The Old Man Part 2

Well we meet a few more time's when he told me he loved my cock ether soft or hard and told me he did not want to fuck me any more I was devastated to think my old man's cock is never to be felt in my man cunt again.
He told me not to be sad but instead of fucking me he wished me to fuck him and use him whichever way I chose, wow how happy this made me feel so happy I unzipped my jeans took my cock out and started to rub it as he followed suit getting on his knees and allowing me to cum in his mouth.
It was time I left the old man and return home to my girlfriend and when I got in the house she asked me if I had been with the old man and I told her everything that was said between us, she then said I needed to get into fucking ass's and that night I spent hours having my ass rimmed and fucking her tight ass for the first time in our relationship I was in heaven shooting my hot cum up her sweet ass.
I was awoke to feel a strap on being poked in between my legs what was she doing was the horny bitch was trying to fuck me oh yes she was so I asked her what position did she want me in and before she could answer me I was up on my hands and knees awaiting her rubber cock, she lubed my man cunt up and slide it up to the hilt what a wonderful feeling as it went in I pushed back onto it and started rocking back and forth fucking myself as she just knelt there behind me.
She reached around and took my hard cock and started to rub it with the sole reason of making me cum and cum I did all over the place, so off to the shower and time to get ready for work but not before I fucked her and left her with a cunt full of cum.
My day went slow and all I could think of was getting my cock deep into a hole any hole would have done and it just walked through the door wow a sweet looking ass walked round crying to be fucked as I walked up to the owner I recognised him from the pub, as I asked him if he needed any help he smiled and asked if there was any where private we could go so I took him out the back which was private and no one ever went out there.
As soon as we had shut the door he took hold of my now hard cock rubbing it though my jeans as I did the same to him I felt his cock jerk in my hand he was hard and ready for my ever horny ass I whispered in his ear do you want to fuck me and his reply was answered by unbuckling my belt and dropped my jeans to my knees, This was my cue to bend down and spread my ass cheeks before he lubed my hole and positioned the head of his sweet cock into it as I pushed back I took his whole cock up my waiting ass I felt like a slut for cock.
Well with my ass dripping with hot cum I cleaned myself up by fingering my own ass and licking the cum off it it was hot and salty but nice we went back into the shop after saying our good byes he left and I could think about was getting my cock stuck up the old man's wet man cunt, I was not waiting long before I left work and on my way to the pub to my old man and to his small cock.
As I entered the pub the old man was there asking me how my day had been I told him in every detail how I got fucked and he told me to stop and tell him later which I did, I asked him why and he said he wanted to wank whilst he heard every detail, I could not wait to get him to his house I needed to fuck him so bad so after a few drinks off we went to his house and off to my fuck.
We decided to to get a taxi from a local gay taxi rank and off we went then he got my cock out in the back of the cab and was sucking me off, the driver watching us in the mirror mentioned how sexy it looked seeing him giving me a blow job and to my joy wanted to give my cock some attention himself so asking the old man if he minded he was told to go ahead.
We parked in a dark place off the road and he came in and sat next to me on the back seat the old man said he could go ahead and do what he wanted so going down he took my hard cock in his mouth and sucked till I was on the verge of cumming, he stopped just in time and the old man took over till my hot cum blasted the back of his throat he took every drop I had to give him.
he driver sat and rubbed his cock as the old man sat on my lap positioned my cock at his hole and slid down till he embedded his man cunt on my cock.
he rocked back and forth fucking himself with my cock whilst the driver wanked till he was ready to cum I so much wanted to have his cum in my mouth so the old man got off my cock and I took the drivers cock and sucked till he shot his cum in my mouth I then kissed the old man and shared the cum with him, cleaning ourself's up we drove to the old man's house and left the cab driver to go his own way and off we went up the stairs to to old man's home.
After a beer we got naked and watched some gay porn whilst we wanked ourself's till I could not take it any longer I needed man cunt and the old man's was going to get it, I told him to bend over the couch and without a word had the head of my cock up his ass without and effort I told him all about my fuck that afternoon and he asked me was the cock big and hard I told him it was.
As I fucked him he was asking all sorts of questions about my afternoon fuck and wanked at the answers I gave him but the more he wanked the harder I fucked his sweet now wet man cunt till I pulled out and cum over his ass and back and could not resist licking it all off we then went to bed and fell asl**p.
On waking up I was hard and horny I told him to open his cheeks and I fucked him this time I cum in his man cunt slapped his butt check and told him he was now MY fucker so I had myself a bitch for a few years, fucking him whenever we meet and I often stayed with him all night but I still had my bitch to fuck and was fucked by at home we all three loved the situation and so much cum was shot up ether a wet cunt or a man cunt.

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6 months ago
great job, got me nice and hard