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"I hide in plain sight, same as you." - Gustavo Fring (Breaking Bad)

"I'm what time and circumstance have made me." - James "Jimmy" Darmody
(Boardwalk Empire)

**************************************PLEASE READ******************************************

What's good. I'm just a straight guy who likes watching women get Sprayed,
Nutted on, Blasted
, etc..
in the FACE with Sperm, Cum, Jizz, Baby Batter,
Nut Butter, Cock Cheese, etc..
and I like to compile (or "cumpile" if you prefer) the
most DeGrading ones I can find (hence my name) into stylish yet cerebral
web classics... I think it's gone pretty well so far lol.

************************FOR ALL INCOMING FRIEND REQUESTS****************************

1) If your Profile Picture is just an exposed Penis, Dick, Cock, etc.. of ANY kind
then YOUR REQUEST WILL BE DENIED unless it is shooting cum onto some part
of the FEMALE anatomy, entering her Vagina, Pussy, Cunt, etc..
or her mouth. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

2) I will no longer accept requests from Gay, Bisexual, or Transsexual MALE users
Additionally, if your profile features
videos or pictures of a homosexual nature -- Your Request Will Be Denied,


My Other Videos that you won't find on this site:

Believe it or not, this isn't my complete collection of videos! There are a couple more
that aren't here bc they were either taken down (which is total BS that I hate) or bc
they weren't ever uploaded here in the first place. Fortunately for y'all, I have profiles
on other sites. I'm posting the links to them here bc I feel like y'all will read this
quicker than y'all will read my comments space or my blogs (where these links can
also be found btw).

Here are the links to these lost gems:

Exploited Ebony Cumpilation:


The Recent Days of Preston Parker:


You're Welcome.

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6 hours ago
Yeah but why wait until the end? That's not cinematic and I pride myself on making my videos a sort of cinematic experience which is why I utilize an introduction title. Aside from that, I want people to know who compiled the upload; I would never take credit for the content itself but I damn sure am gonna take credit for the compilation that features said content and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. As far as I know, you're the only person who's ever complained about my use of titles other than this site's mods but they're dumb fucks and you don't seem like you are one. Additionally, when I pause a scene, I don't advertise anything...where are you getting that idea from? I dare to be different and that's one of the reasons why my compilations are recognized as being some of the best on the internet. Before I started doing this, I swear that all I would ever see anyone make were fucking Peter North, Winston Burbank, subpar Preston Parker, and assorted compilations. They all suffered from a lack of originality, crappy video quality, and no style. Why would I wanna those sorry-ass trends? And why would I stop marching to the beat of my own drum when what I'm doing is working? Have you ever heard the expression, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? If I just slopped a bunch of scenes together without my transitions or editing style then I'd be just doing what nearly every other compiler is doing. They're boring -- I'm not.

I don't know who this Mr. Nasty Guy is I'll have to check his stuff out so I have a frame of reference.

I get where you're coming from and all. Some people just like simplicity or don't like change. If you can overlook the stuff about my videos that you don't like then maybe you'll have a more pleasurable experience while watching. Try it...or not. I'm fine either way.
9 hours ago
I can appreciate the time and editing that goes into your compilations. I did make 1 a while back but it included a lot of watermarks cause I wasn't aware at the time that those were the bane of an uploader.

As far as not trying to please everyone, that's mostly understandable. I mean, if 1 person makes a weird request that is against your interests, it would make sense to ignore them. In regard to my request, if I can suggest it again without pissing you off, would you reconsider the need for or at least the timing and placement for your advertisement? I mean, both you and that Mr. Nasty guy seem to have the same problem with putting your names everywhere like y'all own the content. Forgive me if I'm stepping out of line with that comment, it's not meant to offend, just being straight with the situation. You don't get paid for your compilations, right? You don't own it, right? Splicing together stuff found online and slapping your name on it doesn't make it yours. What it does is interrupt the fapping of the online audience. If nothing else, put your advertisement at the end like credits normally go and let us fap in peace!
17 hours ago
I'm about ready to lift the ban on friend requests from male users so don't fuck it up. No gay or tranny shit or I will reinstate the ban, PERMANENTLY this time. I'm fresh outta fucks to give right now so believe me when I express how serious I am about reinstating the ban..
17 hours ago
Thanks man. Yeah, not everyone likes my style but the same could be said for anyone who puts out anything for the public eye. It's to hard to try to please everyone all the time which is why I stopped trying awhile back. Now I just make the vids I wanna make how I wanna make 'em. If people like them then cool and if not then it's still okay.
17 days ago
great profile!Would appreciate an add.
1 month ago
2 months ago
Love your page! We have the same thoughts. Would love invite.
2 months ago
1. I really appreciate the time and effort you've gone through to make these compilations and upload them. I haven't done much in the way of compilation stuff but I have a few vids uploaded myself.
2.The compilations content is pretty awesome. Facials are fantastic! I'm personally more of a fan of the girls swallowing or getting creampied but there's nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a hot girl with spunk on her face after working so fucking hard for it!
3. Your editing, while not terrible, does really irritate me. I'm probably not alone there, but maybe I am. Interrupting a cumshot just to insert your name and a soundclip is just rude. Like right before the cumshot zooming in on the guys' face. Like what the fuck, man? I do appreciate your efforts but your vids are often skipped over by me for the interrupting bullshit.
4 months ago
New celebrity nude photos? Anybody know where I can find 'em?
4 months ago
lol Yeah I saw that sh*t. It was a pretty big one too. It had to be on her back though. A Kate Upton facial would mark the end of the universe XD
4 months ago
www.motherless.com has them all!
4 months ago
That's what I originally thought too but my gut is telling me that it might be someone else.
4 months ago
It was probably Nicholas Hoult who gave her that facial. They dated for a long time.
4 months ago
Anybody know where I can find those celebrity nude pics that originally got leaked on 4chan, especially the alleged Jennifer Lawrence facial pic and video?
5 months ago
Hi, add us :)
5 months ago
still a fan of chloe bennet?
6 months ago
Great stuff you have on here, Degrader34.
6 months ago
Great video collection!
7 months ago
Come back! I drop loads worthy of you vids!
7 months ago
nice profil
7 months ago
again: u are simply the best!:)
7 months ago
you have the BEST vids!!!!!!!!
8 months ago
i come back to your shit cuz you do a great job of finding oustanding cum dumpsters. Kudos to you sir.
8 months ago
nice avatar
8 months ago
New Video Update:

just recently, I made an update to "Shaggy Destroys Faces" comp. I would describe it as a "reimagining" of the original, remastered in high definition this time around. But wait... that's only the tip (pun intended).

In addition to the HD quality, there are brand new clips, repurposed clips from other past compilations that also featured the work of Shaggy (like from the "Preston Parker Destroys Faces" vid for example), improved audio quality, as well as major changes to the arrangement of the original clips.

So in many ways, it's not the same compilation from before. However, fans of the original will experience familiarity when they watch. I believe that this is one of my finest cumpilations ever and I had a blast making it (no pun intended ) -_-

It can actually be seen RIGHT NOW on either Pornhub or Xvideos; later on in the week, it'll also be on Pornoxo.

So stop reading this and go watch it already!!! lol
8 months ago
Your profile is among the best on here fella
8 months ago
Superb cumpilations, thanks for the efforts!
9 months ago
Hey Admiral... Come back please. Nobody is like you. You are the BEST. We miss you!!!
9 months ago
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I also like tributes to her (videos if possible).
Send me your fantasy, or tribute, by PM, post it yourself (and PM me), or send it to alfredbjunk@yahoo.com
9 months ago
Well now I know for a fact that you haven't gotten around to watching all my videos yet lol. The scene you're describing is on All-Star Face Blasters III. Take a look at it when you have an hour to spare.
9 months ago
Can You Get The Adriana Kelly Scene From jesseloadsmonsterfacials.com .... I Really Want To See That Load All Over Her Face.
9 months ago
Thanks for the great uploads, I'll see your content on xvideos I hope
9 months ago
so sorry to see you leave... thanks for all your hard work, i loved it.
9 months ago
Sorry to see you go bro, you always had amazing uploads

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