Terry’s story cont., Part 16

Back at Frank’s we sat in the living room talking and continued getting sloshed. Jack asked if anybody wanted to watch porn and Frank told him to pick out some DVDs. He picked two from the blowjob spot on the book case and took two more from a box on the top shelf. i had watched all of the blowjob videos before with Frank, but had never seen any videos from that box and wondered what they were. We sat there getting high and watched the two blowjob videos. Jack had the remote and was fast forwarding through to the cum shots. He and Frank were exchanging comments about the girls. i wasn’t saying much; i was thinking about why i got turned on by what had happened earlier.

We watched the first two videos and then Jack took one from the box over to the DVD player. As he was changing the videos, he asked if i had ever watched any gay porn. i was surprised. i couldn’t believe he would play like that right in front of Frank. i tried to be cool and said no. He said “You don’t mind do you? I mean, you don’t have anything against gay guys, do you?” It was kinda creepy. i said i didn’t mind. He went on “I’ve had a couple of guys suck my dick before and I think they are way better at it than women are. I think it’s probably because they know what they like when they get sucked so they know what a guy likes/wants. What do you think, Frank? You’ve had a couple of guys blow you right.” Frank said he thought that might be true.

The first video was called something like “Gay Cum Swallowers.” It was a compilation of guys sucking off guys and swallowing cum. Frank wasn’t saying much, he was just watching. Jack was making all sorts of comments. One scene showed a guy taking at least a half a dozen huge squirts of cum in his mouth and swallowing it. Jack said he’d love to find a guy like that so he could feed him a nice load every day. Another scene showed a guy who let several guys cum in his mouth before he swallowed. That video was making me very horny.

The second video showed scenes of guys having anal sex and were letting the guys finish in their mouths. When he played that video, i thought about what he asked me before. Jack said “See what I mean, man? Those guys know what to do to get your nut. You can’t find women who will do that shit for you. Damn, that’s some awesome shit right there man!”

When the video was done, i said i had to get going. i didn’t really have to leave but i was soo horny i figured if Jack was gonna hang out i was gonna go home and jerk off. Jack said he was gonna leave too and he’d give me a ride. i told him it was only down the street and i could walk, but he said he could take me anyway as soon as he took a piss.

He left the room and Frank asked me if i could come back later. He said he was loaded and missed me the night before. He said he wanted to talk too. i really missed being with him too and said i would def come back later.

When we got to the car, Jack told me how horny the videos got him and said he wanted a quick blowjob. He drove past my house and back behind the mall. I had the feeling again; the fact that i had no choice made it hot. Weird. i would have to figure that out later. i wanted this to be quick so i could get back. i unbuttoned his pants and went down on him. He wasn’t that hard so i got it really wet and started stroking. He got harder quick and a little bead of cum came out the tip. i licked it off and went down on him from top to bottom for a couple of minutes. i started stroking it while i sucked and about five minutes later he began pushing his cock up and his cum streamed into my mouth. He told me again not to let any get on him. i swallowed it and cleaned the rest off his cock. i said i had to get home. He pulled his pants up and dropped me off, saying he’d see me later. i had him let me out at the corner so no one would see me. When he was out of sight i headed to Frank…

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10 months ago
Jack is no good. time to come clean with Frank the one you care for and your mentor amd to you, your lover.