Mistress Chelsea

I am sitting in the middle of her chamber on the floor. Waiting for her to come in. Just as I do everyday when when she returns home from work. I wait and watch tv while she is away, but the moment I hear her car in the drive, I rush into action. Turning off the tv, returning to her chambers and taking off the little clothes I usually wear around the house while she is out.

Today it was a soft white tank top and cotton panties...both are now folded neatly and placed inside the chest in the corner that holds all my worldy possessions...the ones Mistress Chelsea allows me to keep.

I sit on the floor and wait. She doesn't always come in right away. She will usually kick off her shoes, pour a glass of wine, maybe watch a little tv, She always changes in her bedroom first though. I always know what I am in for when she comes in based on what she is wearing. And I love the anticipation, the wait, wondering when she will come in, what she will be wearing, what she will want me to do for her.

I hear the door open and I look at the floor. My Mistress is the most beautiful woman in the world and I long to just stare at her, but she has trainined me not to look at her unless she allows it. She walks in and walks past my letting her fingers trail over my head as she does. She walks straight to her throne and I hear her take a seat.

"Come here." Her voice is commanding but not angry, not mean. Mistress Cheslsea wtreats me with such care even when she is training me, or punishing me or just using me. I always feel loved by my Mistress no matter what she is doing to me.

I turn on my knees and crawl towards her, keeping my head down. I get just a peek at her short silk robe she wearing. That usually means nothing underneath and that I will be serving her tonight. That usually means I will not be allowed to cum, but she will experiance as many orgasms as she wants.

As I near her, she lifts one foot and holds it out to me. I crawl to her foot and let my tongue slip out. Her bare foot slides over my face as I lick the bottom. My tongue traces along the perfect arch as she begins to purr. But my Mistress has a surprise for me tonight. As I move my mouth into the right position, ready to suck each toe into my mouth in turn, she reaches down putting her foot back on the floor.

She grabs my hair and pulls me up. I move along with her after a quick squeal of surprise. She pulls me up and guides me across her lap. My entire body shudders as I know my Mistress is about to spank me. And she wastes no time. Her hand sting across my ass an instant later. I jump at the shock of the first stinging smack, but am prepared for the rest. I let her spank me, feeling the energy of her hand courseing through me with each new sting.

I squeeze my thighs together, the loving pain of her palm sends electirc bolts of desire straight to my clit. I am on fire when she finally pushes me off her lap, I know my ass is bright red from her attention. I lean forward and kiss the top of each foot. her legs spread open.

I slide my tongue up along the side of one calf, reaching with my hands to hold her smooth leg. My ass still stings from the spanking as my lips slide over her sytong thighs, slipping higher. She moans softly as my lips slip across her moist lips. I press my mouth to her pussy, smooth and ready for my attention. My tongue slides inside her and then slips lower, ticking the tight hole of her ass.

Mistress Chelsea moans again and grabs a fistful of hair. She tugs my hair while I slide my tongue back up, this time all the way up to her clit. Her moaisture drains into my hungry mouth and I sigh deeply as swallow her flavor. My Misstress Chelsea leans her head back, her legs lift up around my shoulders pulling me in tighter. I moan into her sending deep vibration through her entire body.

My tongue flicks faster over her, back and forth, up and down, in circles, pressing against her, moaning into her, my fingers slip up and slide effortlessly into my Mistresses wetness, two fingers spreading her open and curling up inside her, wiggling and tickling her silky walls.

Her breath catches and I know she is close, I double my efforts as she explodes, her pussy gushing forth a flood of lust into my ready mouth, I lick her clean as her entire body seems to shake, her legs trembling around me. I am willing to continue serving my Mistress, but she pushes me away, my mouth still hungry for her, my fingers wet with her juices. She orders to me to clean my fingers while she staggers to her feet and heads towards her special chest - the place she keeps her toys.

Watch me, Slave.

I look up at her as she walks back toward her throne, past me without touching me. She sits and lifts one foot to the edge of the throne, spreading herself open to my eager gaze.

Mistress Chelsea will not please me tonight, instead she is going to make me watch as she pleases herself into a second orgasm. Unable to touch myself, I watch as she twist her vibrator to life. The soft foam covering the plastic toy looks inviting as she slips it down and slides it up and down. her eyes flutter closed and her head rocks back. I watch as she changes the angle and pushes the toy inside her.

She twists the base again increasing the pulsing vibrations. Her moans of pleasure are louder than the buzzing toy. I feel my juices running down my thighs, I want to be there again, tasting her, pleasing her. I watch her as she fucks herself. Her thighs are visibily shaking as she pushes herself quickly to an orgasm, her fingers are pressing her clit and rubbing back and forth faster and faster, her other hand is sliding her toy in and out of pussy.

She cries out and I imagine that I hear my name as she cums again in front of me, this time I can only watch as her entire, sexy body shivers and trembles as her orgasm rips through her.
she opens her eyes and drops her head to look at me....she pulls the toy from her pussy and tosses it on the ground in front of me telling me to clean it up.

I bend forward, my ass in the air as she climbs down from her throne again. I reach for the still buzzing toy with my mouth knowing I am never allowed to touch Mistresses toys with my hands. I lick along the wet shaft, tasting her again, twisting the toy into my mouth and using the floor to slide my mouth up and down the length.

With the toy in my mouth I am unaware what Mistress Chelsea has been doing behind me, until I feel her hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them apart. I brace myself for what I know is coming next.

I feel the thick shaft of her strap on the large head pushing against my tight ass....she pushes, the wetness from my pussy providing the only lubrication...and she plunges inside. Fucking my ass....one hand holding my hip, the other slapping my ass each time she thrusts into me. My cries are muffled by the toy in my mouth but the tears dripping from my eyes are real.

I soon realx and accept the pain as it turns to pleasure, my Mistress is fucking my ass!

My muffled screams are not of pure pleasure! I feel my hips rocking backward to meet my Mistresses thrusts and the sting of her hand on my ass. I want her to use me this way, anyway she wants....

Her hips slam against me forcing her toy to smash agaisnt her clit harder and harder with each thrust...my orgasm is not intent but as her third one approaches I feel my entire body tingling. I drop the toy from my mouth and cry out as I cum for my Mistress as she fucks my ass just as she slams hardest against me forcing me to the floor she keeps the toy inside me and grinds her hips, grinding her pussy agaisnt the toy that is making her cum.

She pulls the toy from my ass and removes the harness...the toy falls to the floor. As she walks away, leving her chamber I pick up the toy and begin to lick it clean, tasting myself as I know she would want me to do. Once clean I will return the toys to her chest and wait for her return.

Ever loyal to my Mistress Chelsea.

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1 year ago
Awesome, sexy and very hot...
2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story I think you would like my storys especialy those with Mistress Jodie
3 years ago
I hope taht I may be so lucky in the near future, Mistress Chelsea
3 years ago
3 years ago
4 years ago
A beautifully crafted story - as hot as hell and a wonderful dedication.
4 years ago
I do so believe you would make a wonderful slave. I wish you were between my legs now, licking me, teasing my clitoris, fingering me, tongue fucking my tight ass.....hmmmmm
4 years ago
Such a delightful delicate dedication!
Mistress Chelsea brings out the best in dear Tessa.
Would love to read more about this love! ;-)P
4 years ago
what a beautifully sensually written story dedicated to a gorgeous, powerful and sexual mistress.
4 years ago
That was wonderful. I never expected nothing less from my loyal slave. I hope to see more stories about us in the future. XO.