A sadist's fun night with a true pain slut

This was originally written as a response to member "sluthole" who wrote me and asked;"I love my tits to be abused, how would u use my tits and cunt?"

The following is my response. It took on such a life of it's own that I decided some of you other kinky pain sluts might enjoy it as well. So, originally intended for the eyes of "sluthole" this is being share with all of you.
(Yes I asked her if she would mind it if I shared and she had no problem.)

I hope you all enjoy.

Imagine if you will:

I e****t you nude (except for leather wrist and ankle cuffs) into an simple home dungeon with walls painted a deep burgundy and standard black furniture including a St Andrews cross, spanking bench, horse, stocks and other typical dungeon equipment. Over near one of the walls there is an older doctors exam table. Nothing antique but still at least 15-20 years old. It has been outfitted along it's parameter with a selection of anchor points for the obvious reason of securing a person. Above it are several more anchor points and a couple of pulleys with rope already running through them. As we enter the room I stop momentarily at the doorway to adjust the lighting. The lights in the rest of the room are dimmed while the lights over the exam table are brightened. You already knew this was probably where you were headed but now there is no doubt in your mind. I guide you to the table and instruct you to lay back and get comfortable. Something in your mind tells you that in a few minutes this situation is going to be anything but comfortable. Still, you lay back and wait quietly with anticipation. First you are strapped tightly to the table. and your arms, wrists already cuffed, are buckled to the sides. Now I produce some rope and create a simple sliding loop at the end. This loop is in turn placed around the base of your breast and cinched down tight before tying it off tightly to the side of the table. I repeat this procedure for the other breast as well. Now you cannot even wiggle your torso side to side without quite a tug and some unpleasant sensation. A set of stirrups are pulled to extend from the end of the table and I buckle your ankle cuffs to them so that your feet are securely set. The only movement you can manage is a little swing of your legs, much like a butterfly opening and closing, and your head is still free. Your breasts protruding upward the harsh lighting from the ceiling lights reflect off the pale skin in an almost blinding white glare. Your nipples are hard due to either your lustful anticipation or possibly just the chilled temperature of the room and the cold vinyl against your back. First I position myself between your legs and place a cold item over your genitals. You know the feeling and are reassured of your certainty when the hiss comes and the refreshing sensation of the vacuum pulls your clitoris into the device. It's a simple genital pump, nothing near as intense as your own Master uses at home. Your mind is eased a little as you figure I'm not truly as sadistic as I had claimed when the first device I use is only the quality of a cheap toy. The pump set, I then rummage around in the drawers under the table and set a few things down on the side of the table next to you. I swab your nipples with alcohol wipes to sterilize them and then produce a large curved needle. You've seen the small curved needles that are typically used for making sutures but this isn't one of those. This appears to be an upholstery needle used for mending and recovering furniture with heavy fabrics. Not the sort of needle that you would expect to see, yet it is threaded with a black waxed thread that is typical for use in sewing the flesh. Oh my you think, he's either inexperienced and has no idea what he's doing or he really is as sick a bastard as he had warned. You quickly realize it's the second when I wave it in front of your eyes and tell you that I have some little needles but I had been waiting for a pain slut to use the industrial strength tools on. I set the needle down and pull out a roll of duct tape. I tear off two strips and place them securely over your mouth. "I can't have you screaming right in my ear, you wouldn't want me to jerk or anything", I say. I slip a soft blindfold over your eyes, something pleasant that makes you think of those that are given at the nice hotels. The problem is that this isn't going to stay pleasant as what you assume to be a belt is then wrapped over it and tightened so that there is an uncomfortable pressure on your head and eyes. "At least I can still hear", you think to yourself. You hear me rummaging around again and then you feel the alcohol again being wiped over your nipples. Silence falls, you hold your breath and then comes the sensation. You cannot see but you can feel and imagine as the enormous hooked needle is shoved through your nipple. You can feel the thread being pulled through after it. A moment passes and it happens again, to the same nipple. The second piercing comes at a 90degree angle from the first so now there is an x of waxed thread running through the tip of your breast. You hear me moving a bit and then feel the sensation again on the opposite nipple. You are thankful that you cannot see as you know the bl**d must be flowing after a needle of that size is f***ed through your tender flesh. Is it bad that you almost had an orgasm when I did the second nipple? I wipe your tender nipples with alcohol and you feel the sting and burn as it disinfects the area. You hear me mumbling to myself for a moment and then I take the belt and blindfold off so you can see the crossed threads running in and out of your pink flesh. There's not much sign of bl**d and you are both relieved and disappointed at the same time. From under the table I produce a wooden dowel the length of your forearm. In this you see three small metal loops, two on the ends on one side of the dowel and one in the center on the opposite side. As I grab one of the small ropes running to the ceiling through a pulley you know what the purpose of the thread through the nipples was for. I lay the dowel on your chest and tie the black threads to the end loops on each side the same as that breast. Then I tie the rope through the center leaving quite a tail hanging through. After some estimation and a bit of measuring I tie a decent sized knot in the end of the tail. "What is this for?", you wonder. Then come out the weights. Yeah, you knew there were going to be weights as soon as you saw that dowel. I start to attach the weights to the end of the rope on the other side of the pulley. Before I let it down however I pull the tape from your mouth. OWWW! I present you with the knot I had tied and instruct you to hold it in your mouth. You do such and hold the knotted rope between your teeth. As I lower the weights you realize it's now your job to hold the weight with either your teeth or if you open your mouth with your nipples. Thank god for small favors. I position myself now between your legs and start to fondle your clitoris. You try to raise your head to see but realize that if you raise your head any the weights become suspended my your nipples instead of your teeth. This is not an option and you strain to keep you head down. I now wipe your genitals with alcohol and proceed to hold that nasty big needle up high where you can see it. With the rope between your teeth you can't really object although you try. All you can do is hold your breath, close your eyes and wait for the pinch. And it comes, and again, and again. You feel the needle, the awful big needle and the thread, lord how much thread. You realize that I'm sewing your clitoris shut. And when I tighten the stitches you can feel the pull. I again wipe you off with alcohol and then comes the bite as it cleanses your wounds. "Oh god, he must finally be done", you think. If only that were the case. Next I produce a small corded bullet vibrator and place it at the head of your clit. You can feel me working it down into the crease and realize that I must have only sewn it most of the way up. after I get it positioned just how I want it I then start to wipe the flesh of your outer labia with the alcohol and you realize that I mean to sew you up a second time. This time however you will have a vibrator trapped against your already aching and mostly sewn up clit. Your breasts ache from the pressure building inside and they are starting to feel cold. You can see barely because you cannot raise your head that they have turned blue. Your nipples are throbbing and your jaw aches from biting down on the rope. You know however that if you don't continue to hold that your poor nipples will pay the price. The pain of the needle and thread through your outer labia isn't as bad as you would imagine with that large needle passing through the much fleshier part of your genitals but you realize it's probably just because you are becoming numb to everything. I take my time making sure to savor every moment and push your knees apart once in a while to make sure your clitoris tugs ever so intensely on the thread that holds it shut. Finally I am done with the needle and I use the f***eps to pull the thread tighter and close you up. You can almost see it in your minds eye and imagine it to look much like a corset being laced up. Once I have finished and tied my last knot I ask you if you are ready to orgasm for me. You are so ready but unsure if you will be able to. I ask you what you want me to set the vibrator at but since you can't talk with the rope in your mouth you don't respond. "Oh", I say, "you don't want the vibrator?" "You should have said something earlier, I'll just take it out." and I start to pull on the cord. You realize immediately that I intend to just yank the bullet out and tear the stitching that holds you together. "WRUN" you holler through your clenched teeth. "Do what?", I say. You try to articulate although it's hard without being able to open your teeth and the fact that there is a small wad of rope in your mouth. Still the word comes out unclear and so I say, "Ten, excellent all the way up then", and I turn up the power fully. I knew you were trying to say "one" but it was just too much fun to mess with you. "Now," I say, "comes the really fun part. You can't imagine what is going to be "fun" in my mind. I walk around to the head of the table and stand over you. Then I kneel on the ground almost out of your sight. The next thing you feel catches you off guard but doesn't exactly surprise you. You feel a silky and soft cloth wrap over your throat and I pull downward putting significant pressure on your neck. I inform you that you only have until you pass out to achieve an orgasm or who knows what might happen. You've never played with someone quite like me and so you don't know how to read me. "What if this guy is a lunatic and is going to kill me now?" It's very hard to breathe and your head is now throbbing from the pressure. Your pussy aching as it is is still being stimulated by the vibrator and sends waves of intense pleasure into your loins. Fear grabs hold of you but it excites you even more. Am I serious, how far will I go? You are afraid but so turned on and the pain coupled with the vibrations is pushing you up and over the edge. You need air and cannot focus to keep your jaw locked down on the rope. It slips free as you try to gasp for air. The weights fall and the sensation on your nipples is the intense pain that drives you over the cliffs of extacy. You orgasm hard and inadvertently spread your legs which tears a little at the stitching. The pain is so good though and your head is swimming from the pressure and lack of oxygen. Adrenaline courses through your body and the endorphins released from your states of fear, pain and pleasure are all mixed into one whopper of a cocktail that has you so d***k with sensation you realize that if you were to die at my hands you really wouldn't mind. Moments later however, I release the cloth that I have been throttling you with and I ease the vibrator down into the off position. I grab the dowel to take the pressure off your nipples and gently cut the threads. Then methodically I cut free your sutures, remove the thread and disinfect the areas that have been violated. Finally I release your bindings, breasts first, then ankles, wrists and the straps that hold your abdomen. I help you to a sitting position and you look down at my equipment sitting on a small stand near the base of the table. You see a very small curved surgical needle that is typically used for suturing and you realize that I never used that monster needle at all. You had been blindfolded when I was sewing your nipples and your head was f***ed back during the work I did between your legs. The whole thing was just a mind fuck in the end. God what a fuck it was though.
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