Terry's story cont., Part 18

i continued going to Frank’s Tuesdays and Fridays. Jack had me meet him at his house usually every other day. He’d have me get naked and take care of him. When he’d finish, he would have me jerk off for him and then i’d leave. Even though i was really being f***ed into this, i found it very hot because it was new and different.

By the end of the first week he said he wanted to try something new. He lay on the bed and had me kneel on his side. He brought out a vibrator and started running it over my cock and balls as i blew him. He made me cum that way and it was really hot. i liked having someone else get me off. Soon he started moving the vibrator from my balls to my asshole. i remember it made me jerk a bit the first time cause i wasn’t ready for it. He asked how it felt but i didn’t say anything, i just let it happen. From then on he would do that often… switching from my cock and balls to my ass. It gave me intense orgasms. He went to pressing the tip of it into my ass, just a little way, and then went further every time until he was getting it a few inches inside me. It felt good.
When i’d go to Jack’s, he usually wanted me to get right to it. One day he said he wanted to talk. This was unusual because he didn’t talk a lot like Frank; usually the only time he’d say anything to me is when i’d cum he’d tell me i was a good boy. We sat on the couch. There was a porn video playing. A scene came on showing a guy having anal sex. He said he wanted to try that with me. i told him there was no way i could do that. He reminded me of our deal about Frank. He said he would use lots of lube and go very slowly and that if i didn’t like it i could tell him to stop. i told him i was afraid of getting a disease and he told me not to worry about that because he would wear a condom. He showed me a little brown bottle and said sniffing this stuff would make it easier too. i said i wasn’t going to sniff anything if i didn’t know what it was. He told me it was called ‘poppers’ and was perfectly safe and had me look it up on the Internet. i Googled Amyl Nitrate and found it could be used to relax anal muscles during sex. i seemed okay so decided i’d try it if it would help ease the pain

i was still worried about how i would explain not being honest about this to Frank and realized i was in a bad position. i figured i’d let Jack try it and just tell him right away that i couldn’t take it and have him stop. i told him i’d try but questioned him about stopping if i asked him to. He promised he would and said there was no way he wanted to hurt me.

We went to the bedroom. i took my usual position kneeling next to him and started sucking his cock. He rubbed my cock with the vibrator for a while and then put a lot of lube on it and started to push it inside my ass. He opened the bottle of Amyl and told me to ‘pop’. Immediately i got a rush to my head. It was like my brain was exploding and was unlike anything i had tried before. Things seemed to be happening in slow motion. i suddenly felt very relaxed and euphoric. My ass felt warm and started to tingle. Jack was pushing the vibrator into me, going a little farther each time. i found myself pushing back against it.

He told me to get in the middle of the bed on my hands and knees and got behind me. He continued to work the vibrator inside me. He put the bottle under my nose and told me to pop again. i got another incredible rush. My ass felt very sensitive and i was enjoying this more than i had before. He kept adding lube to the vibrator and working it into me. He told me to stay there a minute while he put the condom on. He pushed my ass down lower and said he was going to just rub my ass with the tip of his i cock. He told me to relax and said he was going to put it in a little way and said i should to tell him if it started to hurt. i told him to go slow. He put the bottle in front of me and i took another sniff. My head was rushing as i felt the tip of his cock start to enter me. It didn’t really hurt that much but my ass tightened and pushed him out. He told me to relax and he tried it again. Again i pushed him out. He put more lube on it and when i felt his head in me and i tried to keep from pushing him out. He stayed there with the tip of his cock in me and didn’t move. He asked me if i was okay. Instead of telling him to stop as i planned, i found myself saying i was all right so far. He started pushing deeper inside me and i could feel my ass tightening. i told him to go slow. He said i needed to concentrate on relaxing my ass and had me take another hit of from the bottle. My heart was pounding and so was my head. He started moving slowly deeper inside me. When my ass would tighten i concentrated on relaxing it. He did go very slowly and eventually it was inside me. He said he was going to start going a little deeper but that he would go slow. He pulled back a little and pushed back in. i was surprised that it didn’t hurt as much as i thought it would. He pulled out a little further each time and then pushed it back in. Eventually i felt his head pull out and he very slowly pushed it all the way back in. After doing this for several minutes he told me to lie on my back. i asked for another hit from the bottle. This popper stuff was awesome! Things still seemed to be happening in slow motion as i watched him put more lube on the condom. He started to enter me and he said this position should make it easier. i felt him start pushing inside me and it did go easier and my ass was not fighting back against his cock as much. My legs were up in the air against his arms and he began inching his way in. He kept pulling it back out and pushing it back in a little deeper. i lifted my head up and could see him inside me. Jack said he was going to try going a little faster and said i should let him know if he was hurting me. He slid out and slowly pushed back in. He went a little faster each time. When he had built up more speed it started hurting a little and he saw me squirm. He stopped and said i should take a pop if i needed it. The bottle was lying next to me. i took a hit and let out a moan from the rush. He started again slowly, then more quickly. In a few minutes he said he was going to come. He let out a long breath and started cuming. He continued sliding in and out of me as he exhaled softly.

When he was done he pulled out and said “That wasn’t so bad was it?” i said it didn’t hurt as bad i as i thought it would. He took his rubber off and said “Here, this is for you.” He let his cum slide out into my mouth. He told me to swallow it and when i did he told me i was a good boy.

He told me i had better leave because he was expecting some people to stop by soon. He said he'd see me soon. i left with a lot to think about. Things continued this way for a while...

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10 months ago
didn't hear you say you came like you usually do giving a BJ. such an erotic setting too, sucking Jack in a parking lot. At least Frank took his time in his nice home with you.