Terry's story cont., Part 21

Sheron dropped me off on the corner across from the motel. i watched him leave the office, walking towards the rooms and met up with him. He said he got the hour short stay rate. The room was covered by mirrors. It felt like i was standing in front of a dressing room mirror. i turned out the light. i started undoing his pants. He stopped me saying he wanted it to be a memorable party if this was gonna be the only time. He was gonna hit the liquor store and asked if Bourbon and beer was okay with me. i said i liked Jim Beam and asked if he could pick up me up some cigarettes and poppers at the adult bookstore nearby. He said he’d get ice and cups too. i wasn’t sure yet, but as a precaution i asked if he could bring back some condoms too. He paused, and It might have been my imagination and it was dark, but i thought he made a quizzical face before leaving. He said he’d be back soon.

He returned and we started partying. Beam on ice, beer chasers and some weed i had. Porn was playing on the TV. He even picked up candles. i love candles. i couldn’t believe it. We watched vids and got high for a while and i turned out to be a flirtatious guy. i was undoing his pants and whispered that i wanted to see it, and he smiled and asked if it was curiosity about “what they say about us,” this time playfully calling on the race thing. i thought that was funny. We were pretty sloshed, believe me.

i got his pants off and saw he was uncut. Another first for me. It was about 6 inches long so i said “i guess it isn’t true.” Sheron got it and we laughed. He said something like ‘you know what they say white boy. Once you go black, you never go back. Sure you want dis?’

i took him in my hand. He wasn’t totally hard. i started stroking him while the skin over his head stretched back and forth. It was bitchin.

i asked him where he’d like to sit. He picked the armchair. i put a pillow under my knees, got down and stroked as the skin rubbed over his cock head. As he got harder, he got bigger. He was about seven inches when his skin was stretched all the way back from the head.

i gave him a nice, slow blowjob. He was a great dirty talker and used a lot of racial comments. It was soo hot. The candles made the images in the mirror seem surreal. He was so dark against me. i let him got close several times and slowed down. Sheron d****d his legs over the chair’s arms and slid down so his cock was sticking up. i licked his shaft and worked down to his balls. i sucked on them and stroked until he got close again and he asked “You gonna swallow my black cum, white boy?” i started cuming myself. i jerked him and put my mouth over his tip while my fingers rested on his vein. i felt his cum pulse under my fingers, into my mouth…

Sheron came a lot and for a long time. He kept saying “God damn” over and over. We rested a while before he asked “You ever think about fuckin a nigga, white boy?”

i was glad i had him pick up the condoms…

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10 months ago
nice he didn't have a 10 or 12" dick too.
10 months ago
another new avenue to explore and a nice setting.