Its not all about the girls - just mostly

Another first time....this one a little more recent than the last story.

I had been seeing him for awhile. Well, off and on. We had been broken up for several months when he called me out of the blue. I didn't even live in the same city anymore. It was always nice to hear from him and since I was in a bit of a dry spell (three months without an orgasm caused by someone else) I was ready for another "on again" spell.

He said he was going to Las Vegas, a trip he has always wanted to take and since we was turning 21, it was finally time. He called to invite me. Odd, but understanabdle too. I always loved vegas and had been a few times. He knew this and thought it would be fun for us to go together. Of course...I also knew it would be a great chance for sex. After all it is Vegas and what happens there... :)

Of course, I agreed. But the trip wasn't for a few weeks still so we had time to talk on the phone. During a few of those calls, we broke down into some pretty hot phone sex. It was the last one that rang in my ears as my plane made its final approach to the Las Vegas Airport. He said he wanted to try something new...anal sex. We played with it on the phone. I played with my ass and even used a small toy. It was nice, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through with it in real life.

He had made reservations at the Luxor Hotel but would not be arriving for about two hours after I did. He told me to go ahead and check in. But he gave me some specifc instructions: I could unpack, and take a shower, but I had to get dressed before he got there -- he wanted to take my clothes off. No bra, no panties. Well...that was tru for the whole trip...I wasn't even allowed to wear them on the plane. I did take a shower and get dressed again, but I fell asl**p on the bed before he got there. I didn't hear the door open when he came in.

He woke me up when he pulled the blankets back to make sure I wasn't naked. I knew to obey him. He stood at the end of the bed and stripped off his clothes. My god! He was hard already!

He said he couldn't wait to cum in me....I was wet instantly as he crawled onto the bed. but it was clear that I would be his slave this week. He crawled to the top of the bed and fed his hard dick to me. I opened my mouth and let him slide inside as he lifted my head in his hands. His cock slid in and out as he fucked my face. I enjoyed pleasing him and eagerly sucked at him, letting my tongue swirl around his hard shaft as he moved his hips back and forth. It wasn't long before I felt him swelling in my mouth, growing bigger, harder.

I knew he was about to cum and it had been so long. I eagerly anticipated his load, his slaty taste on my tongue. he didn't disappoint. His blast was hot and full f***e hitting the back of my throat with blast after balst...I was ready for mine, but I knew he would make me wait.

He pulled put and watched as I swallowed the last of him and then he said he was going to take a shower. AFter that, we would go out. He had a deal for me. Over dinner he explained it: for the week, I would be his slave, his beck and call girl, which was not unusual and actually, I expected that. But he added, that even though we talked about it, we would not have anal sex....unless he won. I wasn't sure what he meant by that, but he explained further.

We went to the casino, if he came out ahead after three hours of playing, then I would reward him with my anal cherry. I laughed, but agreed pretty certain he would fail. And he did. Until the last night.

He actually won back everything he had lost up until that point and a lot more! I was nervous as he cashed in knowing what would happen when we got back to the room. What I didn't know was how amazing it was going to be!

He didn't turn the lights on when we got back. He just led me to the foot of the bed. Where he slowly stripped my dress off over my head. He pushed me back onto the bed and I sat there as I watched him strip off his own clothes in the dim light. His cock was hard and I wanted to reach for it, but I knew better than to do that without permission or instructions. Instead, he surprised me. He went to his knees.

He will go down on me and had a couple of times already this week, but I was not expecting it this time. He went straight to work. His tongue dancing over my wetness, moaning softly as he ate me. Then his tongue dipped down.

It moved over my ass and I moaned reaching for his head. His hair twisted into my fingers as his tongue played over my ass. he tried to push it inside, then let it spin around and around. I can't describe how wonderful it felt. His warm, wet tognue dancing over me, tasting my ass, teasing me. He kept going and when I thought he would stop, he instead lifted a finger to my ass. It slid inside with ease, guided by his saliva.

It actually felt rather nice as it slid inside me. I arched my hips a litte, lifting my ass off the bed. His tongue continued to circle my ass and to reach up into my cunt even as his finger slid in and out of my ass.

Finally, after such a really long time, he slid up my body kissing my tummy, my breast, my throat my lips and then my ear. His breath was hot in my ear. I felt his arm between us, he was reaching for his hard shaft. he pointed it towards my ass. i felt the smooth head against the tight hole and held my breath. he could feel my tenseness and whispred for me to relax.

His woft whisper actullay helped. he whispered over and over to just listen to him, to concentrate on his voice to relax. I did as he told me and soon I felt the ehad of his cock push inside me. It filled me and after that intial pop feeling as he entered me, I lost control.

It was the first time I didn't really have control. I was always vocal with him, because he liked it and wanted it, but I always knew what I was saying, always had control of the words, the moans, the screams. But his cock moved in and out of my ass....all I could do was say "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGID" over and over again.

He moved faster, streching me, filling me. I felt so amazing, so ppossessed. But then he pulled out and rolled onto his back. I followed him and this time it was me that guided his big cock into my ass. This time it was me that was fucking him with my ass. I bounced up and down, I rocked back and forth, I twisted my hips over him. My god, this was amazing. But he wanted to cum a different way.

Soon he pushed me off and I went to my hands and knees. He moved behind me and I felt his dick moving into my ass again from behind. Wow! This instantly became my favorite position. He held my hips in his hands and fcked my ass, his belly slapping against me. God it was like getting spanked and fucked at the same time.

I didn't have an orgasm, but wow....the memory lives on in my mind. And yes...I still enjoy anal sex with the right person...boy or girl! :)
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3 years ago
4 years ago
A hot account. A pity you didn´t come.
Well written!
4 years ago
Love the way your write. You're so very talented.
4 years ago
No one would describe his feelings and body feelings as you did Teasa
Your words reach my heart
make my tears dripping with happines for you dear :')
4 years ago
Nice story. :o
4 years ago
You write so naturally,convey your emotions and feelings so well - just love this,and thank you for posting.