Misstress Chelsea is not happy with me

Mistress Chelsea is not happy with me. I have been so bad lately...not replying to her messages, not obeying her commands. I know I am in for some severe punishment and I await my fate.

Kneeling in her chamber, nude, as instructed I listen for her footsteps, I strain for sounds of clicking metal, handcuffs that she hasn't used on me in such a long time.

I don't hear them. I am surprised when the door suddenlt swings open, I jump and let a small squeal slip past my lips.

"Shut up, Bitch."

Her voice is magic in my ears, but her tone of voice, the soft volume, the matter of fact way she said it, scares me and sends strong tremors through me. My heart punds in my chest as my mouth slips open, my breathing hard with fear.

She walks past me without saying anything else. She doesn't touch me, she doesn't pet me as she has before. Just walks with determination to her treasure chest. I wait, without looking for her punishment, a moment I have so far avoided as a true and loyal slave to Mistress Chelsea. This will be new.

She rummages through her collection, no doubt pushing aside the toys we usually use, searching for the weapons long forgotten. I hear her coming back towards me and try to prepare myself, but still, her hand wrapped around my ponytail, tugginf swiftly backward, surprises me.

She arches my neck, exposing my throat as she pull sme back by my hair, forcing me to lok up into her beautiful, angry face. She looks down on me with pity in her eyes, holding me in this painful, bent back position for a moment before pushing me forward. She kneels behind me tugging my hands back. She will not be using the handcuffs today. Apparanetly, I do not deserve even the pinching painf of the steel restrains.

Instead, she pushes my hand through a loop in small rope. tugging the loop tightly closed around my wrist, twisting the rope around and around rising along my wrists bones, grinding them together before pulling my other hand farther back.

Mistress Chelsea wraps my second wrist the same way, using a practiced ease that reminds me, I am not the only slave Mistress Chelsea owns.

Once my hands are securely tied, she pushes me forward. I land on my shoulder and roll onto my side. Mistress chelsea kneels behind me and pulls my arms down while she lifts my feet. i bend my knees allowing her to secure me how she wishes.

She uses the ropes hold my wirsts together to wrap around my ankles, twisting and tugging the rope to f***e my knees to bend further, bringing my ankles closer to my wrists. I can feel the hot sting of my tears as the begin to trickle from my eyes.

She shows no mercy as she ties the rope tighter, wrapping it around my calves and ankles. She leaves me lying on the floor and leaves the room. She flips the switch plunging me into isolated darkenss and leaves the room.

I lose all sense of time as I lie there with my thoughts. The anger I have caused my mistress.

I listen through the darkness and I hear screams of pleasure from another room. Mistress Chelsea is entertaining another slave. Things are going much better for her other slave.

Her screams echo thourgh Mistress Chelsea's house, I can hear her pleasure as, no doubt, Mistress Chelsea fucks her with a mighty strap on dildo. I can picture when it was me on the other end of the plastic cock, on my knees as Mistress Chelsea held my hips in her hands and f***ed her pelvis forward, crashing against my ass her cock buried deep inside me...sometimes in my unworthy cunt, and sometimes in my ass.

All of me belongs to Mistress Chelsea and I am rememebring that now as I listen to her abuse her other slave. But then the screams of pleasure suddenly stop. I know that means her slave now has her mouth full, that plastic cock so recently in her own pussy now slides in and out of her throat and across her eager tongue. I know from my own wonderful experiances, that Mistress Chelsea’s slave is being f***ed to swallow that plastic dick, to take it deep into her throat and to savor every drop of her own lust.

I have no idea how much time has passed as I lie in the dark waiting. I only know that Mistress Chelsea is now leaving her slave in her own room and returning to me. I hear the door open and the light flip on. My eyes sting from the sudden rush of light and when they adjust to the brigthness I see Mistress Chelsea's bare foot directly in front of my face.

I move my head forward, rolling my body a bit to reach her perfect foot and let my lips press against the top. My tongue slips out and I taste her sweaty foot, slipping between her toes, eager to show her my undying loyalty to her. Mistress Chelsea allows me this tiny pleasure for just a moment before pulling her foot away and using her other one to push me back. I roll backwards onto my bare ass but keep my eyes down, my head turned to the side. I know, when she is in this kind of mood, all I can do is wait and obey her.

Mistresss Chelsea pushes me again with her foot, rolling me onto my side. With quick work she loosens the ropes and then removes them from my wrists. I resist the urge to rub them. She reaches for me and grabs my ponytail. I squeal as she tugs it forward, pulling me to my knees. She walks around the room, pulling me roughly by my ponytail. I follow, trying to keep up, but just as I feel the release of pressure, she pulls faster, almost dragging me behind her. She leads me to a bench at the foot of our slave bed.

I do not have to be told what to do. I crawl over the bench, my belly flat against the soft cushion. My head hangs over one side, my knees on the other. She walks around and grabs my wrists, pulling each one in turn to opposite corners. My hands are secured with soft cuffs that she keep in place for moments I deserve to punished. In this position, there is no need to secure my legs, but the rope is still tied round my ankles.

Mistress Chelsea picks the end of the rope up in her hand and I hear it swishing through the air a split second before the soft cords stings across my ass. Mistress Chelsea laughs as I cry out. She continues laughing at my pain as she wraps the rope around each thigh and ties it to the bench, pulling my thighs tighter to the frame. The final position is uncomfrtable, my knees under the bench causing me to be hunched over, but unable to move. I wait for Mistress to give me the sweet release I know her punishment will bring.

My eyes are covered with a black blindfold. She ties it too tight, pulling the satin fabric across my eyes. My world goes dark. A moment later I feel the soft leather straps of her cat ‘o nine tails trailing across my bare back. My body tenses. Until this moment, I just thought Mistress Chelsea was playing her role, but now I know she is truly mad.

She has never used this toy on me before. It has hung on the wall, just above her treasure chest, tantalizing me, daring me to misbehave. Once I saw her come into the room, take it and leave. I few minutes later I heard screams from another part of her dungeon. A slave clearly misbehaving. The screams were an odd mix of intense pain and pleasure…it was as if the leather straps brought about the best of both extremes. It seems as if I am about to find out.

The leather tickles across my ass, between both cheeks and then she gives her wrist a little flick. The leather straps slap against my cunt, wrapping up over my mound. I jump, but I make no noise this time. I feel the electirc shock of the straps hitting my clit. Mistress Chelsea does it again.

I can’t see her so I don’t I don’t realize she has changed the angle until I feel the sharp sting across my ass. The leather straps bite into me, and this time I cry out. The cry is louder than I expected, and it drags out into a scream. I feel the sting settle into a burning pleaser point, the leather straps now sliding across the welts, caressing the engry red marks left behind a moment ago. Hot tears sting my eyes and then a second and quickly a third stinging slap of the whip across my ass. I cry oput again, this time louder than I thought possible.

My scream echoes off the wall, and Mistress Chelsea, as she normally does remains silent. Intead of demanding my silence, she reached around me, pulling my head back, arching my throat and back. I feel a small ball being pushed against my mouth, forcing my mouth wider. More straps, this time holding the gag in place.

Now silenced as well as blinded I wait.

I can hear Mistress moving, but she seems to be ignoring me now. I hear the door open and close. I am left alone again. Despite the pain and growing discomfort, I can still feel the flood of mositure between my legs, dripping from my pussy, running down my thighs.

I hear the door open and a moment later it closes again. I hold my breath, my body tenses up, waiting for the next round of abuse.
I feel Mistress Chelsea behind me again, this time her bare hand slaps down on my ass. She holds on to the round globe of flesh and squeezes hard, I moan against the ball still in my mouth even as she spreads my ass cheeks apart. Then I feel the head of her toy at the opening of my ass. She is holding it in one hand and pushing the massive thing into me.

As it is f***ed into my ass I know this is not her usual toy. I cry again, real tears stinging my eyes as she f***es my ass open with short stabbing thrusts. She releases my ass from her hand and reaches up for my ponytail again and pulls my head back.
Using my ponytail for leverage, Mistress Chelsea f***es her toy into me. I feel my ass streching, I feel incredible pain, but as the toy fills me, as it takes over my body I also feel the pleasure that only Mistress Chelsea can bring even when she is punishing me.

She rocks her hips forwrad and I feel the massive dick slip even further into my ass. Imoan again, muffled around the ball in my mouth. Mistress Chelsea begins rocking back and forth, fucking her slaves ass – my ass – with this giant cock. She slams it all the way home, deep into me, her belly slapping aginst my ass. The base of the toy now doubt presses against her clit, as she moans louder each time she slams forward…

She movers faster, fucking me, owning me. Her toy possesses the deepest parts of my ass and I can actually fel the soft tinglings deep inside that tell me an orgasm is buidling. Thankfully, before that happens, Mistress Chelsea feels one too.

She pulls the toy sout of me, leaving me feeling empty. She quickly drops the strap on and moves in front of me pulling the gag out.

I feel her legs around my head as she f***es her cunt to me. I open my mouth and quickly take her, licking my Mistresses cunt, tasting her juices, drinking her, teasing her clit with fast and furious flicks of my tonuge, wrapping my lips around her clit, ignoring the pain in my neck as I hold my head up at an awkward angle just to please her. Her orgasm shoots out of her pussy, blasting my face, filling mouth and spilling out. Her flood of juices squirting out shocks me, but I eagerly drink my Mistress, pleased to bring her such amazing pleasure. But it is over all too soon.

And with practed ease, my straps are lossened, but Mistress does not pet me, she does nothing more. She leaves the room, flipping the switch off as she goes.

Tomorrow…will be my reward. Tomorrow, I will be her pet once again! I love you Mistress Chelsea.

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1 year ago
Great story, mooi verhaal.
1 year ago
Awesome, Great... LOVED the story... Luv Marie!
2 years ago
3 years ago
loved this story myself..Dam it was very hot
3 years ago
This story made me very hot. Great to find another girl who likes dirty stuff and strap-ons too.
3 years ago
As you know naughty girls have to be punished
3 years ago
I love your submissive storys, I would love to see you topped by your miistress
3 years ago
I hope
3 years ago
Well written, thank you!
3 years ago
love your story. can't wait to read the rest
3 years ago
4 years ago
i would love someone to do that to me in this office - things get so dull around here!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago
Very nice as usual!
4 years ago
another great one
4 years ago
Great love story, Tessa!
4 years ago
Love your stories, my darling slave/pet. xoxoxo.