Katherine - Another first

We had been flirting harmlessly for weeks at the restaruant she worked in. Or, at least I thought it was harmless. She was very attractive, tall, lonf dark hair, very fit body. She was married though and had two k**s...I didn't think she was seriously interested in me....that is until one day when the restaruant was empty. I was the lat one to leave after lunch.

The other waitress was in the back, the busboy was doing dishes, I was paying my bill, my friends had already gone out to the parking lot. She looked at me and asked if I was ever going to kiss her. I was taken aback...it was the most direct she had ever been. This was certainly not harmless flirting! I was also instantly wet! I have always been turned on easily, but I had had more than a few nights alone thinking about this tall gorgeous girl.

I blushed and handed over my credit card, as I looked at her. I just said "someday, when its right." Her reply? "There's no one here...how much more right do you need?"

I reached up, without thinking, and took her face in my hands and pulled her towards me as I leaned forward. Her eyes opened wide as mine closed. Our lips touched and my tongue slipped across her lips. She gasped and opened her mouth against mine allowing my tognue to slip and and brush agaisnt her piercing. When I opened my eyes and leaned back she was the one blushing. "I...I was just k**ding," she said. But her face and eyes were saying something different. I signed my name on the credit card slip and reached for a card from the free lunch bowl. On the back I wrote my name and number and told her to call me when she wasn't k**ding anymore.

My phone rang that night just after midnight. I didn't recognize the number, but I certainly recognized the voice when I answered. It was Katherine! She merely said hello and then I could just hear her breathing. I asked is she was okay and she replied with an affirmative murmur.

I waited in the silence for her to say something. It seemed like several minutes passed before she finally whispered she was alone. I asked her if she wanted me to come over. She didn't say anything. I could tell she was nervous about the road she was traveling down, but I also knew that I wanted her! After lunch I rushed home deciding not to go back to work right away. I had an earth-shattering orgasm as I replayed our first kiss over and over in my mind. Finally she just said "yes."

I wasn't waiting for her to change her mind. I told her I would be there in ten minutes. She gave me her address and I was out the door. I didn't even bother to get dressed...I rushed outside in my boxer shorts and tank top. Bare foot, I drove the short distance to her apartment and parked out front. I saw a dim light on through the upstairs window and felt my entire body tingling. I climbed the stairs quickly, ready to kiss her again, ready to taste her, ready to feel her body explode.

I knocked softly at the door knowing she was waiting. I knew her husband was out of town, but her k**s would be asl**p. I certainly didn;t want to wake them up. She opened the door wearing similiar boxers shorts, ankle socks and white t-shirt. She was ready for bed as well. But she just opened the door and turned away and walked tot eh couch. I knew she was nervous and my fantasies could be shattered if I let her think too long. I followed close behind her, closing the door.

She sat on ethe couch and I sat next to her, leaning in, and without any words, pressed my lips to hers. She moaned again, her mouth opening up. I slide my tongue into her mouth and tasted her tongue as she leaned back. I follwed her down, as her she spread her legs, on ont he floor, the other on the couch. I slide between them, kissing her, holding her head in my hands again. She whimpered into our kiss.

My hand slide down her face, along her neck and down her side. I trailed over her hip and to her bare leg. As my hand slide back up it slide under her shorts a bit, getting caught. Her body arched beneath me. I knew she wanted this even if she was unable to articulate it. My hand skipped over her boxers and back to her hip, slipping under her t-shirt and feeling the warm, trmbliing skin of her belly. My hand slid higher, pushing her t-shirt up.

Like me, she had no bra on so my hand slid over her perfect breast. Her nipple was already hard and she gasped into my mouth as I took her full breast into my hand. I pushed her t-shirt higher, freeing my hand to explore the perfect globe of flesh. My lips slipped from hers and I could hear her hot brething as my lips moved to her neck. I bit down which caused her entire body to arch off the couch beneath me. She cried out, her hands moving, one to the back of the couch, the other to the cushion. She gripped hard as my teeth grazed over her, as my lips sucked gently at her skin. I moved slowly downward, not in too much of a hurry, but still not wanting to lose this opportunity.

I felt the rise of her breast, the heat of her nipple in my mouth. She gasped again, a gasp i would become familiar with during our affair. Her breasts were very sensitive and I loved her reactions, but this first time still resonates the best. I sucked at her nipple, my tongue teasing her, flicking around, circling the hard nub. Her body was twisting beneath me, she was gasping for breath trying to stay quiet. One of my hands skipped over her belly again, and pushed her shorts down. She lifted her ass to help.

I kissed my way down her belly. She reached for me,but to encourage me. I felt her trying to stop me, she wasn't ready for this...but I was too far gone to stop myself. I resited her resistance and tickled my across her belly over her swollen, shaved mound and inhaled her wet scent deeply. My tongue tickled along the edge if ehr wet lips, tasting the bare hint if her. Soon though, my tongue was slipping inside her, my lips sliding over her. I llifted my eyes to see her body arched off the sofa, her hands cluthing the cushions again, her knuckles white. Her head was rocked back as I closed my lips around her clit, my tognue began flicking across her. She was breathing faster, harder, twsting more violently. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and held on, holding my mouth to her.

I began to moan agaisnt her clit as my tingue pressed to her. She was gasping and the vibration seemed to knock the breath out of her lungs. She clenched her teeth and twisted even more strongly, her body bucked agaisnt me, I held fast and rode her through her amazing, powerful orgasm until she was too sensitive and pushed me off. I smiled and kssied my way up her body. Our lips touched again as she struggled for breath.

As is always the case...this first time was strong and amazing, and ended too soon when we both heard the cries of a small shild from down the hall. She jumped up, still flushed and out of breath searching for her shorts in the dim light before rushing off to be mom. I waited until she came back, a sl**py c***d in her arms. We kissed good night and the only words we exchanged - a promise to see each other again.

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4 years ago
Hi Tessa, Love the story ... Very sensual, very erotic .. xx