Started the day straight

….then he fed me his semi hard cock and....

I needed a few things from the neighborhood store down the road from the apartments I just moved into. While I was there picking up my needed supplies, the manager asked if I needed any help. I said no, I just moved and needed a few items. I noticed he had dark piercing eyes. He had a slight build, but carried himself with authority. After I was headed to the check stand, he moved in behind the register to check me out...and “check me out”. I found him amusing and a little sexy...and I am 110% straight! Or thought I was.

He asked where I lived and said the Oakwoods. He knew the place and I said, yeah I'm in front of the adult pool on the corner and to come by sometime. He said he had nothing special planned for tonight. I said ok come on, the beers cold and the pool has lots of bikinis. I had to leave, but he said he would see me later.
I went home and finished cleaning the place up from all the unpacking. I had been flirting with the lady up stairs and she looked great in the two piece she had on. I was fantasizing about her kept me semi hard all day. Just as I was about to hit the shower and put my swim trunks on, a knock on my door...
To my surprise, it was the guy from the store. He decided to see if he found “a friend” as he called me. I thought not much of it. Invited him in for a beer. “Mark” came in and said, thanks to the beer. I was on my fourth so far. We chatted a few minutes and I asked if he had a wife. He said he did in fact have one, but it didn't stop him. I laughed. I had to unload some beer, excused my self to the restroom. When I opened the door, Mark was there, he grabbed my arm, pulled me to him and kissed me. I was half d***k and sobering up fast, but not so fast as to not kiss him back. He led me back to the couch and sat down on it. He had his hand on my now very hard bulge in my pants. Mark rubbed and squeezed my cock, un zipped me and stroked my hardness. I just stood there and watched as he leaned in and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked me for a few seconds and slowly licked his way up my belly to my nipples then my neck back to my mouth. By now he had his cock out too. I reached my hand around his cock and felt how utterly hard/soft and hot it felt. Mark began pushing my shoulders down until I was eye to cock with him. Everything in me said NO, but my mouth and cock said I began licking his cock. It wasn't long before I was sucking his cock as deep as I could. There I was, a straight homophobe with a cock in my mouth! Little did I know I was about to be his, totally...
Mark easily was 7 ½ inches of and thick. He pushed me down onto the floor, got between my legs and sucked my hard cock and I felt his fingers spreading his slobber down to my pulsing asshole. He eased a finger, or was it 2, in to my ass. Working my cock with his mouth and my ass with a finger, I was about to shoot cum everywhere. He pulled abruptly away, grabbed my legs and spread me wide. Mark then moved in, guided his cock to my ass and began fucking me. I had fucked a few women in the ass, now I know why they like it so much. I did my best to fuck him back as he thrust in me. Mark fucked me like this for a good 4 minutes until he began to really pound me and grind it hard in to my ass. He said fuccckkkk I'm cumming, slammed into my ass hard, held me there and emptied his seed up my ass. Just as he finished he pulled out of me, moved my chest and f***e fed me his cock and made me suck and lick it clean. He stayed pretty hard as he face fucked me, then he turned and lay next to me in a 69 and as I sucked on his cock, he sucked me into his throat and made me cum. I felt like my balls were turning inside out as I cum in his mouth. Mark sucked and swallowed all of my cum.
Just as I was catching my breath, he said he knew he would be fucking me before the sun went down today.
To my surprise, I told him he can fuck me any time he wanted.
….and so far he has....even as I try to fuck the hotty upstairs, its cock (any) I crave most....

I live in Ft. Worth. Tx. USA and that IS a true story!

100% (18/0)
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3 years ago
Wow, hot story! I live down in Waco. I love being fucked! I can't get enough. Lets message on here and I will tell you about my experiences. Maybe we can meet! Tris
3 years ago
That's why their motto is "Full Service, and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed" ;-}. I love the story, and it's really cool that it is true!
4 years ago
not bad
4 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
great story!