Was the beginning of last summer,began to get hot in the city,in the early afternoon was too hot to stay home,so I took a towel and I went to the beach more
neighbor who was about 20 minutes from my country.
That afternoon I went out before work,I made a trip home took my stuff and sat on the same road that leads to the sea.
The way I though maybe it was worth pushing beyond the usual beach,I wanted to look for a place to rest in the shade away from c***dren playng or radio giving the usual songs all the time.
On the road I could see the beautiful pine forests that border the sea,I finally found my heaven I thought,turned into a tree-lined and I parked my car there.
how could I know a place so quite I wondered,I could hear the rustle of the wind,to breathe that air of sparkling sea and the birds singing, everything was perfect for my relaxation.
I lay down under a tree to get my nep,while my mind was lighter the chaos of the city.
After about 10 minutes I feel the strange sensation of not being alone,I looked around and saw a young man who stared at me a few meters from me, I stared at him as if to say what you want?
He wears only a bathing suit,in response rests a hand between her legs rubbing his cock.
At first I gave a little annoyance,his invitation was too explicit to put me in embarrassment,I went to lie down on my towel,hoping to rest in peace.After a while I realized that was not the only one who was wandering among the pine forest in serch of cock to suck.
I could goelsewhere or remain indifferent,I decided to stay there and try to rest.
Meanwhile,the boy did not see more but I felt the distance between the dry grass of other men who chased each other.All this rigmarole to get some sex,I realized
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3 years ago
Can't wait for yhe next chapter thanks
3 years ago
I'm sorry,I will try to write the following as soon as possible.
3 years ago
Isn't there about anothe page missing?