To Ctach a Predator

It was late and dark. There are not many street lights in rural Montana. I was walking along the side of the road headed home. God! I hate boys sometimes. My "boyfriend" took me to a party in Lewiston...and then promptly hooked up with Erin! She's this new botch in town that seems to think all the boys are for her. No one even knows her, she just came in one night and started sl**ping with anything that has a dick.

I was looking for him just 3o minutes after we got to theparty and found him out back around the corner...he was kissing Erin, making out with her. His dick was in her hand as she pulled on it, back and forth. I didn't say anything. I just left left. "Fine. She can have him! He has a tiny dick anyway!"

Actually....I wouldn't know. Like most of the other girls around here, sex is still something we talk about rather than something we do. This town is so small, 15 seconds after you have sex, everyone is likely to know! It's better for your own sanity to just wait until you move!

This walk is forever! Funny how three miles doesn't seem that far until you start to walk it. Alone. In the dark Montana night. Even the stars give little light. It would be amazing if I werent pissed off and alone out here. One of the advantages though, I can see and hear cars aprroaching for miles. I turn to watch the car approaching from behind, kind of hoping it is my boyfriend so I can at least get a ride the rest of the way home. I watch as the car passes right by me, it's headlights surely reflecting off my pink dress. It wasn't him. It was some old pick-up truck. But as I turned around, the brake lights lit up the dark air as the driver slowed to a quick stop and pulled over. I slowed my walking. I didn't recognize the truck, which is unusual around here. There are a lot of trucks, of course, but this was is not from around here. It has Nevada plates on it.

I actually stopped walking just a few feet from the back of the truck. I waited for what seemed like severl minutes, but I know it could only have been a few seconds. Then the driver's door opened and I could see that it was a girl driving. I felt safer. When she asked if I needed a ride anywhere, I didn't hesitate to say yes, but just a couple more miles up the road. She laughed and said she was going a lot further than that so a couple of miles would not be out of the way.

I climbed into the cab of the trck and pulled the door closed reaching for the seat belt. After the reassuring click, I looked up at the driver for the first time, with a grateful smile. "Oh!"

It was Erin! That bitch that just jerked off my boyfriend!!! I reached for the door handle and my seatbelt at the same time..."never mind! I'm not riding with you!" I couldn't find the door handle and heard Erin laughing as I looked away from her. There was no door handle, just a hole in the panel where it used to be. The handle for the window was gone too. I heard the tires spinning in the gravel of the road as she pulled back onto the highway.

"What are you doing? Let me out!" I screamed at Erin and pressed back against the door. She just laughed and drove on into the night. I started to cry not knowing what she wanted to do with me.

I kept looking for a way out. the back window was a solid plane so there was no way out the back, the only door that had a handle was hers. I thought about grabbing the steeringwheel, but that seemed dangerous to me. I didn't want to die, I just wanted to get away from her.

Erin began to slow the truck while I was begging and crying for her to stop. I thought that she was giving in. I opened my eyes and looked out as she turned off the highway onto a dirt driveway. It was my driveway! How did she know where I lived? Maybe she was just trying to scare me? I stopped crying and wiped my tears away. But Erin was slowing the truck again. I heard the sc**** of the tires on the gravela nd dirt as she came to a stop in the middle of the lane.

The problem with these homes out of town in Montana are the long driveways. I looked around and realized that I wasn't safe at all. I was still too far from the house for anyone to hear me scream and now I was too far away from the highway in case anyone happened to drive by this late at night. Erin turned off the truck and climbed out of the drivers door. She locked it as she took the keys. I instantly scooted across the seat trying to get out, but this truck is old. It doesn't unlock when you lift the handle, and the lock had been screwed out. I was still trapped as Erin moved around to the back of her truck and opened the gate.

I looked around the truck for something to use as a wepaon and didn;t find anything at all, until I opened the glove box. There was only one thing in the box: a purple jelly dildo. It might work, but...I was scared to touch it. I knew what these things ere of course, but I never touched one before. I reached it and felt closed my hand around it. It was squishy but had some weight to it. If I swung it hard enough.

But, before I could make the decision, Erin opened the truck door and moved with surprising speed. She grabbed me around the waist and pulled me fromthe truck. I screamed and struggled but she pulled me tot he back of the truck and before I knew what had wrists were tied tot he edges of the truck bed, I was pushed over the tailgate. She was spreading my legs apart and tying my ankles to ropes she had tied underneath the truck.

Still screaming I felt erin grab my hair and tug my head violently backward. "Your boyfriend was just a warm-up. Hell...fucking your dad last night was just a warm-up! Now...I want what I came here for...and I am going to just take it from you! Now shut up, you filthy bitch!"

With that, Erin wrapped a gag around my mouth, fircing my cries to become muffled moans. I was trapped and hers as as went back toward the truck cab. When she came back i could barely see fromt he light inside the cab, that she was naked but it looked liked she had a dick! I felt it slap lightly agaisnt my thigh as she stepped behind me!

Erin stepped behind me. "I know you are a virgin, bitch. But I'll take care of that...just like I will all the other girls in this stupid little town. You are the third one! First, I fuck your daddies, then tease your boyfriends...and then fuck you."

I felt my dres being lifted up, I was helpess but still I squirmed agaisnt the ropes trying to get away. My panties were pulled down. I was exposed. I felt them streching around my spread thighs as Erin tried to get them as low as possible. I hear a squirting nosie and tried to look back at Erin, but the light was too dim. I could only see the movement of her arm.

I felt the tip of her dick against my leg, it was cold, and wet, her hand was guiding it between my legs...i felt her pushing into me. "Take it slut. I know you want to you are a dirty slut bitch that needs to be are tool old to still be a virgin. ALl you bitches in this town need to learn how to fuck your men! And I am going to teach you!" She pushed her toy hard inside me!

I screamed out, muffled by the gag in my mouth as she took my virginity, as she fucked me, the first "person" ever to be inside me...even if it was just a toy...I felt the hot tears pouring down my face as she ****d me on the long driveway leading to my own house.

Erin is screamin gherself, but her screams are different as she enjoys this humiliation of me, fucking me, taking me in the midle of the Monatana countryside. I feel her hands holding my hips as she fucks me harder and faster. i feel my body reacting even as I silently beg it now to.

And quickly as it began, Erin pulls the toy from me and through ragged breath tell me I was tighter than Ashley. Ashley is my best frined! She never said anything about this, but almost as soon as I thought that, i realized why. I never would have said anything either.

Erin returned tot he cab of her truck and when she returend she was dressed. She used a knife to cut the ropes holding me down and told me to go home. Unless I wanted more. I started running, my shoes left behind, my penties being tugged up as I took the first few steps...she was driving away, back down the driveway before I was even within sight of my house.

Everything ran through my head as I slowed and walked the last few hundred yards... Erin was on a hunt! She was fucking our dads she said...then teasing our boyfriends? It made sense now. She said I was the third one. I know aout Ashley...who else was there? Who will be next?

I have to talk to Ashley...we have to catch this predator!
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1 year ago
a good sometimes scary story ,sexy as well and well written :)
3 years ago
Left me wet
3 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
Very nice story. Sexy but well written
4 years ago
More please :)
4 years ago
Tasty, Tessa! Terrible, isn´t she?

Erin´s erotic as exotic, but darn dangerous.
She successfully predated me out of town
with her GF Erica - poor Pete fled back
into his mountain hide :-( ... Peter Pan

PS: See the sad end of my series for them.
4 years ago
Darn right that i'm on a hunt. A hunt for cunt & cock. But now, thanks to your story, the local sheriff is on to me. Looking for me in my broken down truck that is all tricked out for my predatory perversions. But like the Wicked Witch says in Wizard of Oz, i say to all the girls in Lewistown: “I'll get you my little pretty – and your little dog too!” Well, maybe not your dog. But i'll get all your moms too.

4 years ago
Good story need to use a spell checker though
4 years ago
Well done, Tessa, great storyline! I'm ready to read the next chapter...that nasty Erin the Predator must be stopped at all costs, before she starts to go after the mothers too!
4 years ago
that is so hot