How I lost my virginity to an older man, Pt. 12

My life changed completely during this time and i liked the changes. i was no longer as shy. Being shy had always been painful for me. Like i said before, i thought it was the reason behind my getting zooted so much. i found it wasn’t really the reason though. i just like getting sloshed. Frank showed me that i was really more submissive than shy by pointing out facts like how i loved it when he would dirty talk me and call me names and how following orders turned me on. Another change was my thoughts. They now were mostly about sucking cock. i enjoyed it so much that i thought about it practically all the time. i found myself routinely checking out guys’ crotches. If i saw a hot guy, i’d get hot thinking about what it would be like to suck him off. i wouldn’t act on it though. i was still too timid for that. i just ended up jerking off a lot. i had stopped spending as much time with my friends. i only saw them maybe once a week and when i was with them all i thought about was going to Frank’s later.

Whenever i was at Frank’s he would walk around naked. My time with Frank wasn’t just sex, though i found i was obsessed with getting him off. He would help me with my studies and teaching me about computers. i got very good at fixing them and he even started to give me some small jobs for people he knew so i could make some money. It was much easier than doing yard work and paid way better.

During our sexual time, Frank taught me a lot of things like about edging and how to control gagging. He said my gagging problem had to do with breathing and training my throat to accept having a cock there. i would lay on my back with my head hanging over the side of the bed and he would stick his cock in till it reached my throat and when i gagged he would pull back just a little. He continued doing this until i could take him almost all the way down without gagging at all. He also liked to have me lick and suck his balls while standing over me like that. He taught me how to be gentle so it didn’t cause any pain.

Learning how to edge was the best though. i really liked that. It gave me a sense of power and control that was a real turn on. After a lot of practice i was able to bring him to the edge so many times that he couldn’t take it anymore and would tell me to make him cum. That was awesome cause i knew he was gonna cum a LOT. i’d wrap my hands around him and stroke his entire length. When he was ready i’d put my mouth over his head and circle it with my tongue as he shot a massive load inside. i learned to love swallowing and could now take all of it easily. i loved the taste. i loved how it felt. Once he told me he considered me the best cocksucker he ever had. i started to think of myself as an expert. It was rare, but some nights i could get him off four times. The third or fourth time though he wouldn’t shoot much and it was more like sticky clear water than milky white cum.

Like i said earlier, this is my true story. It has shaped me, for better or worse, (i think better) into the passionate cock sucker/worshipper i am today. i realized today that i am only about 9 months into a 3 year relationship and there is a lot of writing left to do. Please let me know if you are interested in the rest of my story and i will continue the effort until the end…

I appreciate your interest, if you have any interest that is. :)

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11 months ago
its hard to type withy one hand! I can see where you are your feelings. even mature men after years of marriage feel that way but can't express or show them.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Its faboulus!

Really I want also someone like Frank to teach me everything about sex, and your story writing is pretty awesome!!!

can't weight for another post!
3 years ago
Wish I had a freind like Frank thanks
3 years ago
another great installment.

I love that you talk about how it made you feel, how you made these great personal realizations, and how he helped you make them... take your time with them... this is your story, don't feel like you have to rush it even though you have another 27 months to cover ;)

this is a deeply personal story, and I for one want to let you know, I appreciate your courage in sharing it...

oh, and it is a *really* hot story too!