Terry's story cont., Part 17

When i got back to Frank’s, he asked me if what i thought about the gay videos. He said it seemed to him that i was a bit uneasy watching the gay porn. i told him i was just caught by surprise because i didn’t know about them and wondered why he and i had never watched them before. He said he was mainly into straight porn and those DVDs were Jack’s and that he held off on showing them to while we were working on figuring out my sexual orientation. He did not want them to influence that process. Early on in our exploration he thought watching straight porn with me was the way to proceed because i would be open to that without becoming defensive. Since he thought we had pretty much resolved that issue, along with his belief that i had been with Jack the night before, he was interested to see how i would react to watching gay porn. Then he said he didn’t want to raise any suspicion on Jack’s part if he stopped him from playing his videos. i said i didn’t understand what he meant by that and he said Jack might wonder who had a problem watching gay porn and why.

He said Jack’s interest in gay porn and the fact that they had hooked up on occasion with gay guys they had met at the gym was how he knew Jack would be okay with it if i made a move on him.

He said he still wanted to know what i thought about the videos. Did they turn me on? i said that i thought they were hot. He said he knew i found the oral stuff hot but wanted to know what i thought about the anal stuff. i told him i found that hot too but didn’t think it was for me cuz i thought it would be too painful. He said he could understand that since i had never tried it.

Then he asked about what happened with Jack. i thought about telling him the truth so Jack would not have that hold over me but decided not to for a while until i could think it over some more. So i told him that Jack and i had talked but that i decided against doing anything with him for now because i wasn’t sure if i really liked him that way or not. He said that was cool. Then he said thinking about me being with Jack had made him want to jerk off the night before but he decided to wait to be with me tonight. He said the porn had made him horny too. He got up and took off his clothes while telling me how much he missed being with me the night before. He sat down and tossed a pillow on the floor between his legs and pulled me down on my knees…

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10 months ago
"he could understand that since I had never tried it" perfect line to an inquisitive young man. No longer in bed, just a pillow between his knees? servile position!
3 years ago
Great story...yummy!