Happy Birthday Wendy!

So far...this ahs been the worst day! No one at work remembered her birthday, there was no singing, no cake, no congratulations. Everyone just acted like it was a normal day! Wendy checked her voice mail about a thousand times. No one called to leave a message. Her e-mail was filled with the usual junk, and work related topics -- no wishes for a happy birthday. At least she knew she could rely on her friends at xhamster.

Nothing. In fact her messages icon was blank. No one had even written today!!! How can this day get any worse? She drove home puting. She was actually feeling more than a little sad that her birthday seemed to be passing by without notice. But as she fought back, trying to keep the tears at bay, she rounded the corner just before her house.

A strange car was parked in the driveway. As she pulled past and parked on the curb she noticed the car was a rental. But there was no one stanidng in front, no on in the car. She got out of her own car slowly, pressing 9-1 on her phone and holding her thumb over the one as she walked to her front door looking around the neighborhood as she got closer.

She didn't see anyone and the door was closed. She tried to open it without using her key and was still surprised to feel the handle hold fast, the door was still locked. She stuck her key in slowly, but this felt a little different, she wasn't exactly scared, although she wasn't taking any chances. She was feeling something though. Her tummy was dancing and tickling her from the inside. The bottoms of her feet tingled inside her heels. She could actually feel the hair standing up on the back of her neck.

She pushed the door open just a little bit looking inside without moving from the front porch. her thumb twitching just above the one on her phone ready to call the calvary if it was needed. She pushed the door open a bit more and still did not see anything nor anyone. With one more glance around the neighborhood, Wendy stepped inside her own house, leaving the front door open.

The house was dark but she could make out something on the TV screen. Stepping slowly into her living room, she looked down the hall. Again, all was quiet. As she got closer to the TV she saw that it was a single piece of paper, folded in half and taped to the screen. She saw her name written on the outside flap in elegant cursive. She flipped the note open pulling it from the screen.

"Wendy!!!! Happy Birthday!!! You better love this present!!! I worked really hard to get it here. You knew I was coming, right?? I love you!!! Me, your presents, and your party are waiting in your bedroom! I hope you don't mind...I might have to start the party without you!!! Love you, Girl -- Tessa!!!"

It was signed with hearts and X's and O's. But Wendy didn't notice those as she flipped her phone closed, dropped the note to the floor and rushed back to close and lock her front door! This was a fantasy coming to life that she thought would never happen! she tossed her phone to the couch and kicked her heels off before almost running down the hall towards her room.

She stopped in her tracks as she reached for the doorhandle. She heard voices. Male AND female voices in her room talking. She couldn't make out everything they were saying, just random words here and there..."don't...soon....start....nice...." She re-read the note in her head....she didn't recall any mention of boys at her party. She was suddenly unsure, but felt her hand turning the handle without even realizing it.

"Surprise!!!!!" I turned my head to the sound of the opening door and shouted out for Wendy, my xhamster friend, as she stepped inside. "Happy Birthday. I know you will love your presents!!!!" As I said this, I pointed toward the bed.

Wendy's eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw Chris lying there completely naked. His arms were streched over his head and secured to the headboard. His ankles tied to the foot of the bed. His cock was rock hard and had a red ribbon tied around the thick shaft.

"Oh. My. God!" Wendy was in shock. She knew I had a tendancy to be shocking, but his was way more than she ever could have expected.

I broke the spell as I stepped to Wendy "let's get the first present out of the way!" With a smile on my face larger than any ever before, I leaned into her, my arms wrapping around her neck. My lips pressed to her soft, moist lips as they parted. This was our first realt kiss, Wendy's first birthday present from me. Her soft lips opened wider and accepted my tongue inside. Together our tongues twisted in her mouth. She moaned into our kiss as her hands reached out to touch me, grabbing my waist and pulling me towards her. Our bodies pressed together as Chris, a naked man tied to her bed who she has never met before, watched. His cock twitching in the air trying desperatly to get between the two girls.

My hands slide along Wendy;s sides, reaching for the bottom edge of her blouse and lifting it over her head. She offered no resistence, only a soft murmur as our kiss had to break as her silk blouse passed between us. I dropped to my knees before her rather than renew our kiss, my fingers reaching for the clasp of her skirt and tugging the short zipper down. Her skirt puddled around her ankles and she stepped free. I looked into her eys as I stood back up, our love dancing between the stare.

"Now for your second presnt..." I turned away from Wendy and walked a few paces away, feeling her eyes move down my back to watch my ass as I wiggled it away from her. I turned around facing her and, still staring into her eyes, reached for the top button of my blouse. I never broke the eye contact as one-by-one, I opened each button of my blouse. Wendy was breathing faster with each button that slipped open.

Bu black bra, purchased from Vickie's just for this trip, came into her view, my breasts pressed up high and together, giving her the best view of the best cleavage I could muster. She smiled as her eyes dartedback up to mine. My feet kicked forad, my own heels slipping from my feet leaving them bare. I swayed my hips as I tiwsted my body around facing away from Wendy. My fingers worked my skirt over my hips and I let it slide down my legs, pooling around my now bare feet.

I looked back over my left shoulder, half-way, biting my bottom lip. I smiled when I heard Wendy shudder and sigh out loud.

My arms reached back behind me, my fingers reaching for the clasp of my bra. I could feel the heat of her stare as I popped my bra open and shrugged my shoulders letting the straps slip off my shoulders. I turned back toward her, holding the bra in place for a moment. Her eys staring, waiting. I knew she holding her breath and I alos knew she was as wet as I already was, as gard as Chris was, moaning in docomfort as his cock seemed to grow even bigger watching my strip tease.

I let my bra dro suddenly, my erect nipples popping into view for both Chris and Wendy. Wendy had already shrugged her straps off her shoulders and was twisting her bra around to unfasten it quicker than I had done. But in less than a second, she and I both were standing together wearing just our panties.

I pushed mine down as Wendy reached for hers, together we pushed our panties down and wiggled our legs, shaking them to the floor. Together our eyes wandered over our bodies. She saw every inch of my dark skin, the faint tan lines and the smooth, hairless pussy, waxed at the spa for her birthday just two days earlier. My eyes danced along her pale skin, over her tight tummy and over her swollen mound, shaved this morning. I could see, or at least imgaine I saw her wetness glisteneing on her thighs.

"One more before I let you have Chris..." I winked at her and turned away walking toward her closet. I slide the door back and reached inside, bending over to intentionally let her look at my ass, my pussy lips peeking out shining with my own juices.

I slide a large black Sybian out and pushed it toward her...."this is for us...after we are done with Chris!"

She giggled and bounced up and down, rushing into my arms as I stood up, "I love you Tessa! I am so glad you are here! But....I really need to clebrate my birthday now!!!"

With that, I lost control of the party as Wendy twisted me around and pushed me backward agaisnt the bed. I fell next to Chris and looked to my right. His cock was dancing, the red ribbon streaming around his shaft with each jump. I licked my lips and looked back to Wendy as she crawled onto the bed. My legs opened up, one lifting up over Chris's legs, to welcome Wendy closer to me.

Her head dipped between my legs without hesitation. I wasn't sure, but I think I hear her say she had waited too long for thei smoment to waste it on kissing...I sighed and let my head rock backwards as her lips pressed to my cunt, her tongue plunging into my wetness.

One hand reached for Wendy's head while the other reached for Chris's cock. I hoped Wendy wouldn't mind if Unwrapped her gift. I tugged on the ribbon and then wrapped my palm around the hard shaft. Chris moaned and I felt him lurch on the bed as my hand began to stroke up and down his length. Wedny buried her tongue as deep into me as she could, reaching for the depths of my pussy as if she was seeking the very source of all my wetness. I moaned and squeezed the cock in my hand a little harder as I arched my back pressing myself to Wendy's hungry mouth.

I wanted to cum, but not so quickly....and as I felt my orgasm building under Wendy's expert tongue I tugged her hiar, pulling her away from me. She sighed with disappointement but saw my hand flying up and down Chris's shaft..."Ohhhh! That looks yummy too!"

She crawled over me, her legs spreading around my thigh and her head dropped to Chris's dick. She licked his shaft as I held hima nd then I felt her arch her hips forward, her wet pussy pressing against my thigh. I lifted my leg agaisnt her and felt her respond, heard her moan around Chris's cock as she took him inside her hot mouth.

Grinding her pussy against my leg as her head bobbed up and down, fucking Chris with her mouth. He was groaning, clearly enjoying Wendy's talents. Her tongue circled his shaft as her pussy pressed harder against me. I arched up my back, pressing my thigh agaisnt her and pressing my own cunt to her leg. Tigether we rocked our hips back and forth. I wasn't going to hold back this time as I quickly felt my first orgasm rocketing to the surface.

I scream out, calling Wendy by name letting her hear my orgasm as her own takes over body! She holds Chris's cock in her mouth as she explodes against my thigh. Both of us knowing we are just beginning.

Wendy lifts her head from Chris's cock and presses her lips to mine...I feel his hot sperm pouring into my mouth as she sahres her present with me....Chris stays hard....which is good...beace neither Wendy nor myself are done with this boy yet!!!!

Happy Birthday Wendy! I love you!!!

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