How It Began

I am six foot tall, I guess about 190 or a little more, and have a very muscular athletic build. I am black and am told that I am good looking. I was an athlete in college, if that gives you any idea of my body type. My wife, April is 5’ 6” tall, 110 pounds, with a full perfectly shaped C cup chest that stands perky over her flat well defined stomach. Her medium brown slender but muscular body is a perfect formula for excitement filled wet dream. But, after two years of dating and nine years of marriage, I was completely bored with her and could care less if she stuck her perfectly shaped ass right in my face.

As a result of being bored, I started fucking my secretary and made her suck my dick every day, if I was horny or not. Nancy has an average looking face, red hair, green eyes, pale skin and cute perky small tits. She also has the most incredible ass and very shapely legs that looks like she runs ten miles a day. She is a definitely a slut and has been rode more than a horse in a rodeo.

The more I fucked Nancy, the more bored I became with my wife. Nancy would tell me her nasty adventures while I bent her over my desk and fucked her as hard and as deep as I could. Her wild stories made me want to join her in some of her kinky fun, so I started by letting her tongue fuck and finger fuck my ass. Every day, she had something new and exciting she wanted to do to me or with me.

As I was discovering and experiencing my new found sexual freedoms, April was working her way into a new more demanding position in her firm, and bringing her stress from her job home every night. So, not only was I bored and tired of fucking her, I was tired of coming home to hear her complain about work. The combination of my wife stressing me and my secretary thrilling me, caused me to blurt out “I want a divorce.”

Shocked, April stop what she was doing, apologized and promised that she was ready to do whatever it would take to fix our problems. She admitted that she had let work get to her and that she was taking it out on me. Instead of seizing the opportunity, I told her it wasn’t just work, I was bored with her and no longer found her sexy. She was shocked again, but this time, she gave in and told me she would agree to the divorce.

Within an hour after she agreed to the divorce, I was in a hotel room fucking Nancy in her gorgeous white ass. Nancy was being nastier and dirtier than ever before. She was taking great pleasure in calling me a bastard, motherfucker, mandingo and big dick nigga, and I was having the time of my life telling her she was a slut, whore, bitch, piece of shit and white cunt. When she started screaming “fuck me nigger . . . fuck this white pussy deep.” I experienced one of the best and longest orgasms of my life. I was so weak from the sensation of such a powerful cum that I fell back on the bed and just laid there totally worn out. Nancy flipped me over, licked my ass, fingered it and then climbed on top of me and started grinding her wet pussy against my ass. She told me how she wished she had a strap on, so she could show me how it feels to be fucked in the ass.

She continued to grind her pussy on my ass and bite my neck until I was hard again. She reached underneathe me, took my cock in her hand and rolled her fingers and thumb back and forth the top part of my cock as she continued grinding and gushing pussy juice on my ass. When she pushed her other hand between us so she could reach my asshole, I could hear her hand squishing around in a puddle of her fuck juice. Her finger slid easily in and out of my ass as she continued to play with my cock. "Damn I want to fuck this black ass" she said as she fingered me deep. "I want to be the boss and turn you into my bitch" she continued. "I would make you watch my boyfriend fuck me and then make you get on your knees and suck his big white dick."

I felt the first spasm of my orgasm in my stomach and I jerked. "Oh fuck, you like that don't you? You want to watch my man show you how he pounds this pussy? Or do you just want to suck that big white dick?" I started spraying hot cum all over the bed and Nancy's hand as I heard her commanding me "Come on bitch, cum wit my fingers up your black ass. Thats it bitch, I know you want some dick."

I did not go home that night. It was the start of six months of pure mind blowing sex and fantasy role play. When I got home the next day, my wife had packed her things and moved out, but I did not care. I was ready to for my new life.

After six months of doing any and everything imaginable, Nancy was bored with me, and the shoe was on the other foot. She resigned from her position that Friday afternoon, and then told me, she was moving out of town, so we would not be in contact any longer. I wanted one last fuck and one last mind blowing cum, but she was done, so I was left horny, confused and a little angry. Of course, the only thing to do was to get a few drinks and call April. I might have been bored with her six months ago, but now I was horny and d***k and did not care who I fucked.

I had not much as called April to ask if she needed references to get a new place, so I was a little surprised at how easy it was to talk to her and how nice she was toward me when I called. On the phone, she genuinely sounded concerned about me. She told me not to try to drive, she would come get me and drive me home.

It is amazing what six months will do to a man’s eye sight and fuck desire. April looked hot. She was wearing low rider jeans, sexy ankle strap heels and a silk see through top that ties behind her neck and back and completely exposes her stomach. I thought “Bingo” she wants the dick. I stood up to hug her and she pressed those perfect C cup tits hard against my chest and held on tight and for a long time.

Instead of stopping me from drinking, she ordered both of us drinks and took every opportunity to put her hand on my leg, and bend over so I had full view or her already clearly displayed tits. After a few drinks, she got up to go to the bathroom and I noticed she had a new “tramp stamp” tattoo on her lower back. My dick got instantly hard. I visualize how I was going to watch her tramp stamp move while I was slam fucking her from behind tonight.

When she got back, I spread my legs and slid my but to the edge of the chair to make sure she had a clear view of my hard dick growing down my pants. She reached over, gave it a squeeze and said “I remember this.” I told her that her memories were of an old tired and married dick, but not the new and improved single monster. She laughed, reminded me that we were still married and made a comment that quickly sobered me up. She said “And your memories of are an old married pussy that had not been beat up yet.” She noticed the look on my face, and quickly said “come on Mr. Old, let me call you a cab.”

She stood, dial information on her cell phone, ordered the cab, kissed me on my cheek as she gave my cock a good squeeze, then told me to “have fun with it tonight.” Her only response to my totally bewildered face was “Sorry babe, I was getting ready for a date when you called.” Then she turned and left.

As soon as she disappeared, I paid our tab and went out to my car. There was no way I was taking a cab and leaving my car. I called April as I was driving. She answered “Hi baby” so I felt bold and confident enough to ask her where she was going. She was vague and just said, I told you I have a date. So I continued to press until she asked me where was Nancy, and why didn’t I give her a call. I didn’t know she knew about Nancy, so I played dumb. She told me it was alright that I was fucking Nancy because “your wife is going out to dinner and then she is going to get fucked.” I don’t remember anything else I said or anything else she said. I just remember arriving at my house, alone, horny and d***k.

About three in the morning, my phone rang. I had faller to sl**p on my couch and was sitting there with my hand down my pants. It was April. “So did Nancy come over and take care of you?” She asked. When I told her no, she asked me if I had to call someone else or did I just jack off. This was not the April I remembered from just six short months ago. April would never openly talk about sex and jerking off. I told her that I fell to sl**p without doing anything. She told me that there was no way that I had not done something with the hard dick she saw earlier. She said “Prove it. Take your dick out right now and jerk if off and let me hear you cum.” I could not believe my ears. Boring April wanted to hear me jerk off. She then said “Hang up and take a picture of your hard dick and show me you are horny enough to get it up,” and she hung up.

I was shocked and for some strange reason nervous. I was excited but I was not horny and could not get in the state of mind to get hard. She waited two minutes and called back and asked me where was her picture. When I told her it was weird, she wanted to know how was it weird that a wife wanted to see her husband’s hard dick. When I tried to explain, she said “You’re boring. I am turning around and going to get me some more of Tim’s big dick.” The phone went dead. Now I was angry. She called me boring? I left her cranky ass because she is the one who is boring. It was three o’clock in the morning and I was wide awake, angry and all by myself. And who the fuck is Tim, I thought.

Half hour later, my phone buzzed. It was a message from April. She sent me a picture of Tim’s dick that she took with her phone. Her message said “This big dick is beatin up your wife’s pussy since you couldn’t get hard.” The dick in the picture was huge. It was so thick that it almost looked fake. If her hand and diamond ring were not holding the top of that monster, I would have sworn it was photo shopped. From some really strange reason, I got an instant hard on and hard to jerk my cock.

April waited about ten minutes and called me back, as I was in the middle of stroking furiously. I was a little out of breath when I answered, so she asked “What are you doing?” But I answered by asking her what she wanted, rather than admitting I was beating off. She said Tim is a young boy and cums too quickly. The clarity of my cell phone betrayed me and April could hear me continue to breathe hard. “Are you fucking jacking off? You couldn’t get hard when I wanted to see your dick, but you got hard when you saw Tim’s dick? She asked. When I didn’t answer at all, she softened her voice and asked “Or did the thought of Tim’s big dick pounding your wife’s pussy and beatin up this pussy right set you off?” I was a goner. I had been horny since earlier in the day when Nancy wouldn’t suck me off, and April’s tramp stamp and outfit had doubled my need for a release, and the latest new surprise of my former boring wife being a hot slut for some quick cumming young guy was just too much to handle. I blew my load right there with my wife on the phone.

It wasn’t even twenty minutes later when I heard April’s keys turn the lock on the door. She bolted into our bedroom where I was lying on the bed. She pulled back the covers and gobbled down my dick like she was a starving lion. She sucked, stroked and licked me and told me about how she got fucked, until I was rock hard. Then, she climbed on top of my hard dick with her cum filled pussy and rode me until she had three earth shattering orgasms and I exploded deep in her sloppy pussy. She slid her gorgeous body up to my face and squatted her pussy over my mouth and made me eat her pussy and ass. She told me I was a cum eater and called me every nasty name she could think up until she bust a nut again all over my face. I turned her over on her back and pounded her as hard and as deep as I could, while we called each other names and shared nasty dirtier talk. We fucked like that all night, and when we got up the next day, we fucked in every room of the house in every position possible.

It was the start of a new adventure for both of us. Sometimes, it is unbelievable just how kinky and nasty she can get. It has been five years and we are the happiest couple in the world. April is constantly changing her fetishes and her kinks, and that keeps things exciting. Her latest fetish is large uncircumcised white cock. She can almost cum just by stroking with a big white cock.

Who would have ever thought it would take us separating to discover just how well we fit together.

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11 months ago
I would be glad to come over and fuck April for you whilst you played with your dick.
2 years ago
kinky, excellent
2 years ago
This is a great story! I came rock hard and wet while reading it.
3 years ago
Great, great story. Thanks for sharing as well as inviting and adding me.
3 years ago
Good one1
3 years ago
Not an out of the ordinary situation.
Couples often have sexual issues because they are not honest with each other and especially not honest with themselves. Many people do not know what they like or just won't admit to it. Honesty is a must, especially when it comes to self pleasure.
3 years ago
A very good story!
3 years ago
That was a very good story. Sounda like you are both happy now.
3 years ago
Not to bad of a story. Thanks for sharing. Just goes to show communication is key...