Terry's story cont., Part 19

My relationships with Frank and Jack continued as they were for the next couple of months. By then i was doing anal with Jack at least once a week, sometimes twice. i had really come to enjoy it. i really liked using the poppers too cuz it made me cum so hard. i was still keeping it secret from Frank cuz i didn’t know how to tell him though i wanted to.

One Friday night Jack brought a friend of his to the game. His name was Sheron. He was a younger guy, about thirty, and really hot looking. He was over six feet tall, around 190 pounds with piercing hazel eyes, a great build and he was black. Really dark black, like guys you see from Nigeria or somewhere like that. i decided to watch the game, but only because Sheron was there. i sat near him. He was very friendly and we talked a lot while they played. During a break we were alone at the table and he said he’d heard a lot about me from Jack. i asked what Jack said. He had told him about our getting together and that i gave an awesome blowjob. That pissed me off. i said that what happened between Jack and me was private and he had no right to talk about it. Before we could finish talking the others started returning to the table.

i left the other room, caught Jack’s attention and motioned for him to come over. He asked what was wrong and i told him what Sheron said and that he had no right to talk about me to other people. He apologized and explained that one day when they were talking he happened to mentioned that he had hooked with a young guy and they talked about it a little bit, that was all. “I probably shouldn’t have said anything, but I wasn’t even thinking at the time that you two would ever meet. Frank doesn’t know Sheron and he wouldn’t talk about you anyway. Let’s go back and talk about this later. You’re right, so relax and don’t be mad. There’s no harm done all right?” i said okay but told him not to say anything about me ever again. He agreed.

It seemed okay after Jack explained what happened. i still didn’t like it but wasn’t very upset anymore. i thought that since they did not know each other, Sheron probably wasn’t likely to say anything to Frank or anyone else either.
i went out for a cigarette and a couple of minutes later Sheron came out too. He said he was sorry he pissed me off. i assured him it wasn’t his fault and that Jack had explained it all to me. “I only mentioned it because we were getting along pretty good and I thought you might like to get together with me sometime.” i said that would be complicated. He said “I get it, because I’m black right?” i said that wasn’t it; there were other things that made it complicated. “Yeah but i bet you never been with a brotha before though right?” i said i hadn’t, but it wasn’t because of color and that i didn’t want to talk about it then while the others were around but that i really didn’t have anything against black people. i said we could talk about it another time if he wanted to call me. He said he’d call if i really wanted him to but he didn’t want to be wasting his time if i didn’t. i wanted him to call so i could explain so i gave him my number. He said “cool” and went back to the game.

When the game broke up i was so horny i was on my knees as soon as Frank closed the door. He must have wondered what was going on because i sucked him off slowly twice that night. i came several times too, wondering what it would be like with a black guy…

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11 months ago
lots of people form a strong attachment with their "first" but still want to explore privately but also like that safety net of their first!
3 years ago
Well you know black guys are very special the an last for ever and love to fuck in the ass