Terry's story cont., Part 15

That night, and the next day, i thought about what happened the night before. Did i like it? Yes. Why? It was different. Not better, just different. The differences between Jack and Frank were stimulating. Jack made different sounds, different movements, and had a different reaction when i made him cum, and i had a different feeling about it when it was over. Did i want to do it with him again? Yes. Was i going to? No. Why you ask? Even though Frank had reassured me that it was just in my head, i still could not shake the feeling that deep down inside he actually might believe i had become the slut he liked to say he made me. That troubled me. If my feeling was right, and i told him what i did with Jack and admitted that i liked what happened, it might confirm his thoughts and somehow change my relationship with him. Again i was not thinking clearly and was being guided by those irrational thoughts.

Frank called early that Saturday and said he was taking the day off. He told me to stop over later that afternoon. i felt i had to say okay even though i had not expected to see him and hadn’t thought about what i was going to say. There wasn’t much time to decide what i would do. i thought about our promise about always be honest with each other and i was undecided about keeping this from him. But i thought that for now, when he asked about it, i was going to say nothing happened. After all, he wouldn’t know for sure unless Jack told him, which i thought unlikely. i was worried because i and didn’t know how convincing i could be. i knew it would be very difficult since he always seemed to know what i was thinking. But i thought keeping it secret was best for now.
Jack was still there when i arrived. i hadn’t expected that. He acted very cool and so did i. Frank seemed his usual self and suggested afternoon cocktails. We smoked a few bowls of weed too.

Whenever Frank wasn’t looking, Jack would look at me and smile. He was looking at me was differently than he used to before. When Frank left the room, Jack said we needed to talk later when we got a minute alone. i felt sure then he hadn’t said anything to Frank. i was excited thinking about what he would say but was also unhappy because i would have to tell him i didn’t think being together again was such a good idea. Last night i had said it would be okay and now i would need to come up with a reason for changing my mind.

Eventually we ran out of beer and Frank said he would go pick some up. Jack said he would go cuz he needed to pick up a couple of things himself. When he was ready to leave and he asked me to take a ride with him. i was excited about finding out what he wanted to say to me. On the way there, he said he was sort of fuzzy about everything that happened the night before but thanked me for the best blowjob he had ever gotten. i felt really good about that. He said he wanted me to do him again later on and i told him i had thought it over and decided it wasn’t a good idea because i was already involved with someone and was d***k last night and not thinking clearly when i told him it would be okay. He tried hard to convince me. He said stuff like we could be very careful so no one found out, and that he was a really horny guy who was tired of jerking off every day and that and it would be just FWB until he found a gf. We went back and forth a while, but i continued to stick with my decision. Then his tone seemed to change. He asked if Frank knew about me. i said of course not. He said we could help each other out then; i could take care of him when he needed it and in return he would make sure neither Frank nor my bf found out anything. i thought at first he was k**ding, but could tell when i looked at him that he wasn’t. i was stunned. It felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach and let all the air out. i couldn’t breathe. i felt sick. Here i was trying to keep all this from Frank and Jack was threatening to tell him. i couldn’t believe it; i never saw him as that sort of person.

He said helping each other out was what friends did for each other and, if i thought about it some more, i’d see that it wasn’t really a big deal cuz it was just gonna be a FWB thing. He got out of the car, leaned in the window and told me to think about it and decide while he got the beer.

Thinking about it i realized there were only two ways i could go. i could tell Frank when we talked later and be done with it, my first reaction, or do as he said and not have anyone find out anything until i was ready. Would he really say anything? Could i take the chance that he would? i felt earlier that i had good reasons for keeping it secret for now. Would Frank think about me what i feared he might if Jack told him what i did? If i went along with Jack i could buy time and decide how to handle it with Frank later.

i decided to try calling Jack’s bluff and see what happened. He returned and asked what i had decided to do. i told him i thought putting me in this position was really fucked up and i wasn’t going to do it. He said it was my decision to make and if that was my answer he would make sure Frank found out; maybe even my bf too. i said i didn’t think he would say anything. He said that when we got back to the house, he would tell Frank exactly what happened last night because i had initiated it and he was so d***k he just went along with it. i believed him. We didn’t say any more to each other as we drove back to Frank’s but as we got closer it looked like my strategy wouldn’t work. i told him not to say anything and that i’d go along with him.

When we approached the shopping center, he turned down the access road behind it and parked. He said i’d see i made the right decision and that we would have some good times together and told me not to worry about anything. He took my hand and put it on his hard cock and said it was time for me to keep my part of the bargain. i told him i was worried about getting caught and he said he went there all the time and it was deserted on Saturdays. He pointed out that he could see if anyone was coming long before they got to us so i didn’t have to worry about that. He was right but was still nervous about it. i unbuttoned his pants and was rubbing his cock when he said i should hurry up because he didn’t want Frank to wonder what took us so long. He was right about that too so i started working him hard with my hand and mouth combined to get him to cum quickly. i found that the thought of being f***ed into doing this made me very excited. As i continued to think about what was going on, i became more and more excited by it. i didn’t understand it, but it was happening just the same. My cock was hard and i was rubbing it through my pants as i worked on him. i felt like i was gonna cum and had to stop because how would i explain my wet pants when we got back to the house. Jack’s hands took hold of my head and he started thrusting up into my mouth until he came. He was breathing so hard and he said “Swallow it all. Don’t let any get on me.” He shot a lot of cum but i got it all. i really was an expert at that now.

He said “Awesome again Dude! You liked it too, Dude. I could tell.” i said nothing. He asked me if i liked doing anal. i said i never did it and didn't think it was for me. i asked why he asked me that and he said he was just curious. Neither of us said anything else after that.

He hurried back to Frank’s and on the way i thought about why i had enjoyed it so much. i still didn’t understand it, but there it was…

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10 months ago
getting complicated now. best to tell Frank and say goodbye to Jack as he is not looking for a real friend, just using you.
3 years ago
Hey man you like sucking cock you have to with it sucking cock is like eatting a great steak once you've had it you always want more thanks
3 years ago
Very good story, thank you for sharing your story.