginity. It was warn and wet and tighter than I had thought it would be, but my cock slid in like it was made for it. She began to ride my cock. I could feel every movement.
I started to buck and thrust with her movements. I almost felt like I was going to cum again. She reached back and I felt her slide first one then another finger in her as with my cock. It felt amazing. She continued to ride and I was bucking harder now, trying my best to make her cum again. When she orgasmed it sprayed all over my chest. She bent down and started licking it up.
I started to roll over and she half fell off, half got off. I got up and pulled her over to the corner of the bed pulling her right to the edge. I pushed her legs back and shoved my cock inside and began to jackhammer her ass as deep and as hard as I could. She started moaning and then cumming. I continued to pump my cock. She pushed me away.
“Phew. Need a breather after that. Why don't you get that monster dildo all lube up and let's see if it will fit.”
I grabbed the monster and the lube, making sure to get it as lubed as possible. She turned over on her knees, ass hanging over the edge.
“Okay, lets try it.”
I slowly started trying to work the head in, but it wouldn't fit. So, I grabbed the lube and once again coated my entire hand. Four fingers was no problem. So I figured I might as well go for it. I balled my hand up into a f**t and started working it in. It slowly stretched until suddenly it popped inside. She moaned loudly and came some more.
“Keep going, that feels incredible.”
I did, reaching down and jerking my cock as I f*****d her ass. I knew I was close to cumming, but I didn't care. As I pulled my fist out I felt my balls tighten so I shoved my cock back into her ass and blasted another huge load of cum deep inside.
I pulled out and immediately shoved the monster in. She screamed, came and fell off the edge of the bed. She lay there for a moment with this huge dildo still in her ass. I was about to reach down and shake her awake when she came to and immediately grabbed the dildo and started working it in and out of her ass.
“Mmm, mm, mm yeah fuck my ass with that giant cock.”
I didn't know what else to do expect start jacking again. She kept stroking the monster in and out as I kept stroking my cock. As she moaned and panted and came again and again I got hard again. I shoved my dick in her pussy and started pounding. After a minute she reached down and pulled me out of her pussy.
“Put it in my ass, please”
I started working my dick in along side the monster. Shocked and surprised they both fit. I could see a trip to the ER in my future... But at that point I didn't care. I started pounding her ass. I realized a minute later that she had the monster pretty much all the way in. I pulled out and reinserted underneath and started pounding again, thrusting my dick and the monster deeper and deeper. Sarah was cumming nonstop and seemed on the verge of passing out. I pulled out as I felt my balls tighten and sent another huge ropy blast of cum onto her tummy and tits.
We both lay there panting, almost completely drained after the excretion of the past hour. After few minutes I finally found the energy to roll over. I found the towel and started cleaning up. As I was started to wipe down Sarah's tummy she grabbed my hand and pulled me down for a kiss.
“That was fucking awesome. Can we do that ever week?”
“Whatever you want...”
100% (9/0)
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