OMG - Last night!

Saturday nights are officially my favorite nights again! I am not USUALLY such a slut, but something came over me last night....I hope it was just the alchol, the long period of abstinence and overall horniness rather than something sinister, but either way...I'm not walking too well this morning! ;)

It started with me and two friends, Sara and Jenni, going to dinner at a pizza place -- its called the Rock and they cook the pizza in a giant wood oven or something made out of river rocks. Whatever, that's not the point. Sara and I have messed around in the past and I know she has messed around with Jenni, but Jenni and I have just been friends, well, maybe a little kissing every now and then, but it never led to anything and it was always at some stupid party.

Tonight, Jenni and Sara were sitting next to each other and I was sitting across the table from them. All three of us were wearing short dresses, ready for the night - our skirts just baraley made it to the middle of our thighs.

We were laughing and giggling as usualy when Sara...out of the blue said "you should look under the table, Tess. Jenni isn't wearing any panties!" Oh my god! I inhaled my breath sharply, but of course...I'm not one to pass up a quick look at another girl! I ducked my head to the side and looked under the table. Sara's hand was under Jenni's skirt and was hold it up so I could see clearlt...not only was her freshly shaven pussy no covered by panties, it was clearly dripping wet, her lips spread slightly. I realized that this whole time we had been sitting here, Sara has been fingering Jenni's cunt!

"That is so not fair," I pouted as I popped my head back up. "I want some too!"

Both girls laughed and Sara dropped Jenni's panties onto the table. "You should smell how wet she is."

I blushed as I picked up Jenni's panties and lifted them to my nose, right there in the middle of the resteruant. As I put them back on the table...our waiter suddenly appeared with out pizza!

He had a little stand for the pizza, and he pretended not to notice, but how could he miss them? The small, pink panties were right in the middle of the table and now, right under our pizza. Jenni and Sara were both laughing at this and I was motified! I shifted in my seat and looked at the floor under the table. I saw Jenni's bare foot sliding out and then up along my leg. I blushed deeper as our waiter served the first pieces to us.

Jenni's foot slipped inside my bare thighs and pushed my legs open, her foot slipped higher and her toes pressed againt my clearly wet panties. I wasn't sure where this night was going to end up just yet, but I knew it was going to be fun!

The waiter disappeared unnoticed by me as Jenni's toes pressed rythmically against my clit. I leaned back and let her toes work wonderful magic over me. Sara reached for her pizza and took a bite while Jenni and I slipped further away from reality, but the look on Sar's face told me that she knew exaclt what was happening.

After a few bites, she put the pizza down and then shifted a bit in her seat. She leaned forward and then reached under the pizza stand in the middle of our table. When she pulle dher hand away, there were now two pairs of panties there. I looked at her, knowing my eyes were glossed over and my face flushed. She winked and said I should put mine in the pile too. At that moment, Jenni's foot disappeared just like the waiter had.

I lifted my ass off the seat and reached down. I lifted my skirt only a tiny bot to get to my panties and slipped them down my thighs. I felt the heat rushing to my face as I let the panties slip past my knees and then drop to my ankles. I lifted one foot free of the wet material and lifted the other, bending my knee. I grasped ahold of the panties and then in a rush of gigles and deep blushing, I pushed my panties to the pile.

"Can I get you ladies anything else?" My god! How does he have such perfect timing? I turn away from the edge of the table and look at the wall, blushing and as I know he can now see all three panties, having just seen me add mine to the pile. It was Sara's voice that brought me back suddenly: "we could use a little male help tonight - what time do you get off?"

I looked quickly to Jenni who was smiling up towards out waiter. Sara was doing the same with a wink and an evil smile. I looked at him and he was just staring back at the two girls. He didn't know what to say. Sara reached our for his hand and placed something in it, "This is where we will be in 30 minutes....hope you and a friend canmake it."

He walked away and I loked at Sara. "What are you doing???"

"It's been way too long for you, dear. You need to get laid and Jenni and I were talking...we decided tonight is the night! Come on, let's go."

I reached for pur panties, but she said to leave them and the three of us scooted out of the booth, With our short skirts and now no panites, I am sure that with the right timing, a few people got some nice surprises.

I followed the two girls our of the resturaunt as they held hands in front of me. I could feel my wetness along my thighs as we walked to Sara's car, "you two sit in back" she said as she clicked her car unlocked. I can't say I was disappointed. I was looking forward to making out with Jenni again, and in the back seat of Sara's car as she drove down the street? I am never one to shy away from kissing other girls in public.

Jenni wasted no time, the car wasn't even started before her hot lips were pressed to mine. Her hand went straight to my bare thigh and slide up. I leaned back, pulling her with me, spreading my legs. her fingers slipped over my wet pussy, pressing against my clit and rubbing softly back and forth over my wetness. My tongue pressed agaisnt hers as she shoved it into my mouth. I reached up into her soft hair holding her face to mine as Sara backed the car from the parking spot.

I was quickly lost and had no idea where we were as my lips slid over Jenni's, her fingers slipped down and pushed inside me. I moaned into her open mouth as she fingered me in the backseat. I reached down with one hand and felt the fullness of her breast in my hand, her breathing hot and ragged in my mouth. I felt her fingers tickle the tight hole of my ass and before I knew it, Sara was saying we had to stop, time to move it inside.

I looked around, breaking the kiss with Jenni and saw that we were at the Marriott Hotel. Why are we here, I asked, but Sara said she wasn't bringing some strange guys over to her house. We all laughed as Jenni and I straigthend or dresses and climber from the car headed towards the room already reserved for us.

Once inside the room, Jenni and I tackled each other onto the bed, our dresses rising up as our legs twisted together. sara busied herself by stripping her dress off over her head as my tongue shoved its way into Jenni's mouth, my hand reaching for her wetness, my fingers spreading her open and sliding inside as she did the same to me.

I felt Sara's hot breath against the back of my neck, her hands on my ass, pushing my dress even higher. I hated to stop kissing Jenni to take my hands and my body away from hers, but I had to be naked. Soon all three of us were tangled together. I'm not sure which girl I was kissing, as I lay back, the other tickling her tongue down my tummy toward my wet center, spread and ready for her magical tongue.

There was a knock at the door. And we all knew who it was. None of us bothered to get dressed as Sara skipped towards the door, Jenni and I lay back side by side and waited for our man or men to come around the corner. And there he was, the waiter. Sara was behind him lifting his shirt over his head as he was reaching for the buttons of his jeans. Another guy stepped around the corner. he was wearing the same uniform and we figured this tall black gut must be from the same place. But as soon as he was naked, we didn't care where he was from. Both men had strong chests, both had strong cocks, thick and just long enough. Jenni and I calle dthem over, spreading our legs and guiding them in with our hands.

My fingers slipped through the first guy's soft hair and guided his face to my cunt as Jenni did the same to her man. Sara cam around the bed and crawled next to Jenni. They were soon kissing as Jenni was eaten. I leaned over and began biting and sucking on Jenni's neck.

His tongue tickled across my clit as Jenni moaned into her kiss with Sara, but before I knew it, he had pulled away from me and was sliding up along side my body. I turned my face away from Jenni and came face to face with his dick. My mouth was already opened as he guided it inside. He was fucking my face as Sara moved away from Jenni. She moved down between my legs and began licking me. I was moaning around his giant cock, vibrating around him. He grunted and said if I didn't stop he was going to cum. I didn't stop and I felt that white hot blast of his sperm hit my throat.

I guess the problem with real life is it rarely matches what we see online. He pulled his dick from my mouth but he was still hard. Breathing hard he said he just needed a minute and I really din't care as Sara was pushing two fingerws into my cunt and one into my ass, her lips wrapped tightly around my clit. I reached toward Jenni and grabbed the ass of the bloack guy that was now trying to push his cock into her cunt. She moaned and lifted her legs around him as he shoced inside. She looked over at me and our eyes met for a moment before our lips did....our tongues twisted together and as Sara pushed me over the edge Jenni came crashing with me. We screamed into eath other's mouths as we both came, the bed shaking from the brutal fucking hse was getting. Our waiter was ready again and went behnd Sara as she fucked me, ate me.

With a loud grunt Jenni's man pulled back, leaning onto his knees pulling his glistening cock from her cunt. his cum shot out and blasted over her landing on my face too! I laughed as he came so hard, covering us both in his thick sperm. Just as the other guy was pushing his cock into Sara. She cried out as he filled her. He banged into her forcing her into me, but she lifted her head and was crying out in her own orgasm.

He face was so sexy as she came, looking up toward me as I knew her pussy squeezed his cock. This time he was able to last longer though and as soon as she came down, she collapsed, pulling him out of her. She rolled over between Jenni's legs, breathing hard and just lying there, her hands reaching up to hold Jenni who was still breathing hard as well.

I felt that cock that moments ago had blasted into my mouth, was just inside Sara strat to push into me. I let it happen, enjoying the feeling of a real cock again for the first time in several months. I wrapped my legs around him as he plunged deep into me. He was punding away deep into me, he lifted my legs higher putting htem on his shoulders. His cock as so deep inside me, filling me and he was ready to cum again.

He pulled out, my legs dropping around him and he covered my tummy with his hot sticky sperm. Jenni was laughing I guess at the look on my face and Sara was slipping backward off the bed. She walked to the door and lifted the pile of the boy's clothes. She walked to the front and we all heard the doo open.

"Time to go boys, we have to finish this ourselves." She held the door open and tossed the clothes out into the hall. The guys were both pissed, much could they be? they just got to fuck three hot bi girls????

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4 years ago
Would love to read the continuation! ;-)P
4 years ago
wow that was a fucking hotttt story!
4 years ago
Excellent story ;)
4 years ago
very good & they were lucky to be picked
4 years ago