Doing her toes - and her boyfriend

Ashlee is sitting back against the arm of the couch, one foot streched across the cushions and in my lap. Her bare foot, fresh from the shower is in my hands, as I rub the sole and heel with my fingers. I steal glance over t brandon. He is oblivious to us, focused instead on some Xbox game where he runs around like an army guy shooting people...only he is not very good and seems to get killed a lot himself. Ashlee and I giggle everytime he screams out "Oh Fuck!" as he gets killed again.

It also serves as a notice to us that he might steal a glance towards gives me the perfect opportunity to tease Ash right in front of him!

My eyes slip over her smooth legs to the bottom edge of her boxer shorts. From this angle, and the way her legs are spread, I can see she is not wearing any panties. Her smooth pussy peeks out at me and I can see how she glistens from her own wetness, a wetness to match my own. I lean forward, feeliing safe and lift Ashlee's foot to my lips. I press my lips to her big toe, my tongue sneaking out to lick the underside. She shudders and leans back, lifting her foot higher...II let my lips slip open and her big toe slides in.

"Oh Fuck!" Again...Brandon is killed. I drop her foot back to my lap, sitting up. The look of frustration spreads across Ashlee's face.

I smile a tiny evil smile from across the couch and look back towards Brandon..."what are you two doing," he asks.

"Don't worry about us...I'm just getting ready to paint Ashlee's shoudl concetrate on not sucking so much at your game." Ashlee and I both giggle as Brandon turns back to his next life.

I look deep into Ashlee's eyes and lift her foot back to my mouth. My tongue slips out and circles her big toe, sliding around and around, teasing her, slipping between her toes, and then I slip her toe back into my mouth, sucking softly, sliding her toe in and out of my mouth, fucking her toe with my lips. She leans back againa nd lets out a soft moan. My eyes dart over to Brandon, but he doesn't seem to notice as he leans forward towards the TV trying despratley not to get killed.

I let one hand slide along Ash's bare calf, sliding higher toward the back of her knee when brandon screams out again. I lean back letting her foot rest back into my lap.

My own frsutration grwos every time Brandon gets killed! I press Ash's foot against my pussy. Hidden by the angle, she prinds her foot against me. I bite my lower lip to keep from crying out as I look at Brandon. He is re-starting his game, but he looks back towards, "You two lesbos should get a room -- your are distracting me...that's why I keep getting killed!" This time it is Ashlee that speaks up.

"no. You keep gettin g killed because you suck!" We both laugh again as Brandon sulks back toward the tv just as he is brought backto life. Just in time too I think, Ashlee was pushing me to the point of no return with her foot! I lift her back to my mouth and begin sucking again at her toes, my hand slipping up her leg again. I feel the heat from the back of her thigh and I adjust myself on the sofa.

I get to my knees and lean forward my hand now sliding along the inside of her thigh. She looks nervously over at Brandon, she knows where my fingers are headed.

I feel the hint of her wetness on the tips of my fingers as I slip my hand under her boxer shorts...just in time to hear Brandon die again. I lean back and sit baack on the couch, but this time my knees are bent, both feet flat on the sofa. Ashlee's foot slips back into place between my legs, her toes curl forward to press against my own boxer shorts. I let my eyes slip closed for a moment before looking back to Brandon. This time he just re-sets and ignores us.

I look back at Ashlee and move my lips to tell her she is in so much trouble!

She laughs silently and shakes her head back and forth...I rock back up onto my knees and push my hand intot he opening of her shorts, straight against her wet pussy lips. She lets her head rock backward, as my fingers slide up and down her wet slit.

My fingers slide effortless up and down, Ashlee's body arches up towards my fingers. I let one finger slide in side her and now it is her turn to bite her lips to keep from crying out. I finger her wet cunt for a few more seconds before I let my hand slip away from her. I lift my fingers to her face and this time, she grabs my wrist, pulls my fingers towards her mouth and sucks hungrilly at her own juices. And of course, Brandon cries out again! He really sucks at this game!

Is it back again and wait for Brnadon to restart his stupid game. This time, I know what I want. I can't tease myself any longer. As soon as I hear his game start again I lean forward, kicking my feet out behind me as I lie on the couch between Ash's legs. I reach for her shorts and pull them aside as I scoot forward and press my hungry tongue to her slit. She rocks her head back again, both of us amazed that Brandon hasn't seen us yet.

Her lust assualts my tongue as I lick her slit from top to bottom, darting over her clit and streching at the end to tickle her tight ass. I didn't hear Brandon's yell when he died AGAIN...but I did hear his sharp inhale of breath when he turned aroun to finally see us.

"You guys can't be in the same room EVER!" I don't that I am caught, I can just do what I want. I push my face harder against Ashlee's pussy, licking her and fucking her with my tongue,. I hear her voice, breathless and ragged "Just get your stupid dick over her and join us...."

I open my eyes to see him opening his jeans near Ash's head. I know what is about to happen and I f***e the pangs of jealousy down as I watch his beuatiful dick come into view.

He holds his already hard shaft in his hand and guides it towards Ashlee's mouth as she leans back over the end of the couch. His huge cock disappears into her practiced mouth and he lets his own head rock back as his eyes close. I can hear Ash chockiing just a bit, but I also know she loves it at the same time. I feel her body pushed into my face and glance back up to see Brandon rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her face.

I concentrate on my task, licking Ash's pussy with a renewed hunger, wanting to feel her wetness sliding down my throat. I taste her lust and feel her wetness growing as my tongue plunges into her. I reach up with one hand and spread her pussy open, exposing her clit to the air. My lips soon fin her and wrap around the hard little nub. She squeals around Brandon's giant dick as my tongue flicks across her. My fingers dip lower and tickle her tight little ass.

She moans and I echo her against her clit sending sharp little vibrations through her entire body. Brandon grunts and reaches for his cock pulling it out of her mouth...Ashlee pants for breath before he plunges his cock back into her face. Her eyes are watering as he shoves his cock into her. I follow his lead and push a finger into Ashlee's ass. Her body arcs off the couch as she is fucked from two ends. My tongue flies back and forth over her clit faster and faster. She suddenly goes stiff, her legs lockiing out around me, squeezing, Brandon's didck pops from her mouth and she cries out in orgasm as her ass clenches against my finger and pussy lets losse a fresh rush of moisture.

Brandon will not allow his dick to dry and he moves around the couch and steps up with one foot behind me. I let him do what he wants as I continue to lick and eat Ashlee. I feel my shorts pulled aside and then the massive head of his cock touches my ass, it probes against the tight hole for a bit before slipping down and sliding effortlessly into my cunt! I moan and grunt into Ashlee as he fills me with his massive cock, fucking me from behnd.

His hips crash into miine with such f***e that it hurts to keep my face pressed against Ashlee's cunt. Ilift my head and let it rest on her tummy, still quivering from her orgasm. I keep my finger in her ass and thrust my hand back and forth to match the speed of Brandon's thrust's into me.

I am streched so far, his cock bigger than any other I've ever seen let alone felt inside me. I moan louder feeliing the urge to scream harder and harder to hold back. Ashlee's hands reach into my hair and tug gently, I lift my face to look at her and she tells me to let him cum inside me. I shake my head and my eyes grow wide..."i...I can't....I'm not on the pill," I stutter out between gasps.

Ashlee doesn't care and tells Brandon to cum inside me. He doesn't say anything more than a deep grunt, but his thrusts grow faster and harder. I am screaming now, and scared, but I can't stop him either. I feel my ass slamming back against his hips, fucking hiim as much as he is fucking me. I feel his cock swelling inside me and I know what that means.

I look up at Ashlee again, begging with my eyes, but she holds me in place and then I feel that white hot blast of his sperm hitting the inside walls of my pussy. I cry out - all pleasure and a little fear - as my wn orgasm suddenly takes hold and grips his thick cock, holds it inside as he fills me with his seed.

He holds himself deep inside me, the three of us tangled together on the couch, half dressed, the clothes we do have on clearly moved aside where we need them to be when we all hear a key in the door. We all look togetehr as Ashlee's girlfriend steps inside.

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4 years ago
VERY NICE! I came nice and hard!
4 years ago
excellent story, very horny
4 years ago
Very nice. Well written.