The horny Germans

There I was stationed in Munster in Germany for a short time awaiting my one week leave, I had planned to travel north to see some friends and spend some time with them doing what I did best.
As the Friday drew closer I had spent more time on the phone planning who and when I was going to which swingers club with (you see both my friends was bisexual females but lived together to cut down on the expense of rent and so on.)
I was so looking forwards to licking there sweet pussy's as we had had many a good fuck's together but not as a threesome and I believed this week was about to change that as Anna told me there would be another couple joining us and I was to expect anything, on my arrival I was meet by Anna and Shona two blond German nymphs at the station we quickly jump in there car and was off to there home on the way Anna was rubbing my ever growing cock though my jeans. When we arrived Shona told me to stay in the car she then came around to the passenger side where I was sat she lifted her dress to expose her clean shaven wet cunt in the mean time Anna had my cock out and was sucking it there it was in all its British glory proud and stiff when the mouth was replaced by Shona's wet pussy sliding down on it, she rode it whist Anna played and sucked on her well endowed tits.
She came twice before I shot my creamy load over both there faces and all this before we entered the house what a week I was going to have with these two nymphs, Anna made a call as soon as we got in and within an hour the door bell rang and to my surprise a tall dark haired woman followed by her man walked in and introduced themselves as Gita and Max.
Gita was a rather buxom woman and Max looked like he was carrying a large package in his pocket I soon got to find out when they both took there coats off to expose there fit body's Gita had a see though blouse on exposing a nice large pair of tits with those suck me nipples when Max took his coat off wow I nearly cum there in my pants for he had a pair of joppers exposing his tight ass and his really large thick cock.
Anna and Shona decided to disrobe and very soon was naked leaving only me with my cloths on the three woman made short work of getting me naked taking there time and paying very much attention to my cock whist doing so.
It was not long before Shona asked if we wanted to go into the bedroom to continue what we had started we did not need asking twice off we all went all five of us naked on the bed and me and Anna on the floor, it was not long before wet cunts and cocks was meeting Shona and Gita had fingers and toungs licking and fingering each others pussy's whilst Max sat and watched the proceedings wanking his massive cock.
With Anna riding my cock and me watching Max it was not long before I asked Anna why Max was not fucking ether Gita or Shona only to be told none of them could take it fully as it was 12 inches but 7 inches in girth quite a monster it fit up there cunts, I got Anna on her knees facing Max as I slide my hard cock into her tight wet cunt my balls slapped against her it got Max's attention he started starring at us.
I could not help but watch Max stroke his monster cock wondering how much cum could it produce wondering what it would look like shoting its load when I became aware of him looking at my cock going in and out of Anna's wet cunt shit I stopped wondering and started asking myself what the fuck is going though his mind, it was not long before I found out he got to his knees and positioned himself in between my legs and started sucking at my cum laden balls fuck it was nice after a bit of time me still fucking Anna's cunt he got up and knelt behind me omg NO I thought he was not going to try and fuck my ass was he.
No he had something better in mind he lubed his cock up and slide it between my legs so all time I was fucking Anna's cunt it would wank him wow it felt good for both of us he managed to get his cock between my legs no matter what position me and Anna got into.
In the mean time Shona and Gita was having there fun moaning and groaning Gita had got Anna's strapon and was fucking Shona's dripping wet cunt what a sight it was I got Anna off my cock and was licking Gita's ass only to have Max come over and started to lick and suck my cock everyone was having some fun somewhere all but me and Max had cum which got me to wondering where was he going to dump his load.
I did not have to wait long to find out all over my cock, belly and chest that's where it went but that was not a bad thing as I had three sweet lady's to lick it off, what a sweet night that was and it was only my first night of the week the next night all five of us went to a swingers club but that's another story.

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when is the next installment cumming
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like it