Last night, April and I went to the Jazz and Blues Fest that takes place outside at a large park in downtown Chicago. The event starts on Wednesday and has different bands every night until Sunday. We got downtown just after 6:00 PM because we wanted a good spot to layout our blanket. We chose a nice spot on a hill and under a tree just to the left of the stage speakers and about thirty yards from the stage. The hill and angle made the spot perfect, and the tree gave us shade from the sun and a little privacy. About thirty minutes after we made camp, a younger white couple came up the hill and asked if they could steal a small piece of our tree. They looked a little goth but harmless, so we said sure. They were both a little white and seemingly in need of a little color. As they raised a large red umbrella, the guy explained that they burn easy. To my surprise, the big umbrella provided extra coolness and some way reflected a breeze back on us. As the sun fell, they tilted the umbrella so it blocked the sun from creeping beneath the tree. Our spot was secluded and seemed to get more romantic when we lit the candles to deter mosquitoes. As the night wore on, we exchanged more and more conversation and jokes with the couple. We only brought two bottles of wine and were completely out before ten. They had a whole cooler of drinks and snacks and started sharing everything from submarine sandwiches to toast of vodka shots. Close to midnight, we were smashed d***k when we realized that we did not know each other’s names. Her name was Candice, but everyone calls her Sandy because she has "sandy" blonde hair, and his name was Richard Small. April burst out laughing and almost yelled "Your parents named you Dick Small!" We all laughed, and he said that he had heard that same joke over a million times, but it did not bother him. April just couldn't let it go and looked at Sandy and asked, "Well is it?" Sandy assured us that it was far from small, but got a little red in the face. All the beer and alcohol finally needed to escape our bodies, so we decided to stand guard and let one at a time empty our full bladders. We made a wall next to the umbrella and faced the stage so we were hidden from public view. Rich was the last one to pee. As his stream came to and end and broke into drips, April made an obvious turn to look over her should to catch a glimpse. It was so dark that she could not see his cock, but said she saw a spark fly off his dick. We laughed at her and I told her that she was done with the booze for the night, but she swore as d***k as she was and as dark as it was that she saw a spark fly off his dick. Finally, Rich said that she probably saw a reflection because he has a Prince Albert. I had no idea what the hell a Prince Albert was, and when he explained it to me I grabbed my dick and said ouch. I don't know if the couple planned it when the came to our tree earlier or if the liquor encouraged it, but when April started asking a lot of questions about it, Rich got up on his knees, moved close to April and stuck her hand down his pants and told her to feel it. I could see her hand moving around in his pants as she bit her bottom lip. "Does that hurt" she asked. When Rich told her no, she kept moving her hand around. "Are you completely shaved" she asked. Sandy commented for him "every morning." April's hand and arm changed movement from fishing around to a jerking action. "Your mammy didn't know what she was talking about. That’s a big dick, Dick." Sandy moved her hand down Rich's pants and said, "OK that’s enough groping my man. Go jerk off your own man." April moved away, slid behind me and cuddled close so she was spooning behind me as I lay on my side facing Sandy and Rich. She unzipped my pants, took my cock out and started stroking it right in from of them. After a while, Sandy moved in front of Rich, reached behind her and guided his cock in her pussy so he could fuck her from behind without anyone but us knowing that she was being fucked. April took he cue, and moved in front of me so I could fuck her the same way. Within minutes, April had Sandy's titties out in the open and was bent toward her sucking the nipples. April moved over so there was little to no space between her and Sandy so she could rub Sandy's clit and suck her tits. I felt a squeeze at my nut sack and realized that Sandy was squeezing my nuts and trying to stroke my cock. April bent her leg at the knee and raised it high enough to give Sandy easy access to my cock and her pussy. I felt Sandy pull my cock out of April's pussy just before I felt April use her ass to push me back away from Sandy and Rich. At first, I was surprised and thought she was getting jealous but then I saw her head dive down and I knew she wanted a taste of that fat white dick. I started fucking her hard and deep and I could hear her slurp on his cock as I heard Sandy say "suck that cock bitch. Suck my man's big cock." Sandy put her hands on the back of April's head and pushed her down further. Sandy smiled at me and looked at me as she told April "Choke on that big cock bitch. Choke your little throat on that big cock.” Sandy kept talking about Rich's cock and cock size but I could not see it. No matter how I lifted my head or turned, I could not see his big white dick. And then at last, Sandy asked, you ever had a Prince Albert rub the insides of your little pussy?" April's head sprung up off his dick, but before she could answer, Sandy grabbed her face and kissed her deeply. "I want it so bad. I want him to fuck me. Please let him fuck me.” April begged.

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2 years ago
part 2 please.
2 years ago
Love the story!
3 years ago
sounds like a lot of fun in the windy city ,,luv it