Terry's story continued... Pt 13

Back to my story… i said how my life had changed in many ways. Frank was assigned to work on a project which took up a lot of his time. We still spoke every day but only saw each other a couple of times a week. i would go over every Friday for the game and see him on Tuesday nights. That was our standing night to be alone together. Some days, if work was very stressful for him, he’d say he was really stressed and ‘loaded,’ that’s what he called it, and ask if i could come over and relax him. i always did. The major change though was my thinking. i was soo horny all the time. i thought about sex constantly, i think it was because i was seeing less of Frank and i loved doing it so much.

But after that one Saturday, when Frank told me it was okay with him if i was interested in his friend, i started thinking more about what sucking another guy’s cock would be like; how big it would be, how he would react, would he be quiet or verbal, would he cum a lot, what would he taste like… Like if i went to someone’s house to fix a computer or if i was just doing something like going to the store or going for a walk and i’d see someone who turned me on, i’d wonder. But i felt guilty about it. It might sound stupid but somehow i thought of it as cheating.

In my fantasies i wanted to do something with Jack, or someone else, but in reality i was afraid to actually going through with it. Frank’s comment disappointed me too because when we started out he said it was going to stay just between us and now he seemed to be saying something else. And the fact that i really liked Frank made it even harder for me. i wanted more from him; i wanted us to be a couple but knew by what he had said in the beginning that it wasn’t going to happen. i was scared that if i said something to him about how i felt he might say we should stop. i loved him and didn’t want to risk that. He made me feel special. i made him feel good, especially when he was intensely stressed, and i liked that i could doing that for him. Making him feel good made me feel good too.

We met for the game that Friday, we were sitting around, the guys were playing cards, and we were smoking and drinking as usual. During the game Jack mentioned he was having a problem with his machine. Frank said “Terry can look at it for you, right Terry?” i was disappointed when he said that. Irrational thoughts started running through my mind because of the way said it and how he was looking at me. It seemed to me as if Frank wanted me to be with Jack. i tried to act like i was down with it and told Jack i would look at it for him.
i felt as if i had to say okay or maybe risk having Frank get upset with me. i say my thoughts were irrational because he had never gotten upset with me ever; it was just in my head.

That week’s game broke up earlier than usual and after the guys left we went into the living room. I had a fresh beer ans was filling a bowl. Frank had picked up on something because he asked me what was wrong. i decided to take a chance and tell him what i was thinking about. He didn’t get upset with me at all. He told me i didn’t need to worry about it, that we could be together as long as i wanted to be. As for Jack, he said he thought it might good for me though if i was with another guy just to experience it and maybe to see if i liked doing it with other guys in general and was gay or just some guys meaning i was bisexual. He told me it was up to me but said i should think about it. i told him i would.

After putting my fears to rest he led me into the bedroom saying he was glad the game ended early because his week had been awful and that he was fully loaded and was really looking forward to being with me. He told me to undress and undressed himself quickly, leaving on his tee-shirt and shorts, and dropped a pillow on the floor in front of him. i got on my knees and felt for his cock through his shorts. It felt so good and he was soo hard. He had had to work late every night that week so we hadn’t seen each other since the last game.

i was rubbing his cock and he said that he had missed me during the week and asked if i had missed him too. i said i did. He was smiling as he teased me (he often teased me) asking what i missed most, him or his cock. i said both. He asked, “You like it my cock a lot though, huh?” i said i loved his cock. He told me to kiss it hello. i slowly slid his shorts down and started gently kissing his cock. He sat on the edge of the bed and i moved closer to him with my forearms resting on his thighs. He told me to start sucking his cock. i put my mouth over the head and began to circle it with my tongue. A big drop of fluid came out. i sucked it off and swallowed it. He said “You liked that, huh? I’ve got a lot more for you Terry. Keep going.” i started taking it in an inch at a time and when i reach the bottom i slid my mouth back to the top and inched down again, running my tongue under his cock as i went along. i put my hand on his abs and felt them tighten as he breathed deeply. now i teased him saying, “You liked that, huh?” Pretending he was surprised, he said “Terry! You really have become such a little slut haven’t you? I know exactly what sluts like you want, you little cocksucking bitch. I’m gonna give you an extra big reward tonight. Would you like that?” i said ‘mmm hmmm’ and switched to licking him from the bottom of his cock up to the tip all the way around. Frank liked it when i sucked just the top and used my tongue on the spot just below the head. When i started doing that i felt his abs tighten strongly. i could tell he was getting close so i went all the way down on him and clamped my lips tightly around the base to cut him off. He said “Terry, don’t edge me too much tonight.” i started to suck him faster and he told me to slow down. He said “I don’t want to cum too fast either. I want to build up a nice load for your reward.” i started mixing up my moves. Each time his abs would tighten strongly, i’d change what i was doing.

Frank was talking a lot now. “Oh man, Terry; You are such a good cocksucker. Aren’t you glad I taught you to be such a good little slut? You definitely know how to suck a cock! We should make movies of you. Next time I’m gonna set up my cam so we can watch. I know you’d like that, huh slut?” i just kept saying “mmm hmmm,” each time stroking my own cock a little harder.

i felt his abs tensing more often now. He told me to lie on the bed. My head was hanging off the side. He stood over me and had me lick his balls. He would sticking his cock in my mouth and would pump a few times and pull out to have me lick his sack again. He had me put my hands on his butt and told me to pull him as deep in as i wanted. He slowly slid his cock all the way to the back of my throat and back out again and i would pull him back in. He was definitely close. He was still talking. “A slut who likes cocksucking as much as you do definitely needs to suck more cocks. Don’t you? I can tell you do. You’d like to let Jack do this to you, wouldn’t you? You’re imagining it right now aren’t you, you dirty little cocksucker? Because of me you’d be the best mouth he ever had. You better do a good job on him, hear me slut?”

As he talked, i thought about it. He was right, but i was still scared of doing it. i felt his butt tightening more often and knew he was about to cum. He pulled out and told me to stick my tongue out. He let out a low moan and his cum gushed out in long streams against my tongue and slid down to the back of my throat. He said “You dirty fucking slut. Swallow it. You dirty fucking cocksucker. Swallow it… Swallow it... Swallow it...” Between his week’s load and my edging he came a lot more than usual. i let myself cum at the same time. It was the most intense orgasm i had ever had. When he stopped cumming he went back to sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, exhaling hard each time he reached the back of my throat. He fell on the bed and i went up and continued to suck him. His head always got real sensitive after he’d cum and i loved making him twitch. i sucked on him until he was soft.

We laid there for quite a while till he said “That was so intense. You really are a great cocksucker. Man, I don’t think I ever came so much before. That was so intense Terry. And you swallowed it all dude!” “Every drop” i said, feeling proud about it. He pointed to my belly and said “Look at all that stuff on you. You came a lot too. Talking about Jack got you excited, didn’t it?” i hesitated and he said “I’m just teasing you. You don’t have to answer. It’s up to you if you want to go for it. I think you might enjoy it though. Just think about it and let me know what you decide, okay?” i said okay and went to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth…

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11 months ago
Frank is training you and you happily accept it! agreeing to be videoed sucking him, agreeing to suck off his friend but him giving you a way out.
3 years ago
3 years ago
another great installment.
3 years ago