January 1964 My s****rs Boyfriends mate

January 1st 1964
My f****y were using the flat in the basement of the hotel this winter because the hotel was being redecorated for the summer season, My s****rs and I were using our bedrooms on the first floor, until they were needed for decoration, I was about 17 ½ now, The sexual encounter I’m going to write about happened the morning after my parents had given a New Years party, I went down to get a drink of water at about 04.30. I went into the kitchen and poured myself a glass and decided to go out into the garden and watch the sun come up, as it was New years day, I sat there for awhile, enjoying the view, feeling very relaxed, it started to get a bit nippy so I decided to go indoors and sit in the lounge, and listen to the radio, I didn’t feel tired at all,
I opened the door, where I found one of my s****rs boyfriends, mates, laying Nude, on the floor, I was quite astonished to see him there, I quietly sat on the sofa and just stared at him, quite perplexed at the situation, I found myself in, but very aroused at seeing him there, he was about 22, about my height, his body was completely shaved clean of any hair and quite athletic and a six pack to die for, Just Like a Greek God. it looked like he had, had to much drink the night before, his clothes were all over the place, God if my Dad came in right now, there would be an almighty row, finding me there, with him like that, especially after, only 6 mouths before, my farther had caught me being Fucked by old John in his bedroom, I had promised both my parents that I would never ever to do it again(Crossed fingers),
This cock, was all limp, d****d down between his legs, it wasn’t hard but it seemed well worth looking at to me, I sat there looking at him, with an excitement rushing through my body, at the same time I felt very guilty being there, watching him, as my parents were only down the corridor, so I got up, went into the kitchen and started to make a noise, to see if this would wake him up, giving him a chance to get dressed, saving his embarrassment, but he didn’t, I must of made quite a noise, because my farther came out of his bedroom and shouted, Stop making all that noise you little sod, people are trying to sl**p, I shouted “OK DAD” and heard him shut the bedroom door again, I quietly, sat back down again, eyeing up this guys body, drinking my water,
I saw the door slowly open and I dreaded the worse, was it my dad coming in to see what all the noise was about, but no, it was my s****r come to see what was happening, she said, “God is he still here”, she put a hand to her mouth, “OH MY GOD, that Cock looks bigger than my boyfriends and he hasn’t even got a hard-on",walking in to the room, she said, “Pity he’s Gay”, I said, “how do you know that” ?, “Oh, I’ve seen him, being chatted up by men, in the park, around toilets, on the beach you know, he’s Gay”, I said “that doesn’t mean he’s Gay”, she carried on,”Vic, you had better go to your room before he wakes up or dad comes in, I said, "Alright I will when I’ve finished my drink”, She said,"Vic, You dirty little bugger, I know what your thinking, you know what dad said”,”if he ever caught you at it again he would throw you out on the streets, aren’t you worried about that, “Vic”, “for god’s sake”.
“look I’ll show you, he’s that pissed he won’t wake up”, she bent down and started to pull on his cock, and held it in her hand,“There see, he’s not waking up” she said, waving his Cock at me, she stood up, looking at me, saying “ Oh for fuck sake, Vic, you won’t get anywhere with him in that state, She turned saying, Oh fuck you then, I’m going back to bed, don’t let dad catch you here”,
she went out, shut the door and went back upstairs to her bedroom, I looked back at this friend of my s****rs boyfriend, fast asl**p on the floor, with his cock now flopped across his stomach, where my s****r had dropped it, I sat there thinking, maybe I would just have a quick feel of it, it wouldn’t harm, would it, just a quick one , so I leaned forward off the Sofa and ran a finger nail, along the length of his cock, then a bit more fearless, pulled the foreskin back over the head, I pulled my hand away, as it started to twitch, I giggled to myself, as it twitched away, I thought it was really funny, I got a little bolder and leaned forward, gently put one hand around the shaft and took it off his belly and with the other hand I slid the foreskin over his cocks head again,
But as I did this, I thought I heard something and pulled my hand away, watching the door and praying it wasn’t my Dad coming, I heard the toilet flush and a bedroom door shut, so I returned my attention to his cock and slide off the Sofa and got down and layed next to him, his cock had swollen a bit by now, He was still asl**p, so I put my fingers around the shaft again and lightly started to wank it for him, I was getting that excited, playing with him and watching his cock grow in my hands that I had not noticed, that my own erection was pushing my pyjama bottoms out, “Ooooooooooooo” I murmured, as it brushed the side of his body, I got even more excited, as I watched his cock getting Longer and harder Oh my, my, it looked beautiful as it grew and grew, in my hand,, all the veins on the shaft. where standing out bloated with bl**d. then the foreskin popped over the head, I couldn’t abstain any longer and I ran my tougne up and over the shaft feeling all the bloated veins with my tougne and finally running it over the head and popping it into my mouth, Mmmmmmmmmm, I moaned, as I sucked and nibbled it purple head with my teeth Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm he started to move his hips making small trusting movements as he moved, pushing his cock into my mouth an inch or two, I just let it go in and out of my mouth, so it would run over my teeth that were gently but firmly holding it, as his cock went in and out, Mmmmmm, I moaned again as I clamped my lips around the shaft, taking more of it into my mouth, I was in heaven and I couldn’t care less if my dad, or anybody else came in at that moment.

Then he started waking up, I jumped back onto the sofa, as he started to rub both his eyes, he looked down at his cock, all erect and swollen and then looked at my erection now pushing my pyjamas up like a tent, saying, “Hello who are you, what you doing down here, I said, “I’m Vic, Carol’s b*****r, I came down for a drink of water and saw you all naked on the floor, Sorry I couldn’t help myself ” Pointing at my erection he said,“I can see that you liked what you saw, then Vic” holding his cock and waving it at me, “you like my cock then Vic,” I smiled and nodded a shy “YES”, I could see, even while he was shaking his dick about, he had about 6"-7" to shake at me, he said, “ I know you do, your s****r has told me about you,” “Oh what she been saying,” “Oh nothing, Just that you like wearing her sexy underwear and she thought you had to be Bi-sexual” I was a bit shocked by this and said“God she told you that, what a cow, how could she,”He was leaning back on his knees now, knees wide apart and hands behind him as he spoke to me, his cook, erect and as hard as a barbers pole, in front of him “Mmmmmmmmm not bad, even if I say so myself, what do you think, you fancy helping me out Vic, I said, “No I can’t, someone might come in,” “come on just suck it for me, Vic, your s****r also told me, that you where caught sucking and being fucked by an old man, 6 months ago, don’t you want to try this, I muttered The cow, what else she been telling everybody, he replied “well she told us, you like going out at night all, dressed up, is she right Vic, do You like dressing up,
I just nodded a shy “YES,” as he carried on“you look girly enough for it, stand up, could you, ” I slowly stood up hiding my erection “ “Mmmmmmm turn around for me, Mmmmm, you’ve got a very tiny waist for a boy, want to show your backside, to me,” I turned around slowly and bent over so he could see the outline of my tight little arse, I was starting to really enjoy this attention from him, my cock was too, “I mean take them down” I bent forwards and pulled my pajamas aside and my boxers down, he groaned “Good God that’s sweet, How old are you now Viki” “ 17 ½ , do you really like my arse then, I said, to him, Then it dawned on me he had called me “Viki” a feminine name, It had the effect of making me more and more excited by the second, “Yea its so sweet, Viki” “Not sexy then”, I said, with my heart beating faster and faster, “I’m sure its sexy as hell, when your all dressed up in lingerie” I turned around mouth open, mock shock at what he had just said, forgetting that I had a hard-on, grabbing my cock, he said “now that’s nice”, pulling it for me “Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I challenged, “not as nice as yours, yours looks longer and feels much thicker than mine, I grabbed his cock and held on to it, he lent forward and whispered in my ear “Go and get dressed up sexy for me Viki baby, I’ll show you how much I like it and a few tricks that will make you squirm with pleasure, if you do, go and put something on for me now,” God I thought to myself, he wants to see me as a tart, my heart was pounding away 90 to the dozen, and I decided to get dressed up for him, “OK, I will, give me a little while, will you be alright until I come back ,by the way, I don’t even know your name” he said, “ Oh yea my names Jack, go hurry up back, Dress really Sexy for me,”I asked “what make up and Wig as well,” “if you like” he said, as I disappeared, I crept along the corridor and upstairs to my s****rs bedroom, slowly I opened the bedroom door but she wasn’t there, then I heard her in the bathroom, I knocked on the door and begged, “Carol, can I borrow some of your things please”, She answered “So your going to fuck him then Vic, I thought you would, Go on then don’t ruin them for me and don’t let him rip them either” I gently went through her things picking out a, Black see through, Basque with suspender belt, a pair of Black shear nylon seamed stockings, a pair of Fuck me hard, Black 6" high heels, Mmmmmmmmmm, I thought, as I looked through her things “oh yeaaaaa” tinny Black mini skirt, a tiny Black G-string and Black lace top, to finish
I grabbed my s****rs, long Black Wig and makeup box and went to my room and put on the makeup and got dressed,
I crept back downstairs and along the corridor, stopping outside the lounge door, putting on my black heels and said softly in my best girly voice, “are you ready Jack”, I was shaking like a leaf with excitement by now and it showed in my voice, no anser, so I said again, louder, “are you ready for me sweetie, Viki wants to play”. I got a “Ok baby come in, lets see what you look like”, I took a deep breath and stood there for a moment and then walked in doing the sexy walk, I had been practising for this sort of occasion, He was still on the floor so I walked right up to him, looked him straight in the eye, then started to walk around him, pouting my lips and blowing him kiss’s and licking my lips in a sexy way, when I got back to face him I turned around and lent forward so he could get a look at my arse framed in suspender straps, holding my seamed stockings up, then strutting around wiggling my arse, I moaned, “So what do you think, I looked down at his limp dick and said “You’ve got me all dressed up, all hot and horny, I want to see your cock all nice and hard for me, his eyes and mouth were wide open as I stood in front of him, legs apart, teasing him, he could see my cock was trying to burst out of my G-string, as I said “Is Jack going to give his little girl something nice to eat, Jacks girl is so Hungry, come on I’m so hungry” blowing him kiss’s and wiggling my arse at him,
I started to strip, as he leaned back and started to wank, I turned around and bent forwards, wiggling my arse and slowly taking off my black mini skirt, twisting around and throwing it at him, saying, “Oooooooooooo that’s it Jack, get it nice and hard for me Mmmmmmmmmm ooooooooh yeaaaaaaaa” I teased as I showed him my nylon clad legs and again sexily walked around him, this time taking off my Lace top dragging it over his face a few times as I went, then throwing it at him to catch, as I danced, down on my knees I went, crawling around him, when I got in front of him, I rolled over onto my back and spread my legs as wide apart as I could for him arching my back as pulled my Cock out of my G-string and played with myself, then I got on my hands and knees and crawled around in a cat like manner arching my back and sticking my arse in the air as I went, Then when I was back in front of him with my arse facing him I stuck my arse high in the air, opened my legs wide and put my chest on the floor and twisted my body around, so I could look at him while I started to play with my G-string,

I was making all the girly noises saying “is Jack hungry too, Look what his little girl has got for him and it feels so, so hot, do you like that Jack, mmmmmmmmmmmm”while I played with my G-string, pulling it from side to side and half way down my arse, he was stroking his cock and watching me intently now, he said, “My god Viki you look so beautiful like that, you sure you Haven’t done this before, you’re good at it you know, I said, ”Fuck come here Jack and play with this,” I had got hold of my 8" Cock, pushing it backwards, between my legs and was rubbing it with my fingers for him, he grabbed hold of the tip of my cock and started to gently tug on it Wanking my bell end, MMMMMMMM I wimpered Oooooooooooooo I cooed, as he played, with it, saying to me “Mmmmmmmmm that feel good Viki” I moaned” Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Ooooo, yessssssssssss, oooooooooooooooooo Jack that’s nice, mmmmmmmmmmm, he leaned forward pulling my G-string aside with his fingers and started licking my arse, then started to rim me “OOOOOOOOOOOh Baby girl, that’s tastes so good,” he said, spreading my arse cheeks apart and sticking his tongue deep into my arse hole, “you taste good, Mmmmmmmm baby girl you’re hot, I’m going to fuck you, so you hard you, won’t be able to walk for a week, you are a naughty little SLUT, I twisted around and was confronted by his huge, thick, cock, he was holding it by the balls so it stood up and I could see the entire length of it standing in front of me, “Ooooooooooooooooooooooo that is big,, God its so HUGE how BIG is it,” I cooed, “OH MY GOD, ITS BEAUTIFUL JACK” “Come on then Viki, what you going to do with it, mmmmmmmm, now show me, what you can do”
I crawled over to him on my hands and knees, put one hand around his cock and licked from his balls to the tip of his cock with my tougne, Oooooooooooooooooooo Jack, I whimpered, Mmmmmmmmmmmmm as I grasped it and pulled it towards me, he was saying, “that’s it Viki, that’s it enjoy yourself,” reaching for the back of my head and pulling it towards his dick, I started moving my hand up and down his cock, as I put my lips around it and sucked on it I said, all innocently Ohhhh it feels so good to be doing this with a man Jack,” “Take your time Viki and enjoy it,” “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thank you” I cooed, licking around the head and licking and biting the shaft gently a for a while, then darting my tongue back over his helmet, this kissing, biting and licking went on for a few minutes, until I had this great urge to take it in my mouth and suck it for him, he moaned as I put it in my warm mouth “oooooooooooooooo yeaaaaaaaaa VIKI, ooooooooooo yeaaaaaaaa, that great, mmmmmmmm go baby, that’s it suck baby, suck me off, aaaah yea” I found it hard at first, because of the thickness, as it pushed deeper and deeper into my mouth, I started to gag a few times, But I remembered what, I did with Old John trying to make my throat as straight as possible so it wouldn’t make me gag and it started to get easier,
I had by now got used to the thickness of his cock and was managing to get 6" of it down my throat, as he gently started to work his cock in and out of my mouth gradually increasing the speed with his hands now resting on my arse cheeks pulling himself into me I was moaning with every stroke of his cock mmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmm mmmm He was just as bad as me saying yes, yes, yes, yes, as he trust away, until he said, “Do you want me to cum on your face Viki,” I said, I’d love to taste your cum jack ” “Come on then, lay on your back, I’ll straddle you and jack off on your face,” I rolled onto my back and he straddled me and started to wank himself off, I got an excellent view of his cock now, I said, “OH MY, JACK, HOW BIG IS IT, IT LOOKS MASSIVE FROM WHERE I’M LOOKING,” he said “9 ½ " baby”
his rhythm was getting faster and his breathing was getting louder, he was just about to cum, when I heard noises coming from upstairs and as I started to move, he came, his knees buckled and he shot great spurts of cum time and time again, in my face, hair, chest, soaking me completely in cum, I got hold of his cock and started Sucking and licking the cum off his fat dripping Cock, I was in a frenzy of cock sucking lust as I heard my dad calling for someone to make him a cup of tea, but I carried on licking and sucking on him, until I heard someone coming down the corridor, “Fuck, quick get in the kitchen,” I said to him still holding his cock, “take you’re clothes with you and get changed,” I caught sight of my s****r coming through the lounge door, Saying “You silly sod, Vic, If you don’t hurry up dad will catch you, you really are asking for it Vic, then we heard my dad going into the bathroom and lock the door giving us sometime to cover up, what had been going on,“Quick” she said, to me, “go to your bedroom quickly, while dads in the toilet, get changed and cleaned up, I’ll see to that fucker in the kitchen”, I got hold off the clothes, I had taken off and got out just in time, I could hear him saying, Who’s had the patio doors open, For fuck sake, as I went up the stairs, I heard my s****r reply, “Oh its Jack you know My boyfriends mate he’s just gone into the garden with his cup of tea, he stayed the night on the sofa” my dad, replied, Oh I thought Vic was down here, No, No, I haven’t seen him yet, the lazy sod, I just couldn't get the thought of him out of my mind and wanked myself, to sl**p many a night thinking about what had happened, I loved doing it and wanted more a lot more and now I knew I could turn men on while being dressed up as a woman,

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2 years ago
must buy a pair of girls purple panties
3 years ago
A great story! Even better in real
3 years ago
great story,thanks x
3 years ago
Viki, I absolutely loved your story, you really have a way with words. Had me rock hard and dripping. Thank's for sharing.
3 years ago
hot story - can't wait for another installment ;)
3 years ago
Good as far as it goes. Just slow down and cut the 'mmmm mmmm mmmm' crap. It's the story that counts. Just thought you should know, because you have a talent for eroticism!