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My cell phone lay on my desk silently while I typed away an e-mail on my computer. I jumped a little when it vibrated letting me know a message had arrived. I ignored it for a moment to finish the sentence I was typing and then picked it up. I felt a hot blush to my face as I read the preview message: "Hi Sexy cant wait 4 2night"

I did n't have plans and when i looked at the number I realzed I wasn't sure who it was the number was unfamiliar to me. I closed the message but didn't delte it. I looked over at Mandy but she had her eyes glued to her computer monitor. I took a deep breath and returned to my e-mail ready to focus on my work.

I'm not sure how long it was before my phone vibrated to life again, but I didn't hesitate to pick it up this time with a guilty glance toward mandy. She wasn't paying attnetion when as I read the text: been thinking bout u all day. are you wet?"

I felt a quick flash of bl**d rush into my face as I read the message from a stranger, clearly a wrong number. I looked over at Mandy again, certain she could somehow read the messages on my phone. I wrote back "I think u have the wrong #"

I waited for a response and one soon followed that caused a gasp to escape my lips: "No....I have the right # Tessa"

Mandy looked up with a raised eyebrow. She is so cute with her hair pulled back in a pony tail and her crooked little girl smile, even though she is almost 21 years old. I blush and say sorry and get up to leave the office, headed for the bathroom and some privacy. The phone vibrates in my hand a new message appaears.

"you should get ready for me, take your panties off now"

The bathrrom was down the hall and I had to pass three other offices to get. I felt everyone in there knew what was on my phone all of a sudden. I felt my legs trembling as I pushed open the door. The phone vibrated again.

As I push my way into a stall for privacy I look at the message: "send me a pic of your panties once u have em off"

I write back..."who is this?"

"i'll tell you after I see you have your panties off"

I feel nervous and exposed even though I am locked in a bathroom stall. This stranger is ordering me to do something that I already know I am going to is sooo will he (she?) use the pictures??

I text back "I can't if I don't know who you are"

I hit send and set the phone on top of the courtesy box, reaching for my belt. I know what I am going to do...I open my belt and the top of my uniform pants before sitting down on the toilet. My hands are shaking as I reach for the top of my boots. My phone sits silently.

I kick my boots off and then stand back up....I push my uniform down my thighs half way and then my panties to the top of my uniform....I pick up my new messages.

Turning on the camera I turn the lens towards my thighs and take a picture. shows my panties around my thighs and my uniform too. a sexy picture that doesn't reveal too much...

I send the picture and then take my uniform pants all the way off....I let my panties fall around my ankles to make another perfect picture.

Just after pressing the send button for the new picture I get a new text: "all the way off Tessa"

I laugh as I step free of the panties and take one last picture of them on the floor next to my feet in green socks. This picture gets sent with a note of my own: "so....who is this?"

I pull my uniform back on and my then my boots still waiting for a response. A full five minutes pass with nothing. I decide to take one more picture, this one of my panties still on the floor but my feet now clearly back in boots. I send the picture before picking up my panties and walking to the sinks. My phone vibrates and I look down.

Its a picture. I open it and see a matching Army uniform, but I can't tell if it is a boy or a girl! All I know....this person is in the Army too! Or they just sent a picture of me~

another picture is delevered to my inbox and when I open it i know, its a girl...and I know who it is even without her telling me. I send her a tect:

"Mandy leaves for lunch in 15 minutes....I can lock the door....get here now Wendy!"

I rush back to my office leaving my panties in the bathrom to wait for Wendy.

It seems to take forever before Mandy announces she is leaving for lunch. I hope I don't seem to eager for her to leave when I tell her okay. I quickly make room on the edge of my desk and wait. I hear Wendy's voice in the hall as she asks Mandy if I am in. "Yes Ma'am, she hasn't left for lunch yet."

Wendy....or as i have to address her in uniform, Captain Hanson, walks in and says in her loudest, most impressive command voice "at ease!" She closes the door and then steps towrd me. Our lips pres together and our tongues dart out to crash together inside my mouth. I lean Wendy back against my desk as my hands fumble between us to open her belt.

She does the same to me and we are soon both exposed, both without panties. I push her back again and she scoots up onto the desk spreading her legs. I drop to my knees as I tug her uniform down around her ankles and boots. I Look up at her, both of us smiling, both of us knowing this is still agaisnt regulations....

Her wetness assaults my tongue instantly as I taste her, licking her, she bites her lip to keep from crying out. She is so turned on already though, her pussy floods into my mouth. Her hands grip the back of my head as she holds me against her. My lips close around her clit and my tongue flicks back and forth as I push two fingers inside her. She moans and then bites her lip again. I smile to myslef as I spread my fingers and press one against her ass, spreading her own wetnes around the tight little hole. She struggles, whimpering above me, but lets losse another low rumbling moan as I push that single finger into her ass.

He hands pull me tighter to her cunt as I let my tongue loose, flying over her clit with a fury made possible only wiht my unquenching desire for my commanding officer.

She bites harder on her lip but I know she is cumming, her pussy floods even more, her wetness coating my fingers and covering my chin. I do my best to ctach every drop, but there is too much. I moan into her as she pulls me up by my hair. her lips press hard against mine and she taste herelf on my lips and in my mouth. She slides off the desk and reaches down for her uniform....

"I'll see you tongight, Sergeant."

She left me to clean up the mess before Mandy returned....

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3 years ago
the moral of our brave wonen & men in the 5 uniformed services is of the highest proirity!!!!!
3 years ago
Such a sexy situation, serving tasty Wendy!;-)P
3 years ago
I agree with Erin: contributing to troop morale takes precedence over regulations.

Short, sweet, and hot story...can't wait until tonight comes.
3 years ago
Sometimes regulations have to be overlooked to boost the moral of the troops and their commanding officers.
3 years ago
Very nice, does your Captain happen to own a strap on?
3 years ago
Stunningly delicious fun!
3 years ago
Deliciously good. u r so sweet :)
3 years ago
Another good one
3 years ago
3 years ago