Her Tattoo

The tattoo on April’s lower back bothered me every time I saw it. It bothered me so much that I would lose my erection when I saw it. April’s favorite position is doggy, so whenever she was ready to cum, she would push me off her and get on her knees, so I could fuck her from behind. I would see the tattoo and just go limp. Needless to say, both of us were getting frustrated. I did not want to tell her how much I hated the tattoo, so I let her assume that heavy pressure at work was causing my problem.

To my surprise and dismay, she arranged a week vacation to St. Simons Island to get my mind off work so I could function again. The second we got to our villa, April threw on a tiny bikini that exposed her tattoo for the whole world and headed to the pool. About an hour later, I joined her at the pool’s bar and decided it was time to talk about her tattoo and my problem. I don’t know how many drinks she had before I started the conversation, but I had guzzled down two strong vodka and tonics when I asked her why would she get a tattoo on her lower back, when she knew I hated them.

“Baby, I like these tattoos. I think they are sexy. I always wanted one, but didn’t get it because we were together and I knew you hated them. When I decided to get it, I did not think we would ever get back together.” She said it with such a soft and loving voice that I genuinely thought it was innocent and that she was sincere in describing the only reason she wanted the tattoo.

“So you didn’t get it as a tramp stamp to piss me off and attract men?” I asked.

With a little playful laugh, she said “Baby, I was mad, of course I got it to piss you off, but I really did want one long before I wanted to make you mad.” Then with a wicked grin she said, “But I did find out that you are not the only man in the world who thinks it is a tramp stamp.”

I did not know how to react or what to say to her comment. I was committed to working out the problems in our crazy relationship and knew she was finally trying to talk openly and work with me, so I just stayed quiet and let her talk.

“Baby, I get more dick now than I ever did before. Men will just assume its ok to grab my ass and ask for the pussy when they see my tat . . . I mean stamp.” She said with a small laugh.

“You said get. You mean got, right?” I challenged.

“Well yeah, I did get a lot of dick when we were split up, but on those nights when you can’t keep a hard-on and I leave to go home, I am getting some of the best wham bam thank you maam fucks of my life.” April saw the surprised look on my face and adjusted in her chair. “Come on baby, you knew I was still fucking Ty, and I know you are still fucking Nancy. There is no way you thought I was not getting someone to satisfy me when you were going limp.” April moved close to me and gently rubbed my thigh. “I thought you like me being bad, and doing nasty stuff.” She whispered as her nails lightly traced my cock through my pants.
“I do like it when you are nasty and slutty.” I whispered. “But I like it being private. Every time I see that tattoo, I worry about clients, colleagues, and other people I see every day wondering if you are a hoe. As long as we keep it a secret, I am alright with us doing whatever. Its just embarrassing when everyone knows my woman is looking for dick.”

“Aww, baby I’m sorry. I get that.” She said. “I promise, no more low rider pants, half shirts or cum fuck me shorts while we are at home.” She leaned over, kissed me and said “I love you baby.”

My dick was instantly hard and I wanted to fuck her right there on her bar stool. “Want to go back to the room?” I asked.

She gave me one of her devilish looks and said “Baby, when I get back from the spa, I am going to fuck your brains right out of your head.” When she went to the spa I sat at the bar and slowly sipped a few more drinks as I watched the parade of hot women walk by and climb in the swimming pool. I noticed that almost all of them had tattoos on their necks, shoulders or lower back. By the time I left the pool area and went back to our villa, my dick was so hard from watching all the hot women searching for cock that I thought I might burst in my pants.

I wasn’t in the room more than fifteen minutes before April burst through the door. She had a wild look in her eyes that told me she was ready to fuck. She dropped her bikini, climbed on the bed and crawled her way up to my face. She planted her horny, dripping wet pussy on my face and just humped back and forth. She grabbed my head and raised it to her pussy, where she held it and she continued to grind down on my face and tongue.

“That’s right, eat that pussy motherfucker” she started. “Eat that pussy until I cum all over your fucking face.” The more I tried sucking and licking her clit, the more she guided my mouth to tongue the inside of her pussy. “Yeah that’s it, get your fuckin tongue deep in that wet pussy. Yeah eat it . . . that’s right, fuckin eat it all.”

While I couldn’t taste, smell or feel anything different, I was pretty damn sure that she was so excited and aggressive because she was making me eat cum out of her pussy. Her pussy didn’t look any more red than usual and it did not seem loose, but I knew she did not get this excited unless something kinky was involved. After about five minutes of licking and eating her pussy while she gyrated on my face, she stiffened a bit, planted both her feet on the bed so she was squatting just inches from my face, and as a quiet “Umph” escaped her mouth, she pushed out a big glob of warm evidence that she had been fucked by someone with a high sperm count. When the glob splashed on my tongue, her body fell back to my face and she trembled with the most violent orgasm I have ever witnessed. At that point, most of what she said was simply inaudible, but she was very clear when she hollered “Eat that fucking cum you limp dick bitch!”

After she splashed loads of some stranger’s cum all over my face, she slid her way down my body and starting riding my cock like she was racing a horse at a top speed. April bounced up and down on my dick and smashed her ass against my balls every time she came down. “Fuck this pussy.” She yelled as she grabbed my neck with one hand and slapped my chest with her other hand. She bent over and kissed me deep and then spit in my mouth. She focused her eyes on my eyes so she could watch my reaction when she asked me if I could taste his big dick on her tongue. “Could you taste his big hard dick, you cum eating bastard?” She asked me as she continued riding me hard. “You want me to be a slut only during our vacations?” She asked as two of her fingers slid in my mouth. “Well, I am going to get as much fuckin hard dick as I can while we”re here. Come on fucker, cum in my pussy before you go limp again. I want your nut before you shrink. Cum on your fuckin piece of shit, FUCK ME!”

April still had no idea that my kryptonite was her tattoo. As long as she was riding me face to face, I could fuck her pussy raw all night long. My dick was as hard as it had been in months. I flipped her over, so I was on top and started banging her little body into the mattress. She spread her legs wide, pointed her toes and vibrated through another very intense orgasm. When she settled down, she wrapped her legs around my back and just held on as I rammed her hard and deep. “Oh my gawwwwwwd!” She yelled as she exploded again. “Damn this dick is good” she said when the third earthquake subsided. “Oh baby, fuck your pussy. This is your pussy baby. Fuck me good.” She whimpered as she clung to me with her arms and legs.

When I was ready to cum, I wanted to give her what she gave me, so I climbed over top of her face and blew my load all over her face and down her throat. “Open your mouth slut” I ordered. “Take this nut down your throat and show me what a tramp you . . . .” Is all I could say before wave after wave of gut churning massive loads of cum exploded from my nuts and all over her face. When I stopped shaking, half of my dick was in her mouth and all of her middle finger was up my ass.

It was one of the most fantastic nut busting cums I have ever experienced. And, to my amazement, I was still in the mood to hear about who and how April had fucked. Typically, when I cum, I am not in the mood for anything. But on this day, I felt like I wanted the fun to continue. “Damn you’re a good fuck.” I said.

“I love fucking baby. I just can’t get enough dick. I wonder does that make me a slut.” She said as we both laughed. “But, you must really like it when I get new dick and feed you cum, cause you didn’t lose your hard on at all.” She said. I didn’t want to get her out of the mood, so I did not tell her that I am good as long as I don’t see her tattoo.

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5 months ago
Wow, your wife is hot! Lucky man!
2 years ago
Hmmm..nice! I loved how she was aggressive with him.
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
Where was the "gay male "?
2 years ago
Nice! Dirty bitch