Terry's story cont., Part 22

There was no question whether i wanted Sheron inside me or not. i definitely did. Having him pick up condoms and poppers was a goo idea. Even though we had only met a couple of days earlier, i knew from the minute i saw those mirrors that i wanted to watch his cock poking me. Everything about him turned me on big time. He had a nice cock. His dirty talk was so amazingly hot, it made you want to be his bitch. i physically trembled when i came… that's happened before, but not even close to what i just experienced. The contrast of his charcoal black skin against my white face was a huge turn and clearly made a big difference, adding a new level of intensity to my physical response.
i had begun to accept the fine line between pain and pleasure, so i wasn’t that concerned about his size. It was easy to convince myself that if we went slow it would be okay and besides i thought, “i’m doing it with Jack and enjoying it.”

“i need to chill first, dude.”

He said okay and asked me if this was my first time with a black guy for real.

“Yeah. For real dude.” i said i’d fantasized about it but didn’t expect it to really happen.

He said “It was awesome for me, dude, how bout you?”

i told him it was hot. Then i told him i didn’t have much experience doing anal. He said that was cool and asked if he went slow, would i try it with him. i said that was okay if he stopped when it was too much for me. i told him to get a condom and he said “Man, I know why you asked for these. All you white boys want to fuck a brotha, don’t you?” i loved how he talked. Soo hot!!!
i realized we had no lube. He said he bet there was some in his car. He returned and said “Oh yeah, little b*o. We gonna have a good time!”

i put some lube inside me. Then i started sucking to get him harder. He told me to put the condom on him and lube it up. i stroked him hard. He turned me around and pushed me down so was standing with my hands resting on the bed. i watched him in the mirror as he stood behind me slapping my ass with his cock, asking if i wanted his black dick. He made me tell him “i want your black cock.” He took the poppers from the bag and said “I know why you asked for this too,” and gave it to me. i took a nice hit and my head buzzed. He put his cock against my asshole and started slowly pushing it in. It hurt a little at first, but it always did. He’d pull out and put more lube on it and each time it went in a little easier. He said he was about half way in and asked if i was okay. i said i was. He said “Does it feel good havin a brotha fuck you? Tell me.”

i said “Your big cock feels good inside me.” He was so hot!!! Watching him in the mirrors as he fucked my ass was fuckin hot too.

He kept going deeper, slowly, until he was three quarters in. He stopped and asked if i wanted to take it all. i said okay and took another hit and watched our reflection as he slid all the way inside me. i let out a groan and he checked if i was okay. He told me to lie on my back. i lay near the edge, my legs in the air against his shoulders. My back was rolled upwards, my ass off the bed. He got the head of his cock inside and slid in and out part way a few times then stopped. He said “Are you ready for dis black cock, white boy?” i hit the poppers again and, with my head buzzing, said “mm.”

He slid all the way in until his crotch was pressing against my ass. i hadn’t expected it all and let out a big groan. it felt awesome! He just stayed there, inside, looking at me. “That nigga dick feel good don’t it, boy?”

“That nigga dick is awesome, dude!”

He started sliding it out, then back in till it was buried. He was saying “That what we call long dickin, bitch. You like that?”

i was grunting and saying him how much i liked it. He had me get up and he lay down. He pulled me towards him and said “You wanna ride this, bitch?” He positioned me with my ass over him and i sat on his cock. The poppers were working and had me very relaxed. i took another hit and lowered myself till his cock was completely buried. His hands were on the sides of my ass while i rode him, lifting me up and pressing me down on him. Every time i’d go all the way down, he’d say “Oh yeah, bitch, take as much as you want. You feel that cock, bitch? Take as much as you want.”

My ass was tingling, my head buzzing. He had me get on the bed, kneeling, with my face down on a pillow and my ass in the air. He stood over me and slid back in. He drilled down, pulling my ass back to him till he was buried all the way in and held me there. He started sliding it in and out more quickly, until i could feel his cock throbbing inside me.

When he came, he stayed buried in me, saying “Oh yeah” again and again. i watched him finish and pull out. He said "You loved that didn't you?"

i moaned "Mmm, hmmm."

He said "Jack didn't lie about you, man. You one fuckin great slut!”

Then he said “Here, this is for you” and held the condom up to my mouth. He said “Swallow it.” That’s when i knew for sure. I swallowed it…

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10 months ago
just because you've been with 3 guys in about 6 months doesn't make you a slut. a submissive bottom yes. now the choice is to find one guy or continue withy whoever you find attractive.